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Fitness I go to the gym daily but i don't feel sore? Jul 23 2015
16:28 (UTC)

What are your goals? Your goals and where you are in terms of fitness will determine whether or not you need to change up your workout frequently.

E.g. if you’re a new lifter, you may be able to make gains on the same beginners’ program for months, and will only need to change your workout once you’ve stopped progressing linearly. 

No matter what you’re doing, you should have some element of progressive overload i.e. making the workout harder over time.

If you’re running, that could be a faster speed, a higher incline, a longer run. If you’re lifting, that could be heavier weights, more reps, shorter rest period.


Fitness Turning 39 & trying to get in shape. Jul 23 2015
15:14 (UTC)

It’s good that you’re trying. Weight loss takes a long time, so don’t beat yourself up after three weeks.

My advice is calorie deficit for weight loss, strength train for body composition. I’ve been on a diet for about 6 weeks and lifting, and I’ve lost nine pounds. I still got a long way to go, but the weight training is helping me keep my lean mass while I lose fat.

The stronger you are at any given weight, the leaner you will be and the healthier you will be. There are a lot of good programs in the fitness stickies that you can take a look at. Programs I have found useful included Starting Strength, Maximum Strength, and 5/3/1. A lot of people like NROLFW. 

My three lifting tips are:

1. Form is key.

It’s work taking the time to teach yourself good form at the beginning and practice it until it’s second nature. Some people are too stiff/out of shape to do certain lifts properly. Squatting tends to be an issue for a lot of people. If you’re in that category, then work out those weaknesses first. Do ankle mobility drills, hip mobility drills, whatever you need to do to move properly through the list. 

2. Don’t underestimate yourself.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen women doing countless reps with weights lighter than their purses. If you can lift a 25lb toddler and carry him around, why would you train with a two pound dumbbell? 

3. Progressive Overload

To get better, you have to make the workout harder over time. This can be going up in weight, going up in reps, decreasing rep time, adding a set. At the beginning, this is easy and as you get more advanced gains come more slowly, but they’ll never come at all if you do the same thing every time.



Foods CC gripes at me no matter what I eat Jul 23 2015
04:11 (UTC)

What you eat each day isn’t that important. What you eat over stretches of time is more important.

If you eat a lot of carbs one day, a lot of protein the next, and a lot of fat the third day, then you got carbs, protein, and fat into your body. It’s not like your body will break down because you didn’t get the exact allotment of food each day. I would pay less attention to the macros and more to the overall amount of food, unless you’re low in the same macros consistently. 

Weight Loss I'm so tired of being frustrated Jul 22 2015
23:27 (UTC)

It just sounds like your husband’s a jerk. Instead of supporting your choice to try and live a healthier life, he’s nitpicking at you. You’re taking too much time to log your calories? Seriously. I’ve heard more sense from trolls on reddit. 

Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 22 2015
20:59 (UTC)

SS #9

  • Squat 160, warmup 45, 65, 95
  • Bench 100, warmup 45, 65
  • Deadlift 165, warmup 95


  • kettlebell swing 10x35; 10x45
  • dumbbell bench 10x25
  • lat pulldown 10x90
  • single leg RDL 5x44xside

I always feel like I’m going to fail my bench, but I haven’t since I restarted SS. Maybe I just need more 


Weight Loss Did I eat too much today? Jul 22 2015
18:21 (UTC)

Seriously? You should probably triple what you ate today.


Foods Wine and Weight Gain? Jul 21 2015
20:43 (UTC)

1. You heard that wine won’t make you gain weight the way other alcoholic beverages do.

Calories are calories and alcohol is alcohol. A 150 calorie glass of wine will have the same affect on weight loss as 150 calories of beer or 1.5 shots. It’s true that wine, particularly red, is known to have health benefits, but it’s not exempt from thermodynamics.


2. Can you enjoy wine and still lose weight?

Of course you can. 1 5oz glass of wine has about 120 calories in it. If you manage your calories appropriately, you should be able to eat enough and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

I usually save the wine for special occasions just because in a deficit, I’d rather have the food, but my guilty pleasure is ice cream. We all have one.


Weight Loss Please help! Jul 21 2015
12:03 (UTC)

I would seek counseling

Weight Loss Not getting anywhere! Jul 20 2015
22:46 (UTC)

You see yourself every day, so you might be losing weight and not noticing if you’re getting slightly smaller each day.

I would get on the scale, but only once a week. You can’t know if your diet/exercise are working if you’re not taking in any data.

In terms of body composition, it’s more about what amount of work you do in a given time than it is total work.

Compare a marathon runner to a sprinter. A marathon runner does a lot more work, but a sprinter is going to be leaner/better defined because they do more work per unit time. 

It’s good that you’re working out, but you might be better off doing less work and doing more intense work like complexes or some HIIT.

You definitely have to make sure your eating is balanced. If your family doesn’t think you’re eating enough, you could be underrating most of the time, which contributes to your stress and then when you’re too stressed overeating. It’s better to have a more moderate deficit that you can maintain.


Health & Support Disordered Eating Help? Jul 20 2015
20:07 (UTC)

Eating 1000 calories a day is not healthy at all, especially for growing teens. Get professional help, don’t switch from one unhealthy eating pattern to a new one.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jul 20 2015
19:46 (UTC)


crispy brussel sprouts with honey + sriracha

Weight Loss Calories vs. Vitamins? Jul 20 2015
19:26 (UTC)

One serving of baby carrots would be two days worth. I would try to incorporate more veggies in your diet in a way you find palatable. I like pasta, so I often pan sear my veggies and then add them to some penne or spaghetti.

You can also try stir fries, soups, curries, as a side for some meat or fish. I would stick to what’s affordable, what’s local, and what’s in season.

Young Calorie Counters Really need answers for lots of questions!! Please help Jul 20 2015
16:52 (UTC)

Most women have some fat around their stomachs. With your stats, I’m sure your stomach isn’t that big and you’re being unnecessarily critical of yourself.

That being said if you want a leaner body, you should defocus on body composition and not on losing weight.

What routine are you doing with your weights? Are you progressing, i.e. adding more weight, reps, or decreasing time between sets? 

Find an established program, do it, and eat enough food to fuel yourself. 

Weight Loss Calories vs. Vitamins? Jul 20 2015
16:40 (UTC)

How many calories are you eating per day and what are you eating?

I don’t have trouble reaching most of my nutrition goals, then again I eat a lot of vegetables.

Vitamin A- a serving of baby carrots

Fiber- veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, starches

Calcium- this is the hardest for me to reach without supplements, but dairy, fortified foods


Young Calorie Counters Any Advice?? Jul 20 2015
16:38 (UTC)

I suggest you start eating at maintenance, and get a hold of a good strength training program. Start setting fitness goals and stop looking at your scale. 

Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 20 2015
16:18 (UTC)

SS 8

  • Squat 155; warmup 45, 65, 95
  • OP 60; warm up 30, 45
  • Row 95; warm up 40


  • glute bridge 1x8x135
Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jul 19 2015
23:27 (UTC)

I’m going to give that a tentative yuck because a brownie without chocolate just offends me.


Cannoli with pistachio. 


Weight Loss I suspect I don't look my weight, and it's throwing off my weight loss goals Jul 18 2015
20:35 (UTC)

Since you’re already at a healthy weight, I would not set a weight loss goal at all. Instead, I suggest setting a fitness goal. I want to run x miles or i want to be able to lift y amount. I think you’ll find it more satisfying.

Vegetarian low carb vegetarian? Jul 18 2015
17:47 (UTC)
Original Post by Jaly19:

Many years ago, I heard that carbohydrates are absolutely fine as long as they are Complex carbohydrates. So veggies & fruit should be fine. The carbs to watch out for are pastas, white rice & soft bread. The more fiber it has, the better it is for you.

I don’t get why people fear white rice. The Japanese eat loads of it and they had one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world before they got introduced to western eating. Also, they have long lifespans.


Weight Loss I hate low carb diets Jul 18 2015
17:44 (UTC)

I’ve lost 7lbs in 5 weeks without cutting anything. I eat carbs, protein, fat, dairy, whatever I like eating.

Dieting shouldn’t be a punishment.

Eat what you like and moderate your treats. 

I just made pasta today and omg I used white flour.