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A group for raw vegans looking to lose or maintain or gain with optimal health! Share recipes, tips, and tricks. You don't have to live the raw lifestyle, but any interest in health and good living will lead you to at least some raw living!
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Hi from fruitarian ANNA

by michelle36330 in Introduce Yourself on Feb 05

I would love support! I am having problems keeping the weight off and still need to lose! I am 80% raw vegan, I normally...

Hello From Alabama

by michelle36330 in Introduce Yourself on Feb 05

My name is Michelle and I have been with calorie count for as long as its been around. I was vegetarian for 15 years,Probably...

Anthony Diaz
P90X Raw Vegan Style

by joeydz7 in Introduce Yourself on Apr 18

Hey Guys, this is what I just started doing a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if anyone else is following this path...

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