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Zabbie Creative, skillful, intelligent, happy, wife, mother, grandmother, once athletic
Looking for advice

by DeborahDulude in General Discussion on Nov 19

Hi Blondie, How are the shin splints? These are sometimes caused by taking too long a stride and if one shortens the...

Trying to lose this weight!!

by goddessfourwinds in Introduce Yourself on Aug 08

Hey, Crystal! If you can lose 2 lbs a week, you will lose 40 lbs by Jan 8. (8 x 5 = 40) :) I know it's not what your goal is...

Welcome to the Group

by goddessfourwinds in Introduce Yourself on Aug 08

Hi, hi! I'm a yo-yo dieter. And the meds I'm on make me NOT hungry all day long...until I take the one at night THEN...

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