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Weight Gain High calorie smoothie ideas with no dairy? (450 +) Dec 29 2013
17:08 (UTC)



HAve you tried amasake--it's a fermented rice beverage that is lovely and sweet and full of good probiotics.  You could add that to smoothies--it's delicious and comes in flavors like hazelnut, almond and i think there is one made with organic chocolate too. 

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? 1 January - 1 August 2013 Jul 30 2013
21:27 (UTC)

Zebulancherry i think your hair loss could be due to not getting in enough cals. Your  meal plans are healthy--but they do consist of a lot of low calorie but filling foods like vegetables and cottage cheese.  If you are swimming daily you are probably burning more than what you are currently taking in.   You have had an ED for a while so your calorie requirements will be sky high--and as i've never stopped exercising throughout recovery...right?  So in effect you have been in quasi recovery and this means you can still have symptoms and moreover it means your body hasn't been able to properly do the repairs it needs to. 

If you were my client i'd have you up your calorie intake and add in some more "fear foods" and  more calorie dense options.  something to consider! 


Weight Gain Celiac? Jul 30 2013
21:12 (UTC)

No--it actually sounds like symptoms related to being extremely underweight.  Are you exercising at all?  And are you still practicing bulimia habits?  That would explain your symptoms...i would bet good money you are NOT celiac.

Weight Gain Sticky To all weight gain forum members: please read & respond that you agree before starting threads .... Jun 23 2013
15:25 (UTC)

Sure agree and accept

Health & Support weird gait and muscle cramps May 14 2013
21:46 (UTC)

Thanks guys...well calm everyone, myself seems part of the prob..the majority apparently has to do with faulty foot mechanics. I put in an orthotic insert and presto...the prob remedied itself!  And no my potassium levels are fine as is my calcium.  As a nutritionist i am well aware of the signs of hypercalcemia and low potassium...i have neither prob. And those things are checked regularly anyway. 


I know what you mean'd think with a BMI of 13 i'd be able to get into the hospital, but alas such is not the case. I am actually thinking of moving to the UK to be with family so i can get treatment. I've always been lured by that side of the pond why not?  Thanks all. 

Health & Support weird gait and muscle cramps May 12 2013
16:04 (UTC)

It's not an electrolyte problem..that is checked regular..weekly in fact. And they tested for vitamin deficiencies--the only thing i was deficient in was Vitamin D and that was slight.  Ironically im a nutritionist so i know what to eat to get the most bang for my buck nutritionally speaking. I also take some supplements.  I have had muscular imbalances prior to the weight loss---it was suggested i get orthotics...but this seems something else....perhaps just muscle wasting.


My brother and his wife have offered to do a sort of Maudsley like thing with/for me---but im a bit reluctant to give up my independence and to impose on them like that. Hard call. 

Health & Support weird gait and muscle cramps May 12 2013
15:40 (UTC)



I've gone to the ER and they just sent me home--you can't get admitted here unless you are in a medical "crises". All my stats are normal (blood work, ecg etc.) so they just sent me on my way. MEdical beds here are in very short supply. 

Health & Support I know I want to recover.....but why do sometimes i dont and cant let it go? May 12 2013
15:00 (UTC)

IT sounds like you might need IP---you can't get beyond this feeling of not wanting to let go--so maybe it's time to admit that to yourself and let others help you. 

Health & Support the voice lies? Apr 28 2013
22:13 (UTC)

spindrifting--im laughing my head off...that's priceless!!  And so true!

Health & Support the voice lies? Apr 27 2013
15:22 (UTC)

Belle you're just doing the dance...i've done it often enough myself to recognize it. you've got EVERY excuse in the book not to do do have we all at one point or another.  I think perhaps we should just leave you to your own devices...if you don't want to get well....well, it's a free world so you can choose that if you like....we should perhaps just quit arguing with you and let you get on with self destruction.  Pity to waste your life and let ED win though--but it's your call. I do get the whole "i'm eating so therefore it's not a weight thing---BUT it is really isn't it?  Because your BMI is still only what 14--so that means you've got to eat above and beyond what is normal UNTIL you reach a healthy BMI of 20.  you KNOW that. 

Health & Support the voice lies? Apr 26 2013
14:54 (UTC)

Bell you haven't answered everyone's question--what  happened with IP--did you turn it down or will you go?


Health & Support the voice lies? Apr 25 2013
15:20 (UTC)

Yes Bell..what happened with IP--did you accept or turn it down?


Health & Support Is it possible to recover from ED without professional help? Apr 24 2013
15:54 (UTC)


Yes i have tried the fennel does help somewhat.  And ginger (im a a nutritionist actually so i know about all these things---tried many of them)  i can't use as i tested "allergic" to it.  I think it also has to do with stress--just getting anxious and stressed out about my current situation. 

Don't worry're certainly not alone in having screwed up thinking and self-defeating behaviors.  The important thing is that you have recognized them!  Good for you.   

Health & Support Is it possible to recover from ED without professional help? Apr 24 2013
15:07 (UTC)

On the eatiopia site she says that repair to the body doesn't take place on levels below 2500 per day--that is why that rule is in place. It is also better for the metabolism i sets your metabolism higher and thus you can maintain on more calories.


I am struggling to get the calories i need IN.  My BMI is really low but when i go to up my cals i get stomach cramps, horrible bloating and nausea ...i feel like i have the flu.  What gives? 

Health & Support the voice lies? Apr 21 2013
21:28 (UTC)

sorry dragonfly--been unusually busy. Check your mail, I just pm'd you. 

Health & Support the voice lies? Apr 21 2013
16:34 (UTC)

Belle...tell  yourself this over and over and over again. BMI's do NOT lie. You need to keep upping your cals and gaining until your BMI is 20. End of... that is it.  Every time the "voice"rears its ugly head...shut it up with that. Immediately tell it to f off because your BMI is under 14 and you're not falling for it's ridiculous argument.  Silence it---wage war with the damn beast.  You know you HAVE to.  We're all in the same boat and it's so freaking hard---but that is what we must do if we want to recover. 

Health & Support Is it possible to recover from ED without professional help? Apr 16 2013
16:17 (UTC)

I too take everything i read on the net with a pinch of salt..and i am not saying all her guidelines are they way to go. But they are a good place to start and i think her support could be invaluable to you because of her understanding, (doctor or not) of the ED mindset.   Don't look for excuses NOT to do it...just consider it and surrender to possibility. 

Health & Support Is it possible to recover from ED without professional help? Apr 16 2013
15:44 (UTC)



Look just because someone calls themselves a professional does not indicate they really know anything about a specific condition. A lot of people know VERY little about EDs.  I once went to a dietitian who looked at what i was eating and said..."wow, your diet is exemplary, i wish all my clients would eat like this--i don't know why you're so thin, has your dr checked you for cancer?" 


No joke she actually said that.  At the time i weighed 94 pounds (im five feet 5) and the intake of my diet was around 1500 cals per day.  Go figure.  Today im even much lower than that....thanks to her i didn't get the help i needed. 


I would strongly urge you to go to the youreatopia website and read a lot of the info there on EDs.  You will find much info on why you NEED to gain and how many cals you need to do that.  You will also get support once the site is back up running again.  In addition i would STRONGLY urge you to consider doing one on one skype sessions with Gwyneth Olwyn the site's founder. She knows more about EDs than just about anyone on this planet.  And her fees are miniscule compared to others.  You just pay by paypal.  IF anyone can help you, she can.  Please, please consider this. 

Health & Support Is it possible to recover from ED without professional help? Apr 15 2013
19:38 (UTC)

SPOW--Have you considered asking for a referral to an ip unit in the UK---or i know of one or two in Austria where they WILL take someone who speaks English. IF they can't give you treatment in the Netherlands they have to...legally speaking...send you somewhere where you CAN get treatment. It's part of the EU agreement. 

Health & Support Is it possible to recover from ED without professional help? Apr 13 2013
15:40 (UTC)



We sound VERY much alike. I have found counselors can help--but in the long run you have to WANT to do this.  You have to shut off the voice that says..I'm fine, im eating my 3 meals per day and my blood work is ok".  Because that is the biggest stumbling block..the biggest excuse that will stop  you in your tracks. I too eat 3 regular healthy meals per day--but my total intake is only around 1300-1400 cals per day and my BMI is really really low.  And I happen to be a nutritionist! It is so funny how i can help others...but not myself!! hehe


I'd like to offer you some support--I can help you with your meal plan and approach to eating---pm me anytime. 

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