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Looking to lose 100 pounds - seeking a support network.

by prettywild_ in Introduce Yourself on Jan 21

Hey Matt! Just wanted to wish you luck and if you need a pick me up or a pep talk I'm here :)

lbai649513519 My goal is to lose over 100 lbs. I am going to water aerobics and counting calories. I am diabetic. I have already lost 20 lb
Welcome to the Group

by lbai649513519 in Introduce Yourself on Jan 18

Hi, my name is Laura and I have been 100 lbs + overweight for a very long time. I was at 228 when I gave birth to twins 31 years age...

Monday check-ins and a question for everyone..

by zephyron in General Discussion on Jan 12

Slowly clearing the place of sweets so I'm not tempted to eat extra (or binge) when I don't need to :P been nibbling...

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