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Is agave nectar safe for babies?
Asked by deconnick on May 01, 2008 in Family & Pregnancy

Is it safe to bake with agave nectar for my 8 month old son? I know honey is dangerous until he turns one.  I'm trying to cut down on white sugar in my baking, and I've been pleased with the results of substituting agave nectar, but I wonder if it poses the same botulism risks to my son that honey does.


Agave nectar is a thin syrup harvested from agave plants.  The Food and Drug Administration, who collects safety data on agave, finds no evidence of safety concerns; however, an article from the Chicago Tribune warned against giving agave nectar to babies because it may contain botulism spores. Although agave nectar is probably pure, you will have to decide if it’s worth the remote risk. Look for organic agave nectar that carries the USDA seal because, in the past, Mexican agave products were altered by adding high fructose corn syrup.

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