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Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 09 2015
19:58 (UTC)

Candito Lower 3: Week 3

  • Paused Squats 6x4x175lbs
  • Paused Deadlifts 3x4x185lbs
  • Step Ups 3x12x40lbs
  • Hip Thrusts 3x12x145lbs

My left knee still twinges with squats, maybe an ace bandage will help. My knee feels fine now.

The paused deadlifts are tearing up my hands- not sure how much longer I’ll be able to do double overhand

Step ups are actually easier on the left side

Will go up with the hip thrusts next week.

Foods SuperFood and Sweet survey! Oct 08 2015
22:42 (UTC)

You are at a farmers market- 3 items you would get are : cheese, tomatoes, lamb rack

-You have 10 dollars to get groceries or a week what do you buy?

chicken thighs ($4), potatoes ($1), beans ($1), canned tomatoes ($3), pasta ($1)

-3 foods you could live on for a week?

Apple Pie, mushrooms, pork loin

-First 3 things you would have if you could eat anything you want (with no wories of calories, allergies, etc.)

Justin’s chocolate/hazelnut butter, scallops, goat cheese

-Favorite 2 flavosr for a dessert

dark chocolate, salted caramel

-3 Foods that makes you feel happy and healthy

mushrooms, avocado, salmon

-3 foods that you would never have EVER!

coconut, shrimp, anchovies

Last thing you ate today?

apple pie

_Favorite kind of cake, cookie and pie?

ice cream cake, dark chocolate chip cookies, apple pie with a crumb crust,

-Favorite type of protein drink, smoothie and juice/ vegetable juice?

Ice cream protein shake- GOAT

-Something special only your mom or family member can make?

My aunt makes this really good flounder- have no idea how she does it

-First food you think of on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (or other holidays)

Apple cider and donuts

-Chocolate milk or hot chocolate?

tough one- have to go hot chocolate for the marshmallows 

Milkshake or Malted?

malt it!

Peanut butter pancakes or Chocolate chip waffles?

probably peanut butter pancakes, although I’ve never had either

-First food you limit/ avoid to loose fat/ get in shape and first food you eat more of?


_top 5 all time fabvorite foods regardless of calories, allergies, etc.

roasted duck breast wrapped in bacon- seriously GOAT, cheesecake- any kind but cheesecake brownies are awesome, ice cream, crab cake Benedict, roasted chicken

Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 07 2015
21:18 (UTC)

MMom- where do you do the pause when you do paused deadlifts? I pause right when the bar leaves the ground and it’s misery.

Candito Upper 1, Week 3

  • Bench Press 3x6x115lbs. The first set was easyish, maybe RPE 8, second one was RPE 9, third RPE10 which is way better than last Wednesday. I think I bench better after I eat.
  • Dumbbell Row 3x10x50lbs, I’m supposed to do 3x6, but it wasn’t that hard on the first set. I think I’m going to set the reps in the program as the minimum and add reps depending on the difficulty/ease.
  • Overhead Press, 1x6x75lbs; 2x5x65lbs
  • Lat Pulldown 1x10x110lbs; 1x9x110lbs; 1x10x100lbs
  • Facepulls 3x10x39lbs
  • Curls 3x9x37.5
  • Standing Cable Crunch 1x10x39lbs; 2x10x44.5lbs


  • Kettlebell swings 10x61lbs

I hate when people are sitting on a machine talking- usually these are personal training clients. There’s one lat pulldown at the gym; I couldn’t figure out if the guy was using it or not because he was just talking in front of it. I start using it.

He eventually uses it, but even with my rest periods-I’d have to wait for him to finish gabbing with his trainer before I could do my next set every time. Eventually, I gave up, did the rest of my workout and then came back, but this just gets on my nerves. Don’t sit on a machine if you’re not ready to use it. 


Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 07 2015
18:16 (UTC)

Pure Protein is good quality, but it ran out pretty quickly in my house. We have 3 lifters, so that little tub maybe lasted two weeks once we opened it.

I never even heard of protein spiking until last month. Apparently, the cost of milk went up, so the cost of whey went up, and now some less than scrupulous companies are looking for any shortcut they can.

Some companies will list the fillers in the ingredients section. So when you go to protein it will say (whey, milk protein and fillers). Most people think this means 20g of whey + additional amino acids, but they’re actually being double counted so it’s maybe 14g whey and 6g filler. 

There’s a list of companies that have been sued here: -acid-spiking#lawsuits

I would be wary of any protein that lists creatine and glutamine as ingredients. 


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Oct 07 2015
13:35 (UTC)

yuck- I hate vinegar with potatoes.

Apple pie

Weight Loss Am I not doing enough exercise? Oct 06 2015
22:49 (UTC)
Original Post by addley1000:

You don't have to exercise your ass off to burn calories to stay slim.

The entrenched dogma of participants in a place where persons seek advice, opinion, encouragement is disappointing.

As I said at the beginning the science has been re-written since I joined.

Did you know?  science now consider the gut as the our second brain. Gut bacteria has an incredible effect on health ... even reducing autism ...

So many here are stuck with their dogma while science moves forward.



Moderate exercise does not equal exercising your ass off. You're so wrapped up in extreme examples that the concept of moderation has escaped you, and stop libeling science. It has nothing to do with the drivel you spew out. 

Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 06 2015
15:07 (UTC)

I didn’t feel like going to the gym today, so I did a dumbbell complex from home.

10 rounds of 5 rdls, 5 bent over rows, and 5 standing dumbbell presses with 2 15lb dumbbells.

I got Six Star once and the taste was fine, but when I read the label more carefully, it looks like they spike the protein, i.e. they use filler (BCAA, creatine, and glutamine) to make it seem like there’s more whey in each scoop then there actually is. A few companies have been sued about it and a law firm is looking into suing Six Star (or Muscletech since they own Six Star).

I got Pure Protein next, which is definitely whey and I might switch to Optimum Nutrition since they sell it at Costco.

Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 05 2015
13:43 (UTC)

Candito Week 3 Lower 1

  • Squats 3x6x235lbs
  • Deadifts 2x6x255lbs
  • Lunges 3x10x50lbs
  • Leg curls x12x80lbs

The squats were hard. Unsure if I’ll be able to do 240 next week without a belt.

The first deadlift set hurt my forearm, but the second set was fine. I think my grip was the problem.

The lunges annoyed my knee a bit, but it feels fine now. 

Weight Loss Help/Tips? Flat Stomach Exercises? Oct 04 2015
22:40 (UTC)

Going on the rice diet is just about the dumbest thing you can do. If you go low protein on a crash diet you will catabolize your muscle tissue and end up skinny fat.

Get to a barbell. Run Starting Strength and eat real food.

Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 03 2015
16:21 (UTC)

Candito Upper 2

  • Spoto Press 4x6x95lbs
  • Dumbbell Row with a Pause 4x6x45lbs
  • Overhead Press 1x10x67.5lbs; 2x5x55lbs
  • Lat Pulldown 3x10x100lbs
  • Overhead Tricep Extension 3x12x30
  • Rear Delt Fly 3x12x7.5
  • Pallof Press 1x12x30lbs

I’m trying to go up on my main lifts every week, my primary assistance lifts at least every two weeks, and my optional work every four to five weeks. I have to fight the urge to add weight to everything all the time; it really doesn’t work. 

Weight Loss Calf muscle Oct 02 2015
14:03 (UTC)

You may have fat underneath your calves or in between the muscle that make them look larger. Unless you’re really lean it can be hard to tell. You could go around in a wheelchair everywhere, but I think you’d be happier if you just embrace that you have strong calves. There’s nothing bad about that. 

Fitness October 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Oct 02 2015
14:02 (UTC)

October goals: Squat 315, Bench 150+, Lose 4+lbs

Candito Lower 2

  • Paused Squat 6x4x165
  • Paused Deadlift 3x4x175
  • Step ups 3x10x40lbsxside
  • Hip Thrust 1x12x155; 2x12x135

Even after taking out the abs, my lower body day is long. I get through the squats and the hip thrusts relatively quickly but the deadlifts and step ups take me a while.


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Oct 01 2015
13:10 (UTC)

yuck- I hate coconut

kabocha squash pie



Weight Loss help?! just started intense workout routine and need advice! Oct 01 2015
01:49 (UTC)

I wouldn’t worry about some fat on your stomach. Most women have it. It protects our uterus and other internal organs and you’re still growing. It may very well resolve itself as you grow taller. 

Focus on healthier eating, more whole foods and less junk- not to say you can’t have pizza or fries sometimes, but don’t live on crap. I wouldn’t even count calories at your age (unless you’re overweight or underweight). Eat when you’re hungry, stop when your full. 

If you start adding exercise/restricting your calories, it could cause you to crash and burn while playing field hockey or a litany of other issues. Enjoy your sport, have fun with your friends, enjoy your youth.

Weight Gain No or slow cooking? Oct 01 2015
00:54 (UTC)

short ribs- any slow cooked meat should work (pork shoulder, brisket, lamb shanks)

I keep it simple, meat, some veggies, stock. You can just throw it in there and turn on the slow cooker.

Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 30 2015
13:31 (UTC)

Week 2: Candito Upper 1

  • Bench 3x6x112.5lbs
  • Dumbbell Row 3x6x45lbs
  • Press 1x6x72.5lbs; 2x5x65lbs
  • Lat pulldown 3x6x100lbs
  • EZ curl 3x12x37.5lbs
  • Face pulls 3x12x36lbs
  • Standing Cable Crunch 3x12x40lbs

I could barely get my bench up. I don’t know why. I hit a heavier weight, two weeks ago. 

The row was pretty easy- will either add reps/weight next time


Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 29 2015
19:21 (UTC)

Conditioning Day

  • 5 rounds: trap bar deadlift (95lbs), trap bar farmer’s walk (25 yards), 5 depth jumps, 10 kettlebell swings (32kg)
  • x-band walks
  • Stretching/mobility work
  • foam rolled lower back
  • Cool down on exercise bike

Making up my own circuit was fun. I might do this more often.


Fitness September 2015 Fitness Group- All Are Welcome! Sep 28 2015
15:58 (UTC)

Second Week of Candito

Lower 1

  • Squats 3x6x230
  • Deadlifts 2x6x250
  • Walking Lunges 3x10x50lbs
  • Leg Curl/Standing Ab Crunch superset 3x12x75lbs; 3x10x30lbs

I tried using straps for my deadlift set, but they I couldn’t get the bar up. Should I really be concerned about tearing my bicep with a mixed grip?


Weight Loss Am I not doing enough exercise? Sep 27 2015
01:47 (UTC)

Do you have a food scale? If you’re not losing weight, then you are almost certainly eating more than you think you are. 

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