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Fitness Shin Splints Jun 30 2015
19:02 (UTC)

Ice and rest

To prevent it in the future, strengthen your calves and check your running form

Vegetarian How to Loose weight keeping diet full vegetarian ?? Jun 30 2015
01:25 (UTC)

I hope that’s kg.

Are you a vegan?

If not then whey and casein protein powders are an option, as well as milk, cheese, greek yogurt.

If you don’t want animal protein, tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, hemp, 

Fitness June 2015 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Jun 29 2015
16:42 (UTC)

Not necessarily. The goal is to have your shoulders behind the bar. For tall/skinny lifters, they can deadlift with their shins close to the bar and their shoulders back, but for bigger lifters it doesn’t work very well. 

I found this deadlifting article helpful.

Fitness June 2015 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Jun 29 2015
16:09 (UTC)

Doing Starting Strength for the 3rd time?

  • Squat 5x45; 5x65; 5x95; 3x5x125
  • Bench 5x45; 5x65; 3x5x80
  • Deadlift 5x65; 5x95; 5x125lbs

Fixed my deadlifting form. Apparently my shins had been too close to the bar ... weird.

Weight Loss Stopped exercising and lost weight? Jun 29 2015
01:54 (UTC)

It’s pretty common for people to overcompensate with food when they’re exercising. Maybe you had the reverse effect; you stopped eating so you ate less in response.

It also might have been cortisol. If your body was stressed out from working out too much, you might have retained weight for that.

It’s unlikely that you lost 8 lbs of muscle mass in three weeks. If you did, then you should probably see a doctor.

Generally people look worse when they lose lean mass, not better.

It also could have been water retention/bloating.


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jun 29 2015
01:50 (UTC)


I hate sweet popcorn

pork belly with crispy skin

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread Jun 27 2015
21:34 (UTC)

I have a basil plant that has been alive for a week. It’s about the longest I’ve ever kept a plant alive, and it actually looks pretty good. I’ve been keeping it near the window, but not under it, so it gets indirect sunlight, and I water it slightly every day, unless I forget, but the plant never goes more than one day without water.


Vegetarian Going Semi Vegetarian! Jun 26 2015
23:35 (UTC)
Original Post by Jaly19:

From the best of raw food website: Below is an overview of the (average) percentage of calories from protein

Sprouts 55%; Green leafy vegetables 35-50%; Nuts & Seeds 12-20%; Other vegetables 10- 45%; Grains 8-20%; Fruits 1-10%.

To get the maximum absorption from ANY source, include a source of vitamin C like bell peppers or citrus. Check your nutrition info, some foods naturally contain both. I just want to add, that while vegandaisydoll's comment may seem harsh, she makes a valid point. I have seen comments online from meat eaters that Hitler was a vegetarian; even though he ate sausages & pork dumplings as well as other meat sources. Before I became vegan, people would call me vegetarian just because I ate a lot of veggies, but still ate fish & chicken too. For those fighting for animal rights, this type of confusion can be counterproductive to the message. It also creates confusion in what to serve people when the terms are mixed up. A vegetarian consumes no other meat source except dairy, honey & eggs. A vegan consumes absolutely no animal or insect source. There are variations within the vegetarian group, but for layman's terms, those are the definitions.

No she doesn’t. The OP was asking for advice on how to get more protein. This has nothing to do with the reputation of vegetarians or those in the animal rights movement and the OP is not responsible for whatever difficulties vegetarians have with interacting with meatheads. 

Weight Loss 30 lbs and still trucking! Jun 26 2015
21:21 (UTC)

By weight training, I meant 

  1. Using a weight, either a dumbbell, barbell, kettle bell, or your body
  2. Progressive overload- which means that over time you make the exercises harder- increase weight, reps, decrease rest period

As you can see, this leaves a pretty wide universe for weight training.

If you were bulking up before it means you either started eating more, which is a common problem for those who try to exercise + lose weight, but it can be easily addressed with more mindful calorie counting or it was a temporary retainment of water, which happens as your muscles repair and goes away as your body recalibrates.

Please don’t shy away from heavy lifting because of that. Heavy lifting, and heavy is relative to the lifter, is great for retaining muscle mass as you lose fat which will help you become leaner and shapelier. 

It’s great that you are doing strength training already and that you’re doing a program. I find that programs are the best option for beginners/intermediates because they plan out what how to progress for you, so you don’t end up spinning wheels and wasting time. 

If you’re happy with your program right now, then I see no reason to change it, but I’ll leave a list to programs that I did and liked in case you are looking for a change or anyone else wants a suggestion.

 Intermediate Programs I did and enjoyed 5/3/1 Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey. NROL Supercharged was also interesting but it took way too long. It would take me like 2 hrs to finish a workout and I wasn’t lollygaging around. 

Fitness Weightlifting belt - thanks to all for advice Jun 26 2015
21:15 (UTC)

Congrats on the PRs!

Foods how do I raise my cholesterol Jun 26 2015
19:01 (UTC)

Only hyper responders will end up with higher cholesterol if they eat eggs. For 2/3 of people, it makes no difference. Cholesterol is made in the body so for most people, if they eat more cholesterol, their body just makes less of it.

I know this doesn’t help, but I have no idea how to raise LDL cholesterol

Fitness June 2015 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Jun 26 2015
17:15 (UTC)
  • Deadlifts 5x65lbs; 5x95lbs; 5x135lbs; 3x1x185lbs
  • Press 5x45lbs; 5x55lbs
  • Dumbbell row 10x20lbs; 10x25lbs
  • Hip thrust 10x135lbs
  • walking lunges 3x5x40lbs
  • Sled 45lbs + sled, pushed until tired
  • kettlebell swings 5x40lbs
Weight Loss 30 lbs and still trucking! Jun 26 2015
02:32 (UTC)

It’s great that you lost 30 lbs so far. Plateaus unfortunately are just a part of the process. As you get lighter, you burn fewer calories each day since there’s less of you to move around.

What are you doing for exercise right now? If you aren’t already, this could be a good time to start weight training.

Foods Is 1g of protein for 1lb of bodyweight still true even when overweight Jun 25 2015
21:40 (UTC)

1g/lb is what I see recommended for people trying to put on muscle, which is easier to maintain since they are eating at a surplus. I think half of that, .5g/lb would be sufficient.

Fitness June 2015 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Jun 24 2015
21:17 (UTC)

I went for a walk this morning before it got too hot.


  • Squat 5x45lbs; 5x55lbs; 5x95lbs; 5x135lbs; 3x1x185lbs
  • Pendlay Rows 3x5x65lbs
  • Bench 5x45lbs; 5x65lbs; 5x95lbs
  • Dumbbell Incline Bench 3x8x25lbs
  • Prowler sled 2x??x90lbs
  • Pull throughs 10x35lbs
  • Kettlebell Swings 10x40lbs; 5x45lbs

My gym redid its layout and I hate it. There’s so much equipment packed in such a small space that you can hardly make use of half of the things there. I’ll start working out in one spot and 5 seconds later, someone else is moving into the same spot to do his exercise and I’m stuck in no man’s land. Half the time, I grab a platform and refuse to leave it, just so I won’t lose my spot.


Foods salad dressing Jun 24 2015
04:05 (UTC)

Why do you have to eat so much salad? Instead, you could make a vegetable hash, roast vegetables, stir fry with veggies, pasta with veggies, curry with vegetables. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I rarely eat salad.

Weight Loss What do you consider too skinny......? Jun 24 2015
04:01 (UTC)

You are at a healthy weight, and you’re happy with it; that’s all that matters.


Fitness Could I just do cardio and not lift weights? Jun 23 2015
16:55 (UTC)

You can lose fat without doing any exercise at all. The problem is that you will lose a significant amount of muscle along with fat which means you’ll get smaller, but you might still look doughy.

Weight training will help you retain muscle mass as you lose fat, which should help you become shapelier, but it isn’t necessary. If you’d rather do cardio only, then I’d suggest sprint workouts or HIIT.


Foods How do you like your potatoes? Jun 22 2015
21:05 (UTC)

1. Potato hash, peel them and cut them into little cubes and pan sear them in a little olive oil with diced onion, bell pepper, salt, black pepper and rosemary

2. Homemade potato salad. I cut up the potatoes and roast them for this instead of boiling them. After the potatoes come out, add a little mustard, mayo, sliced hardboiled egg, salt, pepper, cayenne and some capers.

3. Duck fat potatoes, boil until soft, strain, smash, toss with duck fat and rosemary and stick in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes.

Fitness June 2015 Fitness Group, All are Welcome! Jun 22 2015
17:17 (UTC)

I’m going to go to the gym when my mom goes so that should be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday


  • deadlift/barbell row complex 3x5x65lbs
  • overhead press 1x5x65lbs
  • trap bar deadlifts 5x5x135lbs
  • dumbbell bench 1x12x20lbs; 2x10x25lbs
  • lat pulldown 10x75lbs
  • hip thrusts 2x10x95lbs
  • kettlebell swings 5x35lbs; 5x52lbs