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I have lost...

60 pounds.

I have to lose...

30 pounds.

I have gained...

10 pounds of muscle!

My goal weight...

120 lbs.

as of March 5th, 2014

My name is Veronica. I've been losing weight vigorously (and not so much) since March 2012. Two years now. I wish I'd had progressed more then I have, but I still think the fact that I've gotten this far speaks volumes about how much dedication I've put. I've never been dedicated to anything else like this.

My fitness has increased... tremendously. 

My dieting may be SH1T, but my love of exercise is something I never thought I'd develop and am so glad I have. I love, love, LOVE, working out now. It's exhilarating. I love seeing my muscles. I love pushing my body to new limits. It is such an experience, such a thrill.

But like I said, my diet is absolute garbage. Someone needs to toss it out for me cuz I am doing a horrible, say LES HORRIBLES, time at dieting. I just love food so damn much! I love the fatty foods! I love stuffing my face! And alcohol... oy vey mama mia!! I'm Irish and Italian... maybe there's an excuse somewhere in there!

But. BUT. I'll stop using those excuses now, starting RIGHT THIS INSTANT (March 2014). I've come such a long, long way and I will not let myself be stopped here and now just because I can't put down a fork. I know I'm stronger then that. 

My favourite internet blogger/fitness guru Cassey Ho says your "palette" revamps after uh, was it 2 weeks?? Or let's just say a month. So I just need to grit my teeth and log, log, LOGGGGG EVERYYYTHINGGG I eat for one whole month. The fact that I've been losing weight for two years and am still on "week four" says a whole bunch about how often I log my cals.

I promise, guys, that I'll do that. I just need to.

I can't be here anymore. I think I speak for everyone when I touch upon that desole' destitute desolation of despair in all our hearts when we think about "feeling stuck" in our fitness goals and journeys. The plateaus. YEEEUGHHH.

I've been at a plateau for months, that's always the way it is for me. I get super duper dedicated for about 3 weeks, drop a bunch of weight, then get back on the NOM NOM NOM train and hit a plateau for months. 

Well, THIS plateau, what I'm hoping will be my LAST plateau before my goal weight, stops NOW. I promise!!! I promise you! I promise me! I promise all of us! 

Okay, this is way more like a blog post then a mini-biography but whatevs. I like talking about what I should accomplish still, rather then what I have to. But okay, here's a bit about my weight-struggling history (all in fun mini-fact form):

  • I used to weigh 200 PLUS pounds. I say this because at one point I weighed 200 pounds at the doctor's office round the time I was say 15 or so. I know for a fact I gained more then that, I just never weighed myself. I was too scared to find out.
  • I had a horrible stomach infection that made me go down to 195 pounds. After 3 days of not eating and puking everything and such, I got on the scale after noticing a SLIGHT difference in my body and that's when it all changed.
  • I stayed at 195 pounds from the time I was 15 to when I was 18.
  • In March 2012 I joined Calorie Count and began using it on a semi daily basis. However...
  • I joined CC twice before then, once when I was 15 and once when I was, I think, 13 or so. These accounts are still floating around somewhere but I don't know the logins. I've always been really desperate to lose weight. Because...
  • When I was little, I was UNDERWEIGHT (not really but I was very small) and I LOVED IT. I loved being tiny and cute and adorable and I know. I know it's horrible to be so prejudice against fat/thin but that's really the difference I felt. When I started getting fat, I started feeling ugly. And the world reacted to this internal traumatization because...
  • I was bullied mercilessly in grade 7 and 8 for being fat, for having acne, and for being "ugly" which I guess is a culmination of the previous two things because, at least IMO, I don't think I'm that ugly, even without makeup..? Ok, sorry, that was my self esteem talking, looking for reassurance. Back on track: This sparked up my ~EMO PHASE!~ In which I was depressed as all loving fuck and wanted to kill myself and buried myself in my food and went all emo. And I tried cutting my wrists but frankly I only tried it once and then gave up. Maybe that's why I find it's no big deal to talk about it (sorry if I triggered.) I know a lot of other people who are sensitive to their cutting pasts. :(
  • I started gaining weight, passing from "very skinny" to "chubby" to "obese" gradually threw grade 3-6. Age 7-11.
  • At 18 I started dieting and working out... very terribly and slowly and I struggled very much. I had never, ever, exercised before in my life (except phys ed and in phys ed I was very inventive so as to do the least amount of exercise as possible.)
  • At 19 I worked at GoodLife and started gyming publicly (something I never thought I could do!) And I even measured up against the other people at the gym! I wasn't a struggling chubb like I thought I'd be. Hey!
  • At 20 I do pilates everyday. And I'm starting to love HIIT and cardio workouts! The burn, it finally feels good!
  • And now, on March the 5th, 2014, I will begin the final phase of my operation... CLEAN EATING PHASE. And CC will be a huge part of it! 

Okay, this is such a terrible bio. So sorry. If anyone actually read that uh...? WOW! You're amazing!! And I really don't think you exist!


I guess whenever I have the free time to update this, after enough time has passed that this info is no longer relevant, I will do so then. But for now, this is what ya get folks.

I'll finish this off with some non-weight loss related fun facts:

  • I have the most adorable cat named ZIGGY whose my giant fuzzybear and looks like an eternal kitten because she is so FUZZY. She's just as active as I am, her favourite toy is... makeup sponges (weird, but I deal with it) which she fetches. She loves running. And she's not at all like a cat because she's very cuddly and social. She's kinda like a kitten-baby-dog all in one and she LOVES attention from EVERYONE. Yet she gets insanely jealous when I pay attention to other cats! 
  • I have a boyfriend, Nick, whose been with me threw ALL OF THIS. We started dating in 2011, when I was at my fattest. And he loved all my curves then and loves all of them now. He's on a fitness journey too so spare him a wish of good intentions if you will.
  • I have put off TWO THINGS until I reach 130 pounds...
  • First one is cutting my hair into a short do (trims are necessary tho)
  • Seconds one is getting a tattoo! I made THIS promise way back when I was 14. That's a six year promise!
  • Uhhhhhhh.
  • I'm actually really boring so I have nothing left to say BYE
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