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About Us
This is a group for everyone in the Washington area (or anyone who frequents!)

Share things to do, discuss local events and hot spots. Attend local area meet ups and make new friends.

Recent Forum Discussions
Leika Inniss
Welcome to the Group

by lmic867778069 in Introduce Yourself on Oct 11

My name is Leika. Growing up I was always athletic, my build always more muscular than normal, flat stomach, etc. Now...

Jackie Getting healthy
New to group

by JackieMarie54 in Introduce Yourself on Jun 06

Hi I 55 yrs old this year and want to lose another 20 lbs. I need to control my portions and make sure that I eat a balance diet each day...

Group Forums

Forum Posts Replies
Meetups 15 162
A place to discuss upcoming DC meetups
Living in DC 9 33
For talk about living in DC. A place to discuss the festivals, the Metro, the traffic, the Redskins, the Nationals. Whatever.
Visiting DC 0 0
Thinking of Visiting? Looking for suggestions on places to go and things to see? Welcome and ask away!
Introduce Yourself 12 95
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