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5 Signs You'll Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

By +Diane Petrella on Mar 06, 2014 09:00 AM in Dieting & You

By Diane Petrella, MSW

If you monitor your weight loss progress, you probably look to your bathroom scale for feedback. Or perhaps you gauge pounds lost by how your clothes feel. While these visible indicators show you’re releasing weight, they don’t reveal the whole story.

As any yo-yo dieter knows, these progress markers can come and go. Some other signs of success, however, aren’t so obvious, but once you achieve them they’re with you forever. 

A missing element in many weight loss approaches is developing your inner strength. You’ll reach your weight loss goal more easily when you erase negativity and doubt from your mind. Here are five signs that prove you’ve done so.

1. You Have Patience

Many people feel discouraged when they hit a plateau or the pounds don’t come off fast enough. They then give up too quickly. Permanent weight loss takes time. When you feel defeated re-evaluate your nutrition and exercise plan, and have patience. The longer it takes to release weight, the more time you have to change old ways of thinking that contributed to gaining weight in the first place. Patience helps you do that. You not only lose weight responsibly, you become a more confident person in the process.

2. You Persevere Through Set-backs

As you develop new lifestyle habits, you may falter sometimes. We all do. It doesn’t matter that you slip; what matters is what you do about it. Use set-backs as a valuable opportunity to strengthen your strong side. For example, if you missed exercising for several weeks, tell yourself with no judgment, “Tomorrow is a new day to keep moving forward.” Each time you persevere, you develop confidence. You weaken that taunting inner voice that says, “See, you can’t do this.” Perseverance responds, “Yes, I can”.

3. You Accept Your Body

Accepting your body doesn’t mean you tolerate being overweight. It means you honor your body as it is, while helping it become the best it can be. If it’s a big leap right now to “love” or even “like” your body, that’s OK. What’s important is to respect it. That means speaking to your body with kind words. It means giving it nutritious foods and movement so it thrives. You’ll reach your weight loss goals when you stop rebelling against your body. As you accept your body as the treasured gift it is, taking good care of it becomes your only option.

4. You Focus on Your Goal

Focus on where you’re headed instead of obsessing about where you are. You can’t move forward if your mind dwells on self-critical thoughts about being overweight. What we focus our attention on grows. Shift negative attention away from your current weight and concentrate on the positive lifestyle changes you’re making. This inspires you to succeed. When your desire to look forward overshadows the tendency to complain about where you are, you’ll reach your goal more easily.

5. You Make Yourself a Priority

To achieve weight loss success, your well-being must be of prime importance. This means setting boundaries. For example, if you plan to exercise after work and your friend asks to go shopping, what do you do? Do you skip exercise or do you skip shopping? If breaking promises to yourself becomes a pattern, you’re either not committed to your goals or you make other people’s needs more important than your own. When you make yourself a priority, however, you’ll not only reach your weight loss goal, your success will last forever.

Your thoughts?

What are your signs of success?

Diane Petrella, MSW is a psychotherapist and life coach. She offers her clients a spiritual approach to weight release and helps them develop a loving, respectful relationship with their bodies. Receive a free copy of Diane’s Seven Easy & Effortless Weight Loss Secrets by signing up for her monthly e-newsletter, Living Lightly, for spiritual insights and tips to release weight with confidence and love. To contact Diane visit


I have been logging calories and started working out since May this year.... and to be honest with all my effort I have not lost more than 5 pounds. I would like to loose 15 pounds more, but it is going so slowly, that I am rather dissapointed every time I hop on the scale.

Last week however, I  run a 10k race for the first time ever and that's when I realised what a hudge difference all these changes have brought into my life. So I belive we should all find the motivation to look away form the scale and measure our success in things that realy give meaning.

My next goal: run a half marathon in June 2013 ... and I am sure a few pounds will come off along the way.

Hooray litu_maria! Congratulations on having the stamina and preparation to complete that 10k! The real measure of success is your health and well being, not the scale anyway. Good luck with your next race. Hope you beat your time and maybe lose those last couple pounds in progress.

I have been counting calories and trying to work out about 3-5 days a week. I had heart surgery about 7 weeks ago so I was released to exercise about 3 weeks ago so I've been counting calories for about 4 weeks now and with a mixture of both counting calories, eating healthier, and exercising I was able to lose 8 lbs already. This is also helping me get healthier and feeling better about myself :) only being 20 years old having this many health issues but me down and all the meds made me gain so much weight but I am really starting to be more positive about things

Well, I'm pretty impressed as I never knew about those signs and I can honestly say I employ them all, but it's just now that I realized that this is the real reason of my success.

I lost 17kg (over 37 pounds) being mostly patient and forgiving my own flaws. Sometimes I lost what it takes, but I always came back. It was a long journey and it is still now finished, but I know I WILL achieve what I'm fighting for!

Thanks for the good news!

Thank you so much for this article, it really encouraged me. I lost 75 lbs two years ago and have gain roughly 30 back and now I am dedicated in getting it off and retaining my new life style. With God and encouraging words I can do it. Thanks for all your caring words of encouragment. And thanks to Calorie Count.

I think I pretty much am doing these things as well. I have tried to lose weight before and just never changed my mindset about myself. When I hit a plateau I stopped. This time I just am concentrating on eating better to feel better, the weight loss is not the prime issue. I have a lot to lose ( over 100) but don't really focus on that. I have a number of medical conditions that make it difficult to exercise but rather than stress about it, I do what I can and let it go at that. I feel better emotionally and physically and have lost between 45 and 50 lbs since last Feb. Others have probably lost faster but really, I don't care about that, I feel good and concentrate on that. I have a healthy eating plan that just happens to help me lose weight as well.  I intend to eat like this forever, not just till I am at the weight I would like to be someday.

The biggest sign you're going to lose weight, is when you stop driving yourself crazy with all kinds of rules and restrictions and simply start eating LESS.

Eating half meals cuts 400-1000 calories out of your DAILY intake without counting.  You end up eating 5 small meals throughout your day so you never get hungry.  Add some work outs and you will seriously drop the weight.


It's ALL about calorie in vs. calorie out.  YOU CAN DO IT.  Learn how to eat half meals, hydrate properly, and work out steadily and you'll find success.


Great article Diane!

I have lost 45 pounds and kept it off for over a year, but I have been beating myself up over NOT losing the last 10 pounds. I was making myself miserable, not accepting compliments, not seeing the the successes I had gained, but rather chose to focus on the number on the scale and used it to punish myself into misery each day. No more. I am tired of punishing myself, taking all that energy to be unhappy. I have gained SO MUCH. I have gained muscle, I can swing my 35 pound granddaughter over my head over and over again with no effort, (because I work out 4 days a week swinging kettle balls over my head). I can fit into a size 8 jeans. Down from a size 16 jeans. I can go anywhere and do anything I want, even swing myself up on the back of a horse with no help. These are the thing that are really important. I don't have to wear a shirt with my weight printed on the front each day, so others can judge me by that number. I am now learning not to judge myself, and to enjoy each and every second of the amazing health I have each day. Because that is what losing the extra weight was all about. I ask myself, "How would your life be better if you lost 10 more pounds?"...the answer is, "It is prefect now".

Been on CC for about 6 months now with the wife.  Was doing some dieting before.  My beautiful wife and I have lost about 110 pounds together.  She's lost about 40 and I am hitting 70.  One of our keys has been to adjust the caloric intake every 2-4 months or so.  We've also been adjusting our work to do more physical labor when the opportunity arises.  Unfortunately one of the things to avoid plateau has been cutting calories slowly and also raising activity level to burn more calories at the same time.  Been a successful formula for us so far.

Hope everyone finds their own method that works well for them!  Good Luck!

This is the most powerful and foundational article I have read regarding weight loss.  True weight loss that is empowering and life changing.  Indeed if we want success, life long success, we must approach ourselves, our bodies, minds and hearts in this way.  Truly the pathway to success is through love.  Self-hatred and negative destructive thoughts will only exaccerbate and create more self-hatred, negative and destructive experiences which produce failure.  Love and Positive thoughts create success.  Remember....Thoughts create Behaviors; Repeated Behaviors create Habits; We become what we habitually do.  Create love for our bodies and our bodies will respond by creating what brings us joy, happiness, harmony and authenticity.  There are no quick fixes to weight loss or loving ourselves, it is one beautiful step every day.  Lastly, it is indeed the journey that creates happiness, not the destination. 

First of all you have to believe that you can make it and then is the other 5 sings .

I realized I would get there when I found myself telling a cow-orker that "When I have lost another 20 pounds I'll think about higher impact exercise like jogging."  It wasn't an "If" and it wasn't a case of "I need to lose...before I...), it was a "When".  And now it's "When I've lost another 15..."

This article is empowering, and true for all of life, not just weight loss. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your comments! I'm glad this article helps you feel encouraged and inspired.

As Gogo_nessie so aptly says, you must believe you can make it. Hold faith in your heart as you continue on your journey.

To your health and happiness~


First off all I would like to say a big thanks to the person who had written this blog. For a Fat Loss Diet Program we have to be patient minded. A<a href="">Fat loss Diet Program</a>is not just a simple work to handle it very easily,it would take more than from our expected days. The main tip to be patient is that we should accept our body first before our workout program. I think this blog will help the readers especially the food lovers to have the diet and to be free from the obesity.

This is so well-written and the ideas are really mind-opening. The articles makes us see the other aspects of weight loss that we don't really know are already there from the very start. 

Great article, and love your bit on respecting our bodies!  It's OK to not be OK with your body, so long as you respect it.  Could not have agreed more!

Thank you! It took me many years to figure these 5 things out. I now know that when I let go anyone of these areas it will not be long before I am back on the weight-gain wagon.

BORNTOBEECREATIVE - Well done and well said!!!  Smile

Comment Removed

""1. You Have Patience
   2. You Persevere Through Set-backs

   3. You Accept Your Body

   4. You Focus on Your Goal

  5. You Make Yourself a Priority""

wow... you have really spoke to me.. those 5 signs are really true.. i have felt it and still go on... for 2 months struggling in 150's.. but wont let go.. i feel  1,2,3  but 4,5 are skipping.. but i will stick on.. thanks for publishing this great article..

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