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Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Jul 27 2009
18:06 (UTC)

Just starting out again but reading all these posts have really encouraged me - one of my goals will be able to post a "Brag".  Thanks for all the encouraging posts!

Weight Loss Why do I feel hungry all the time? Jun 23 2008
20:31 (UTC)

I was told to always include some protein with my meals including breakfast.  If you can have higher fibre foods, that will also fill you up - raspberries are high fibre, eat whole wheat, etc.

I actually like the feeling of being a bit hungry - if I'm eating and not feeling hungry that's not good.


Weight Loss Why do I feel hungry all the time? Sep 24 2007
18:57 (UTC)

I do feel hungry at times which is not a bad feeling - it means our body is metabolizng more effectively and we are eating when we are hungry.

However, one suggestion that I read that was really helpful for me was that certain foods will make us feel more full than others - foods that are higher in fibre and higher in water content.  Also, trying to have some protein at each meal may also help with feelings of hunger.   

Good dieting! 



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