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Health & Support Where has all the poop gone? Jun 03 2009
03:56 (UTC)

fiber one really helps.  the honey oat clusters taste good too.

Fitness Q's about my exercise & what the heck is this "burn meter"?! Jun 03 2009
03:38 (UTC)

well 3,500 calories = 1 pound.  so by having 500 calories less per day thats 1 pound a week 1,000 less is 2 pounds a week.  they say 1% of your body weight is a safe amount to lose per week.

you said 1 mile got you tired.  so start slow.
but then idk maybe 15 minutes would be good, by a month you might feel like 30 would be ok.  go with what feels good - you will see you will find you will want to do it after a month or two!!
i started walking 1 mile a day 15 minutes, after 2 wks or a month i did 2 miles (30 minutes) a day, now i do walk/jog 3 to 5 miles (1 hr) a day (sometimes i add a second 2 mile walk at night and i did this from month 2 on).
honestly i think the extra activity helped me out the most, losing weight.

Maintaining Night eating Jun 03 2009
03:19 (UTC)

i don't know i always have the i want to eat less feeling also.

and i'm soon to be in maintnence mode myself so i do not know what to expect either.  but i've seen most people say there is an initail gain, so you likely won't gain anymore.


Fitness Q's about my exercise & what the heck is this "burn meter"?! Jun 03 2009
02:17 (UTC)

well welcome to cc!

both numbers should match if you want to maintain.

to lose weight you want the eat meter 500-1,000 less than the burn meter. (that would be to lose 1-2 pounds a week).

every week i think it would be ok to increase mileage by 10%.  or 10% more in time.

good luck to you.

Motivation I need a low calorie but somewhat filling snack!!! Jun 03 2009
02:05 (UTC)

fiber one cereal is very filling.  so is go lean crunch.  both ave a good amount of fiber.

i do baby carrots for a snack often.  with the walden farms thousand island dressing which claims to be 0 calorie.  sometimes a fat free slice of mozzarella.

fruit works well too.

i was doing the celery in salsa for a while.

a good 200 calorie snack/meal is boca burgers a tiny spray of pam olive oil with dill weed and garlic powder. (70 cal burger - 9 cal spray or thats how i count it)
with a whole wheat english muffin (120 cals)  works well. a decent amount of fiber and protien.

the olean chips taste just as good in my opinion and like half the cals i don't know if they make doritoes though...

Weight Loss you count them? Jun 03 2009
01:29 (UTC)

I count them, it gives me a better grade ;).

Weight Loss Why are so many people aiming for a very low BMI? Jun 02 2009
17:57 (UTC)

because it usually looks better.

The Lounge Vibram Five Finger Shoes Jun 02 2009
01:25 (UTC)

My legs aren't thin enough to consider them.

Foods 10-calorie Vitamin! Jun 02 2009
01:11 (UTC)

I didn't like it either, perhaps because I love the regular =0.

The Lounge would you rather.. Jun 01 2009
23:53 (UTC)

75 pounds.

Health & Support Interesting lecture on Obesity May 31 2009
20:32 (UTC)

thanks, i enjoyed watching that.

Motivation Weight Loss Success Slideshow - Women's Health May 29 2009
17:39 (UTC)

Thanks that was cool to look through.

Health & Support Triggers and inspiration of recovery at the gym May 29 2009
03:14 (UTC)

Sorry but if you had add and had gotton too thin (anorexic) the doctor would not be rxing you amphetamines.

Weight Loss 5'8" to 5'9" May 29 2009
00:42 (UTC)

5'8" 124

goal 122.

ETA:  5'8"  117

goal:  more miles ;)

Foods What do you think of Olestra? May 28 2009
03:53 (UTC)

i used to love the sour cream cheddar ruffles.. something like that.  i haven't had them in like 2 years though.  anyways they never upset my stomach and  would eat half a bag or more.
maybe thats why i am not currently buying them =0

Weight Loss 1200 daily average or 1200 every day? May 27 2009
18:57 (UTC)

I don't know how many calories you need per day so I am not commenting on that.  I know 1,200 calories is the minimum recommended for an adult woman.

But on calories per day, for the week I tend to make sure I come to an average of the number I want.  I generally dont go above or below a 200 difference.
I like at the end of the month if the average number is what I aimed for it to be.  And under the sodium limit, and under 50g of sugar and Over 25 of fiber.

Foods Diet food or LESS QUANTITY normal food? May 27 2009
03:45 (UTC)

Shnitzel? It's usually chicken breast (or some other lean meat) dipped in egg and then fried. Pan fried liver is simply chicken liver,fried in a pan :P

Liver does have a lot of cholesterol, but it also has LOTS of vitamins and iron, and minerals. We're talking massive iron, and vitamin A, and on and such. I end up craving it on my PMS week and I can definitely detect a good effect if I do eat.

Family cholesterolemia is indeed a PITA. I'm lucky in that my blood test are ace, no matter what I eat, but when I eat healthy, I can pass off as a baby :P

 yeah i have never heard of shnitzel.  and liver doesn't sound appealing to me i have never tryed it  =0
i'd say if yu really like them and can eat the smaller portion - go with that if your not above your calories!!!

great on the blood work.
giving up refined sugar was hard on me - its easier for me to keep to a low fat diet BUT LOW SUGAR SUCKS, for me-i really like the sugars!!!

Foods Diet food or LESS QUANTITY normal food? May 26 2009
18:10 (UTC)

I've never heard of shnitzel or pan fried liver.  I do not think I would want to try either.

I don't like to have high fat food.
But sugar free does not taste the same!

 I have to avoid both high sugar and high fat because high triglycerides / cholesterol, heart disease runs in my family.  So I am just **** outta luck! =(


Fitness Strange Question.... May 26 2009
17:51 (UTC)

How do you know it is not broken?

I've never had a broken nose so I don't know what it feels like but perhaps you should call your doctor?

Hope it feels better!

Weight Loss Post your BMI May 25 2009
17:41 (UTC)