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Weight Loss New to weight loss and so confused about diet & exercise. Feb 02 2016
20:16 (UTC)
  Original Post by milkteafitness:

I'm not a one post spammer...I'm actually attempting to make ACTUAL friends and form relationships with people based on what they need help with. I thoroughly enjoy helping people in a field I feel passionate about. 

Assuming is not a good habit to get into.

Major Eye roll.

There are plenty of people who can help you with free programs, OP.

The fitness forum is a good place to look. 

Fitness Eating after a workout Feb 02 2016
20:13 (UTC)

You don't need to eat right after your workout.

The anabaolic window is several hours, so you can wait 2-3 hours before your next meal if that's what you prefer.

If you don't like eating right around your workouts, then I would eat 2 hours before and 2-3 hours after.

Weight Loss Flabby arms anyone? Feb 02 2016
18:41 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by sofiaritson:

I was always told to use baked bean tins and do general weight lifting exercises with them everyday to tone them up, full on weights could potentially bulk them up! 

Where are people getting this garbage from, srs?

Weight Loss Flabby arms anyone? Feb 02 2016
17:11 (UTC)
Original Post by Angela1601:

I use 8 lbs weights for my daily arm exercises doing 15-20 reps and haven't seen any bulking up. I think using a weight you can handle is fine and more reps is good, but using an extreme weight that you can't do more than a few reps is what bulks you up. I remember reading some where, and this may be completely wrong, that using a weight you can only do like 5 reps with will cause micro tears in the muscle and result in bulking up. 

Poppycock. Overeating is what bulks you up. I've seen girls who are maybe 110lbs soaking wet bench 180lbs+. Hell I saw one 17 year old girl bench 300lbs and she wasn't "bulked up". 

Whatever you read is total bullcrap.

Weight Loss 250lbs/18 stone 4 weeks of dieting no loss Feb 02 2016
14:55 (UTC)

Get a food scale.

There's no way you were eating 1200 calories a day and did not lose a pound. That's not possible. 

Weight Loss Can't Seem to Get Started Feb 01 2016
17:50 (UTC)

Bring a notebook to the gym to track your progress and get to the free weights.

I suggest this routine.

Get a food scale.

Weight Loss How much should i exercise on a 1200 calorie diet? Jan 31 2016
19:47 (UTC)
Original Post by cricketblade:

that would only happen if i went right back to my past eating/activity  levels though wouldn't it? It doesn't 'magically' happen. If i stay active and slowly increase my intake level when i am at or nearing my target i should be okay right? I get why 'yo-yo' works because people fall back to old ways but if i avoid that there is no reason to 'yo yo' 

I'm a stubborn type and i know i have the will power to stick to this in the long term. 

No you don't. 

Fitness January 2016 Fitness Group: All Are Welcome Jan 30 2016
01:04 (UTC)

Warmup: 10 chain squats

Front Squats 
5x55, 3x80, 2x100, 1x145, 1x150, 1x155, 1x160

Back Squats
1x230, 1x240, 1x250, 1x260, 1x270, 1x280-beltless PR, 1x290

Paused Bench
5x50, 3x70, 2x90, 1x110, 1x120, 1x125, 1x130, 1x135, 1x140-PR

I've never done paused bench PR, so whatever my last lift would have inherently been a PR, but now I have a starting point. 

Somersault Squats

Pendlay Rows

Leg Curls

I was supposed to do kettlebell swings, but I did those on Wednesdays and was tired after the rows. Next Friday, I'll do them before the rows. These didn't burn as much as Monday's since I did fewer reps, but they were still hard. 

Weight Loss The Prime Jan 29 2016
19:34 (UTC)

don't be a dummy.

I think most "diets" are overcomplicated at best and based on pseudoscience at worst. 

I keep it very simple.

  1. Figure out how many calories you need to eat for your goals.
  2. Figure out your macros (start with protein + fat minimums, distribute the rest of the macros as desired)
  3. Pick whole foods that will help you meet your macro and micro (nutrient) targets
  4. Any extra calories are discretionary.


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jan 29 2016
19:00 (UTC)

yuck- that seriously scares me.

Black Bean Cheeseburger

Weight Loss The Prime Jan 29 2016
18:53 (UTC)

Never heard of it.

IMO, DBAD is all 99% of people need when it comes to diet.

Fitness January 2016 Fitness Group: All Are Welcome Jan 28 2016
21:09 (UTC)

Today's Workout

  • Warmup: 10 chain squats
  • Front Squats: 5x55, 3x80, 2x105, 1x145, 150, 155
  • Back Squats: 1x230, 1x240, 1x250, 1x260, 1x265, 1x275-belted, 1x285-belted
  • Deadlifts: 5x135, 3x185, 2x225, 3x1x275
  • Lat Pulldown: 3x10x90
  • Cable Crossover: 17x16.4, 13x16.4

Foods Cheese replacements Jan 28 2016
14:03 (UTC)

why not get fondue cheeses? They're real cheese that melt easily, like gruyere.

Fitness Program Recommendations Jan 27 2016
19:24 (UTC)

Hi. I would take a look at Rippetoe's programs. His intermediate program is Texas Method (which is more of a template than a strict program), and he has an advanced novice routine which is designed to bridge the gap between his beginner's program and his intermediate routine.

If you wanted to do Texas Method, then I would do something like:

Monday- Volume Day

  • 5x5 Squat
  • 5x5 Bench Press
  • 5x5 Pendlay Row

Wednesday- Recovery Day

  • 3x8-12 Reverse Lunge (or whichever single leg exercise you prefer)
  • 3x5 OHP
  • 3x8-12 Lat Pulldown

Friday Intensity Day

  • 1x5 Squat PR (you ramp up to this weight)
  • 1x5 Bench PR (you ramp up to this weight)
  • 2x5 Deadlift (do 2-3 warmup sets first)
  • Optional, 1x5 Pendlay Row PR 

These would just be the main lifts. You could work in any accessories you want. I would do leg curls on one day (for a knee flexion movement), face pulls (for shoulder health), hanging ab raises (for spinal decompression and hip health), and if you want more hypertrophy, lateral raises, skull crushers, and barbell curls.


Young Calorie Counters How much do you eat to lose weight? Jan 27 2016
18:02 (UTC)

You should be increasing to 2000 cals at least, not 1400. That's still way too little.

Fitness January 2016 Fitness Group: All Are Welcome Jan 26 2016
23:04 (UTC)

Warmup: Shoveling the damn snow! And 10 chain squats

Front Squats
5x50, 3x80, 2x100, 1x140, 1x150, 1x160, 1x165-belted, 1x175-belted

I tried using a belt to see if it allowed me to progress further on the front squats. I don't think it made any difference. I think it's just upper back weakness. 

Back Squats
2x230, 1x240, 1x250

I didn't go for a daily max today. I wanted to save some energy for more deadlifts, since I missed them on Saturday.

5x135, 3x185, 2x225, 2x5x245

I wanted more volume today. I think I'll go heavier on Thursday.

Cable Crossovers
1x18x13.5lbs; 2x10x15.7lbs

My pecs were burning after these. So much so that I only did 2 sets of face pulls instead of three. I may do these at the end next time.




Foods What's your favourite type of.... Jan 25 2016
00:18 (UTC)

mango juice

favorite savory snack

Weight Loss running/eating advice? will I ever get a flat stomach Jan 24 2016
18:29 (UTC)

You're 5'1 and 110lbs. Your stomach can't be that big.

Your body is still growing. You may get taller and lean out naturally. Just do activities you like and stop worrying about it.

Vegetarian Considering going vegan/ raw food- questions about getting enough calories! Jan 24 2016
16:53 (UTC)

The 80/10/10 diet has to be the stupidest fad diet of them all.

Fitness How long should I work out with weights? Jan 24 2016
16:16 (UTC)

It's not how long the session is, but how much effort you put in to them. Some programs take 30-40 minutes. Some take 90+ minutes.

Ideally, you would be bringing your sets close to failure. 

If your goal is strength, then I would consider Starting Strength. If you want something more HIIT like, look at Cosgrove's Evil 8 complex.