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Weight Loss Myths about weightloss May 07 2014
18:35 (UTC)

While I agree with a lot of this, I agree about "sauntering."  I walk probably 5 days per week, depending on my schedule.  I do take "Rover" (who happens to be named Roscoe.)  We walk for 60-75 minutes typically, probably 3-4 miles, although I don't really know for sure, one of these days I'll put map my run on my phone.  My dog and I are in very good shape!  I do think that a day or two off a week is good though to allow joints and muscles to recover.  Running would for sure be more efficient, however, I have knee issues, so if I run I will no longer be able to exercise at all, counterproductive.  Also, I walk with my neighbor, so it's social time and that's very motivating.  I've been off plan for awhile (read, not eating how I should) and I've mostly maintained my weight, due to the walking.

I also disagree with the daily weighing.  I have read other studies showing that weekly is best for losing weight and daily best for maintaining.  For me, the daily fluctuations get me very frustrating when I weigh, so weekly is best. 

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Mar 05 2014
04:19 (UTC)

I'm still here, I"m not sure what I last posted but my weight today at TOPS (fully clothed after breakfast) was 251.5.  I want to get down to at least 199.

Weight Loss Tall Girl Club 5'9+ with 50lbs+ to Lose Mar 03 2014
04:14 (UTC)

I am, but no one else has posted here in awhile so who knows. 

Weight Loss Down 37 lbs. in 7 mos. -- Every-Other-Day-Fast modified Feb 28 2014
03:58 (UTC)

Welcome back.  I've thought of doing something a little similar, dieting one day and just eating the next, I couldn't fast because I get really low blood sugar if I don't eat.  I'm glad you are doing better.  I lost a bunch of weight the same year, 90 lbs, gained, most of it back, lost it, gained most back, and have lost about 1/2 of that, I'm here at just over 50 lbs under my high weight in 2006 and working my way down. 

Weight Loss Tall Girl Club 5'9+ with 50lbs+ to Lose Feb 27 2014
03:55 (UTC)

I sure would like to see some of the posters back or new ones too!  I'm still at it, I got off track right before Christmas and just got back on a week ago.  I'm back almost to the weight I was at (in the 240's but a pound or two up) at Christmas.  So now onward to the 230's! 


Weight Loss Eating No Carbs Feb 22 2014
05:41 (UTC)

I've been eating low carb, 50 g max per day (net after fiber).  It works due to easily maintaining a calorie deficit since you are so full from all the protein and fat.  Apparently carbs do little to satiate hunger for me and removing them just cuts out calories. 

Weight Loss weight loss sugery desaster... Dec 16 2013
05:29 (UTC)

I do agree that he needs to talk to a doctor, a bariatric one, or the dieticians associated with one.  I would hope that the dietician he spoke with had some training and knowledge about such a special case, but it does sound like the gastric badn is no longer effective. 

Weight Loss weight loss sugery desaster... Dec 15 2013
06:00 (UTC)

It's not sustainable, you'll get super hungry and then that will lead to over-eating, so no, I wouldn't do it.  Eat at least 1200 calories is the typical advice and I find that my body demands at least that.

Weight Loss Low fat or low carb? Dec 07 2013
01:26 (UTC)

Fat is what keeps you full, along with protein.  You can eat a balance for sure, eat 1/3 of each like someone said, keeping carbs to things that grow (ie, potatoes, fruit, squash, veggies).  Stay away from processed carbs, including breads and white rice.  That's my long-term plan.  Currently I'm eating lower carb than that, I try to stick to 50 g per day, which allows for lots of veggies and maybe a serving of a "real" carb.  I've lost 35 lbs in 3 months this way.

Weight Loss How to get out of Starvation Mode? Dec 07 2013
01:21 (UTC)

You can use calculators here to determine your caloric needs.  Your metabolism is likely just fine, if you want to boost it, do some weight training to build muscle.  You are quite thin at that weight and height, so I wouldn't suggest eating under maintenance calories, certainly you can exercise several times per week just for overall health and wellness. 

Weight Loss Tall Girl Club 5'9+ with 50lbs+ to Lose Dec 05 2013
03:55 (UTC)

Yes, where has everyone been?  I'm still plugging away, and in fact, am not in the 240's for the first time this round.  :)  I weighed in today at 245.4.  So now I'm hoping to be in the 230's in couple of weeks or so. 

Weight Loss Losing 100+ Pounds! Dec 04 2013
05:11 (UTC)

Ladyletterman, it's good to meet you!  I hate having to share my history, and it's nice to know someone with similar struggles.  I supported you back btw.  I'm eating low carb now and it's really a pretty easy way to lose in that you don't have to be hungry. 

Weight Loss What types of exercise are better for weight loss? Nov 22 2013
04:36 (UTC)

I think it's anything that you enjoy and will stick with.  If you hate it, you won't keep it up. 

Weight Loss Losing 100+ Pounds! Nov 22 2013
04:31 (UTC)

I'm sorry too Jeanine. 

I'm 48 and I was a typical weight until I was about 28-30.  My lowest adult weight was 160 (I'm 5'11") and that was awesome.  I was, I think 28 then actually.  Then I started infertility treatment and my weigh crept up from there.  Once I got pregnant at 30, had a baby, then had twins 2 years later and post-partum depression, I ended up at 265.  I've lost and regained many times.  I tend to get down to 210-220 and lose the momentum.  That's overweight for me, but no longer obese and I feel pretty good there, which is why I lose the momentum.  Ultimately I want to get below 200, I might still be a 27 BMI or so, but I can live with that, or maybe not, I will see.  It's been so long, I haven't been under 200 since I was 28 or so.  As I've gotten older, I'm starting to see things like my blood pressure creeping up, which is giving me more reason to lose.  I ended up with a high weight of 299 and have lost that down to 210 twice, this time I ended up at 280 and started back losing, I'm currently at 252 as of my last weigh in.  I can lose, but maintaining is clearly a huge struggle for me, or not even a struggle, I just start regaining and it goes way too fast form there  :( 

Weight Loss Losing 100+ Pounds! Nov 21 2013
05:33 (UTC)

I am combining low carb with low calorie (so I eat 1300-1800 calories per day and don't eat carbs besides veggies and some dark chocolate.)  It keeps me full. 

Weight Loss I want to share my story with you. Nov 20 2013
03:55 (UTC)

I have lost and regained a large amount as well.  I'd blame personal situations, but I'm not really sure I can any more, it's really just me and how I deal with things.  The good news is you can lose it again.  The weight is impacting my health more as I get older, when I was young it didn't noticeably change anything.  So losing is vital to my health, which is my primary motivation.

Weight Loss Gastric Bypass Nov 20 2013
03:49 (UTC)

It's not true that you have to eat your BMR, people say that, but there's no evidence that supports it, it's simply an opinion.  It seems like those who have had WLS burn fewer calories, but I'm not sure why.  I'd as the dietician if I were you.  1500 isn't some magic number, if you eat a few more one day and less on others, it will balance out, but I'd try to stick to that range.  I do that and am losing, although I'll go up to 1800 on weekends.  I'm also eating low carb, which I know people who have had WLS do.  I eat tons of veggies though, like 6 servings today, and I'm guessing you can't do that due to the bulk, so your eating needs are different.  Hang in there, you will get there.

Weight Loss Losing 100+ Pounds! Nov 20 2013
03:42 (UTC)

I'm the same height as you and my top weight was similar.  I'm currently at about 48 lbs below the top weight.  You can probably reach your goal by next year and then work towards the next one.  My plan is to get there by late spring.

Weight Loss cant do 1200 calories. Nov 17 2013
04:48 (UTC)

It sounds like physical problems are impacting your ability to swallow, which impacts your desire to eat.  Once the hernia is healed that will help a lot, and perhaps treatment will help your sense of smell.  If not, surgery can be very successful in replacing damaged nerves.