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I like thinking. Being lost in thought is a hobby of mine.

I have a rather dry sense of humor. It takes some getting used to.

I do not like being condemned to Hell. This is not because it holds much significance for me, but because it makes me doubt the sanity and compassion of the person saying it.

I really don't understand why or how people can hate so strongly. I am confused by racism, religious discrimination, sexism, and all other forms of bigoted ridiculousness on a daily basis. This being said, you don't know what contempt is until you reflect any of those views in front of me. The only thing I won't tolerate is intolerance.

One of my first words was calculator.

I am a nerd and damn proud of it.

I want to be a professor and study ethology.

I am adopted. It sometimes bothers me that I know so little about my genetics.

I am terribly shy, but in an inconsistent fashion.

Interests 4: online cartoons, photography, reading, science
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