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Adolphus Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 10700 North Freeway, Suite 800
Houston, Texas 77037
United States
Phone 281.272.8800
Added 2010-12-09 23:05:15
Adolphus Rice first reached Houston grocery shelves in 1938 and quickly became a family tradition. Adolphus Rice is always superior flavor and texture and long recognized for its outstanding and consistent quality. Adolphus Long Grain Rice is produced from a select variety of quality Texas grown rice to ensure its? consistency of flavor, appearance and texture. Adolphus contains a maximum of 4% broken kernels, is fully enriched, and meets the stringent standards of USDA No. 1 classification. It cooks to a fluffy, tender texture every time. Adolphus Long Grain Rice is sold in Texas and surrounding areas, and is shipped fresh from our Freeport, Texas mill.

Parent Company:

American Rice, Inc.

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