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1-2-3 Gluten Free Nutrition

Category Snack Makers
Address 125 Orange Tree Drive
Orange, Ohio 44022
United States
Phone 843-768-7231
Added 2010-11-23 00:16:40
Our products are manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free (and peanut-free, nut-free and allergen-free) kosher facility utilizing only gluten-free ingredients. Your health is our number one priority. All of our products are gluten free, wheat free, nut free and peanut free. All of our products are also free of egg, dairy (including casein), all but two are free of corn and all but one are free of soy and their labels clearly indicate this. Check out our recipe section for alternative recipes, particulary those for egg-free versions of our products.

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1-2-3 Gluten Free, Inc.

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