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Anime and Manga Collective

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About Us
This is a group of people who like watching anime and reading manga with a passion. We&#039;ll talk about our favorites, flame about the most ridiculous characters, or just chat about our addiction. Want to know about the newest, coolest series out there? So do I! <br> <br>Let&#039;s connect~
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by purply in Introduce Yourself on Jun 01

Hello all, this is my first time posting anything here. Is anyone else here active? I want to be friends. Here is my...

Welcome to the Group

by xxnephaeliaxx in Introduce Yourself on Jan 19

Hello, I'm Nephaelia ^-^ 5'5", currently 173 lbs, GW: 135? 1. History with weight loss: I started trying to lose weight about 2 years ago...

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This group for anime and manga fans is just for fun, so join us and share your thoughts. Find friends and meet people with the same interests.

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