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0881 Tea Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address PO Box 4336
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960
United States
Added 2010-11-23 00:13:19
At 0881 Organic we have made it our mission to develop organic teas that nurture the body from the inside out.We have searched all over the globe to bring you the finest quality organic teas and landed at geographic location of 08 81, the home of Sri-Lanka and the purest tea leaves that deliver 100 percent organic goodness. For centuries tea has been widely known for the health and healing properties that it provided. Although we agree that tea does nurture the body, at 0881 teas we have also have found that can do much more by nurturing ones soul.We hope you can relax much more knowing that by drinking 0881 teas you are not only supplying your body with the finest organic nutrients to promote your health but also nurture your spirit. Our 0881 Products are USDA Certified and at the same time we proudly display the Lion Logo, given to us by the Sri-Lanka Tea Board, which guarantees the highest quality ( 100% pure ) tea and that it has been packed in Sri-Lanka. 0881 tea is inside of the aluminum pouch, sealed to preserve freshness and keep out of moisture. Because our tea is grown at high altitude, cold at night and hot during a day, the leaves produce a strong, zesty flavor. High grown teas are the very best.

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