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Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 30 2015
13:31 (UTC)

Week 2: Candito Upper 1

  • Bench 3x6x112.5lbs
  • Dumbbell Row 3x6x45lbs
  • Press 1x6x72.5lbs; 2x5x65lbs
  • Lat pulldown 3x6x100lbs
  • EZ curl 3x12x37.5lbs
  • Face pulls 3x12x36lbs
  • Standing Cable Crunch 3x12x40lbs

I could barely get my bench up. I don’t know why. I hit a heavier weight, two weeks ago. 

The row was pretty easy- will either add reps/weight next time


Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 29 2015
19:21 (UTC)

Conditioning Day

  • 5 rounds: trap bar deadlift (95lbs), trap bar farmer’s walk (25 yards), 5 depth jumps, 10 kettlebell swings (32kg)
  • x-band walks
  • Stretching/mobility work
  • foam rolled lower back
  • Cool down on exercise bike

Making up my own circuit was fun. I might do this more often.


Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 28 2015
15:58 (UTC)

Second Week of Candito

Lower 1

  • Squats 3x6x230
  • Deadlifts 2x6x250
  • Walking Lunges 3x10x50lbs
  • Leg Curl/Standing Ab Crunch superset 3x12x75lbs; 3x10x30lbs

I tried using straps for my deadlift set, but they I couldn’t get the bar up. Should I really be concerned about tearing my bicep with a mixed grip?


Weight Loss Am I not doing enough exercise? Sep 27 2015
01:47 (UTC)

Do you have a food scale? If you’re not losing weight, then you are almost certainly eating more than you think you are. 

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 26 2015
20:28 (UTC)

Fried twinkles are so good- I don’t like them regular, so I pretty much never eat them.

Candito Linear Program Upper Control

  • Spoto Press 6x4x85lbs
  • Paused Dumbbell Row 6x4x40lbs
  • Overhead Press 1x10x65lbs
  • Lat Pulldown 1x10x90lbs
  • Rear Delt Flies 3x8x7.5lbs
  • Tricep Overhead extension 3x10x30lbs


  • Pallof Press 3x10x30lbs
  • Ab wheel 1x10

Just Bored

  • Kettlebell swing 1x5x97lbs
  • 1 25 yard sprint- realized I was too lazy to sprint today after the first one.

I’m hoping Spoto presses (a paused bench, but you stop before you hit your chest) will be what I need to blast past my poverty bench. 


Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 25 2015
12:59 (UTC)

Candito Linear Program Lower 2

  • Paused Squats 6x4x155lbs
  • Paused Deadlifts 3x4x165lbs
  • Step ups 3x8x40lbs
  • Hip Thrusts 3x10x145lbs

I already know my butt will be sore tomorrow. This was my first time doing paused squats. They’re awesome, and I wish I had started doing them earlier. 

Off to shower/nail appointment. Gotta take care of these hands

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 24 2015
15:32 (UTC)

Conditioning Workout

  • Sled pushes 4x140lbs with only 10-15 seconds rest
  • Evil Eight Complex 30lbs with 90 seconds rest
  • foam rolling and stretching

After my workout, I went to the farmer’s market, got a load of tubers since they were so cheap

I just realized I have no car to get to the gym on Saturday; debating whether I should walk to the gym- not that far but no sidewalk for at least 1/3 of the way or wait until Sunday



Weight Loss Need some advice Sep 23 2015
16:06 (UTC)

I would stick with the lifting while you lose weight. It will help you retain lean mass while you lose fat and leave you with a better shape.

Add cardio if that’s what you like doing, but don’t give up on the weights.

You may want to reduce the volume of weight lifting that you do, e.g. reduce the number of sets each lifting session, for recovery reasons.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 23 2015
16:03 (UTC)

I do like protein pancakes so yum.

Hazed and Confused is Ben and Jerry’s chocolate/hazelnut ice cream (one side chocolate with chocolate chips and the other side hazelnut) with chocolate fudge in the middle. It’s amazing. 

roasted cauliflower with herbs and a little olive oil.

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 23 2015
12:52 (UTC)

My dog keeps throwing up. We think he eats random **** outside, so now we have to go outside with him.

Candito U/L Upper 1

  • Bench Press 3x6x100lbs
  • 1 arm dumbbell row 3x6x40lbs
  • Military Press 1x6x70lbs
  • Lat pulldown 1x6x90lbs
  • Face Pulls 3x12x34lbs
  • EZ Bar curls 3x12x35lbs

Went 25-30 minutes faster than Lower 1. I don’t need as much time to recover between sets. May add abs to upper body instead to balance time better.

I got called strong today at the gym, and another gym goer told me I was in beast mode- feeling pretty awesome.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 22 2015
16:26 (UTC)

yum- I might be addicted to tomatoes. 

Hazed and Confused ice cream- might also be addicted to this too.

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 22 2015
14:24 (UTC)

Conditioning Day- easy

  • 10 minutes on the exercise bike
  • 8 sled pushes, 25 yards each 140lbs total
  • 2x8 depth box jumps
  • 10 kettlbell swings with 18kg
  • foam rolling legs
  • static stretching legs
Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 21 2015
14:36 (UTC)

I like maple bacon- have never tried the “flavor” without the meat. Maybe yum?

Homemade nutella- that is roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, a little salt and some vanilla- all blended to chocolately perfection

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 21 2015
13:08 (UTC)

Candito Strength/Control Day 1

  • Squats 3x6x225
  • Deadlift 2x6x250
  • Walking Lunge 3x8x50lbs
  • Leg Curl 3x12x70lbs
  • Standing Cable Crunch 4x15x34lbs

This really wore me out. I didn’t think adding 1 rep to my squats would make such a difference, especially since I took off weight, but I did it beltless and I have been using a belt for my work sets for the last few weeks.

Deadlifts- I usually only do 1 work set, but today I did too. I should have taken more rest. I also tried to use straps, but I couldn’t get them tight enough, so I just did mixed grip instead.


Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 19 2015
18:13 (UTC)

Taking some time off can be useful because when you return, you grow faster than you had before you stopped. ifter-again/

I took about 9 months off, and although I wish I hadn’t, I’m stronger now than I was when I stopped after training for less than 4 months.

I tied my bench PR yesterday. I just missed 150, so hopefully I’ll smash past that after some time on Candito.

Today, I tested for my squat max. I went for 300 and nailed it. After that, I got a bit greedy and went for 315. I missed it, but I think I can definitely hit that within the next month- probably 3 weeks but I won’t be trying for it for at least a month

I decided to start setting deadlines for my strength goals. When I just set a number and not a time limit, I feel like I slack off. A time limit gives me motivation. I want to set a limit on my deadlift goal yet, but I’m not sure when it should be. How crazy does a 400lb deadlift sound for the end of November? Current best 335.

Weight Loss anybody konw? Sep 18 2015
14:09 (UTC)
Original Post by sarabdour:

what I have to do ? .. I need help, I teen I do not know what I do when I watch my friends .. ate chocolate while I cannot. I broke down crying .. I really want to eat ice cream, chocolate and chips without feeling remorse, but it is very difficult to feel I will become fat even when think about it

Go to a doctor.

Fitness Fitness & calories Sep 18 2015
02:07 (UTC)

Yes. At 290, you should be able to lose weight eating a lot more. I’m lighter than you are, less active and losing weight eating 1700 calories a day. 

You’re eating too little and you’re risking losing more bone density and lean mass than necessary

Weight Loss Very Weird Question about Weight Loss- Feeling Ugly Sep 17 2015
09:40 (UTC)

My guess is you look better, but you expected more after 67 pounds.

I feel like I look the same after losing 15lbs, but everyone else sees a difference. I still feel fat. 

Fitness How accurate calories are on elliptical machines Sep 17 2015
01:39 (UTC)

They’re pretty much all really unreliable. 

I personally think it’s better to take your BMR and use one less multiplier than you think you are and use that to figure out how many calories you burn.

E.g. I think I’m moderately active, so I use the lightly active multiplier which gives me 2200 calories burned each day. Thus I eat 1700 calories a day to lose one pound a week.

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 17 2015
00:50 (UTC)

I decided to start running Candito Upper/Lower on Monday and spend the rest of my week testing my 1RMs.

Today was Deadlift day and my legs are sore as (insert four letter word)

Warmup 8x45, 3x135, 1x185, 1x275

Max 335- new PR.

I’ll be starting with 75% of my 1RM for the heavy program days and 70% of my 1RM for my control days.

I spent the last two days reading Practical Programming- best lifting book I ever read.