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The Lounge Why wasn?t he charged with terrorism? May 19 2015
00:09 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Probably because it doesn't fit the statutory definition

It sounds like domestic terrorism to me. He intended to kill lots of people. He wants to intimidate the Muslim population aka civilians, and it would have occurred in New York. Granted, the event didn’t actually take place, because he got caught before he could do it, but there’s still attempt and conspiracy. 

They made the decision to plea him out within a month of the arrest. Most cases take a lot longer than that, ones that are much less serious. I can’t help but think that this case would have garnered more attention paid to it, more charges brought against him, and more media coverage if it wasn’t a white man targeting Muslim people. If they couldn’t come up with better charges after a month, keep his ass in jail until trial and keep looking. 

Released on bond as long as he promises not to drink, really. This is the definition of white privilege. No one calling him what he is, a terrorist or at least a wannabe terrorist. 

Fitness Young Olympic athlete needs some help May 12 2015
20:47 (UTC)

Does he drink milk? If so, get him full fat milk. Try whole eggs, butter, cheese, sandwiches.  I’d be more concerned that he’s not eating enough as opposed to the quality of what he’s eating. Olympians love McDonalds for a reason.

Fitness Lifting routine? May 09 2015
03:58 (UTC)

I would look for a program that has progressive overload. Each time you lift you want to try and increase your capacity. This could mean adding 5 lbs or adding a rep or two to each set. 

Some programs I’ve used included:

  • Starting Strength
  • New Rules of Lifting for Women
  • Maximum Strength
  • 5-3-1

There are a lot of programs out there. I would look for one that looks appealing and you have time to do.

Foods The 12 Worst Foods You Could Ever Eat!!! May 07 2015
21:27 (UTC)

Here’s my no way list

  • Rotted Milk
  • Meat that started turning green
  • Blue Cheese (just nasty)
  • Anything from McCafe (they don’t wash the machines)
  • Taco Bell 
Weight Loss Eating clean, exercising smart, still gaining... May 07 2015
17:41 (UTC)

My best results have come from a combination of intermittent fasting and weight lifting. 

The Lounge Baltimore is in Flames May 07 2015
17:36 (UTC)
Original Post by santonacci:

Original Post by amwick:

Original Post by kathygator:

Original Post by lysistrata:

There was reasonable suspicion to detain him, yes.  I don't see that there was probable cause to arrest, and there certainly wasn't cause to neglect him to death in the van.

Well said.

But this has not been establish, by any facts.  It is wrong on face value since he died in the hospital after emergency treatment... such as intubation and things of that nature.    I am surprised because you usually seem to want and see definite evidence, if that is possible..



While the police simply describe it as a "medical emergency during transport",  when they finally bothered to call for medical assistance, the medic determined he was in cardiac arrest.  

It's not the emergency treatment that killed him, unless you're really asserting now that medical personnel were incompetent.  In which case I have to ask if you think that has been established by any facts.

Even if the medical responders were negligent in their treatment, the officers could still faces charges in their death, well at least according to my criminal law professor.

Hypo: I stab a guy. The guy would have lived if the doctor treated him properly. Doctor screws up, and he bleeds out. I still face murder charges. The doctor screwed up is not a defense.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 07 2015
17:15 (UTC)
16 ays/



Vegetarian are ketchup and mustard vegan? May 07 2015
17:12 (UTC)

I would expect them both to be vegan, but you could make your own if you want to be extra sure.

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 09 2015
03:14 (UTC)

I think we should just inject Jenny McCarthy with polio and then see how many anti vaxx followers she has.

Foods Health foods that keep you Full? Jan 14 2015
02:32 (UTC)

potato/sweet potato with some butter on it

The Lounge vacationing alone Jan 14 2015
02:31 (UTC)

CA has really interesting food- I would look for a cool restaurant in the area or something you can't eat at home

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 14 2015
02:30 (UTC)

13th Amendment- I like being a free person, just saying

The Lounge With a taste of your lips I'm on a Chat, You're toxic, I'm slippin' under. Jan 12 2015
15:58 (UTC)

The cowboys lost- yay


When I was at DMV last month, it only took 10-15 minutes. I got there when it opened, was 3rd in line. I think half the time might have been the guy in front of me rambling about why doesn't the DMV accept fingerprints done by the TSA.

Weight Loss I don't know what to eat for a healthy diet to lose weight Jan 12 2015
04:45 (UTC)

to save money, I buy cheaper cuts of meat: whole chickens instead of skinless chicken breasts or pork shoulder instead of the chops.

You might spend more in one day, but the price/lb will be a lot lower.

I usually roast/braise meat with vegetables, carrots, parsnips, celery, onion, etc.

Foods What did YOU eat today? Jan 12 2015
04:40 (UTC)

biscuits + gravy- not the best I ever had, but it was alright


mushroom ravioli

mushroom risotto

Fitness gym workout suggestion Jan 12 2015
00:35 (UTC)

good diet and see if you can get your hands on a beginners lifting program

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 10 2015
21:22 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

like i said, i'm not disputing charlie hebdo's right to publish what they want to publish - regardless of how offensive it is. i'm simply saying that other outlets should not feel obligated to do so now, when they wouldn't last week. i don't think we should adjust our standards of decency--whatever they be--in reaction to terrorism.

Do other outlets feel obligated or are they jumping on a bandwagon? This could just be a strategic way of getting attention.

Foods Iron and Fiber w/o supplements Jan 09 2015
21:52 (UTC)

beans- you can some them in water w/ baking soda so they're less gas-inducing

nuts, seeds, veggies

spinach is a good source of iron 

Weight Loss Man Boobs Jan 09 2015
21:46 (UTC)

Typically the place where you want to lose fast the most is the slowest place for the fat to come off. Everyone's body has a preferred place for storing fat, so all you can do is continue to lose and try and get in better shape, unless you need surgery.

The Lounge in light of the terror attack in Paris... Jan 07 2015
18:51 (UTC)

If we limit the press to try and prevent terrorist attacks, then we've already lost. The whole point of terrorism is to use violence, fear, and intimidation to force society to change to what the terrorists want it to be. If we change who we are and what we stand for out of fear of them, then they won, which would only tell people to become terrorists to get their way.

Would I publish such a cartoon? No but just because publishing the article may be dangerous or bad judgment, doesn't mean that the newspaper shouldn't have the right to print it anyway.