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Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 18 2015
18:04 (UTC)


homemade meatballs with fresh tomato sauce.

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 17 2015
14:37 (UTC)

SS# 18

  • Squat 205, warmup 45, 95, 135
  • OP 67.5, warmup 30, 45
  • Row 115, warmup 45



  • overhead tricep extension 3x10x35
  • Hip thrust 15x135
  • hammercurls 10x17.5xside- these were too easy but the 20s were taken
  • kettlebell swing 2x10x32kg
  • foam roll
  • abs at home



Fitness When to exercise after eating? Aug 17 2015
14:33 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by amanda_22:

After eating, your body is trying to work on digesting and absorbing the food. Throw of physical activity on top of that is not a good idea.

Why not?

Fun fact:  The average transit time of food from mouth to feces is 53 hours.

So what you are saying is that I need to wait 2.5 days after eating before exercising? :)

Obviously, you should do intermittent fasting, only eat every 3rd day. Eat (but don’t exercise), don’t eat or exercise, exercise, eat ...

Fitness Vibration/power plates - success?? Aug 16 2015
22:19 (UTC)

I think you’re better off getting under a barbell for your squats where you can put on a lot more weight than what you would be able to do on a power plate. 

It can be useful for the elderly and those who have various aches and pains but it won’t give you the same results as good programming and progressive overload.

I used them with a trainer before and they just annoyed my jaw.

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 16 2015
17:32 (UTC)
Original Post by metabolicmom:


At first I thought this said Caturday and I was trying to figure out how you only had a cat on Saturdays.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 16 2015
14:09 (UTC)

Yuck, mainly because I hate raisins. They’re like someone ate the grape and left me the turd.

homemade sweet potato gnocchi 


Weight Loss Why am I gaining weight when I'm exercising? Aug 16 2015
13:14 (UTC)
Original Post by kazman:

The answer is that you are building muscle which is why your legs are bigger now, and muscle weighs more than fat. Let the mirror not the scale be your guide.

This is a bunch of garbage.

Women, if they’re lucky and they’re trying to, add about one pound of muscle per month. There’s no way she put on enough muscle over the course of 9 weeks to make her jeans tighter. 

If her jeans are tighter, then she’s eating too much (or she shrunk her jeans in the wash), which often happens when people start exercising because they get hungrier and overcompensate. She needs to pay more attention to what she’s eating and 5 days/week of HIIT is excessive anyway. Two days a week + a reasonable calorie deficit would be more than enough. 

A proper weight training program 3 days a week would do more for her physique than 5 days of HIIT, but none of it matters if she doesn’t control how much she’s eating.

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 15 2015
16:32 (UTC)


  • Squat 200, warm up 45, 95, 135
  • Bench 102.5 warmup 45, 65
  • Deadlift 205, warmup 135


  • Dumbbell row 10x35lbs; 10x45lbs
  • facepulls/overhead tricep superset 2x10x27lbs
  • leg curls 15x48lbs
  • sled push 70lbs x tired
  • uneven loaded carries 19lbs total
  • farmers walk 30lb kettle bells, until grip slipped
  • squat 16x105lbs, I was aiming for 20, but felt ready to pass out after 13
  • quad stretch
  • 10 glute bridges w/ 2 second hold 
  • side lying clam raise 5xside

Anyone else lift better when angry. I was pissed off while I was lifting this morning and I killed my main workout, finished SS in 35 minutes, which is the fastest I’ve ever done.  

Weight Loss Am I eating enough Aug 15 2015
01:34 (UTC)

You should eat a lot more. Most calorie calculators aren’t designed for teens who are still growing.

I don’t know how big you are, but 2000 calories sounds much more reasonable than 1200.

Health & Support Bagels? Aug 14 2015
00:11 (UTC)

You need to focus on your recovery. You’re at a perfectly healthy weight and trying to diet right now is asking for a relapse.

Stop reading articles written by fanatics and focus on taking care of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with bagels.

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 13 2015
15:06 (UTC)

Dumbbell complex 

Ten rounds of 6 rdls, 6 bent over rows, and 6 push presses, 15lb dumbbell in each hand.

Did this with 45-60 second rest between each round. Cutting down on the exercises helped me move faster between rounds, which I assume will lead to a better calorie burn.


Volume is about the same as on Tuesday.

Fitness Flat Stomach Aug 13 2015
12:46 (UTC)
Original Post by amanda_22:

Don't be upset! Start drinking Luke warm water.Avoid taking cold water,I am sure it will work.

What’s wrong with cold water, and how will warm water address the fat that’s on her midsection?

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 13 2015
01:03 (UTC)

SS # 16

  • Squat 190, warmup 45, 65, 95
  • OP 65, warmup 30, 45
  • BOR 110, warmup 45


  • Hip thrust 2x10x125
  • Lat pulldown 2x10x90
  • tricep extension 2x10x30
  • facepulls 2x5x30
  • x band walks
  • banded kettlebell swings 10x20lbs
  • kettlebell swings 5x32kg

Hamstrings are still sore from yesterday. Lower back is fatigued from the squats. I wonder how I’ll feel on Friday’s lift. 

Weight Loss HELP.... Don't like veggies Aug 12 2015
23:10 (UTC)

I’m sure you like a vegetable that you haven’t tried yet. There are lots of vegetables, most of which you’ve never eaten.

You also might like them if you prepare them yourself. I learned that I liked lots of vegetables I didn’t like as a kid because I didn’t like how they had been prepared.

For now, I would focus on eating healthy food that you like and when the opportunity comes to try a new vegetable, you try it.

Foods Eating out in Vegas.. HELP with calorie estimation please?! Aug 12 2015
17:14 (UTC)

Go for the lobster! I hear there are good lobster dishes in vegas.

I’d suggest entrees where you can tell what all is in them, e.g. broiled fish with a side of broccoli. It’s easier to figure out how much you’re eating than if you get fettucine alfredo, where they could have put in who knows how much butter, cheese, cream, etc.

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 12 2015
13:56 (UTC)

ceast > creast> breast > striptease. The logic is undeniable.

Vegetarian How do you veggies get your protein in? Aug 12 2015
13:54 (UTC)

You could load your cheese/yogurt with capscacin once and people will probably stop stealing it. I mean like ghost pepper sauce hot.

Fitness August 2015 Fitness Group- All arewelcome! Aug 11 2015
16:24 (UTC)

Did Cosgrove's Evil 8

It's a pyramid starting with 6 of the following deadlifts, rdls, bent over rows, hangcleans, front squats, push presses, back squats, good mornings. You take off 1 rep of each exercise each round, the last one is 1 of each.

I did this w/ 30lbs and I was dying.

Spin bike until it was time to go home.

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