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Vegetarian Vitamin Supplements Jun 04 2010
13:11 (UTC)

I don't have a hard time swallowing pills but I do have a problem with my stomach being upset from taking vitamins, not to mention burping that horrible taste up. A co-worker sells Isotonics from Market America. Isotonics is a powder vitamin that you just add a small amount of liquid to and drink your vitamins. The way they are scientifically set up is to go directly through your stomach/intestinal lining. They have never upset my stomach and they don't taste bad at all my kids will even drink them. Look them up they will help your problem.

Health & Support Fibromyalgia newbie May 04 2009
17:08 (UTC)

Hi there,

I know this is a year later after your post but, I too have fibromyalgia and have been having a hard time losing weight due to not being able to exercise like a used to. Everytime I due a little bit I am taking 3 steps back because of the flair ups. The only thing I have found is to do everything very lightly and use an excercise ball to keep off those pressure points.

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