Baci Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Colavita USA
2537 Brunswick Avenue
Linden, New Jersey 91203
United States
Phone 908-862-5454
Added 2010-12-16 20:36:38
Baci ? A kiss from the heart of Italy! Silky dark chocolate enrobes a heart of gianduia (a luscious creamy blend of milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts) dotted with chopped hazelnuts and crowned with a whole hazelnut. Each confection is hugged with a love note and is wrapped in Baci?s signature silver and blue foil. The Story of a Kiss Over 100 years ago in the heart of Perugia, Italy ? the historic home of St. Valentine ? a young Perugina chocolatier was inspired to create a special dark chocolate and hazelnut confection for her unlikely paramour. It was a clandestine relationship and into each wrapper she slipped a secret love note. The new chocolate soon caught on but was named, Cazotto, the Italian word for punch as it resembled a closed fist to some. It wasn?t long before the chocolate took on the more fitting name, Baci, Italian for kisses.

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