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Weight Gain Calories and period? Jun 09 2009
03:39 (UTC)

yeah i got a period at that bmi - super light and maybe 2 days.  (the nutritionist said you need a period for 3 days to be a real period, who knows?)

good luck to you!

Weight Loss 900 calories a day, 30lb weight loss goal, 2 weeks into it and feeling fine. Am I stupid? Jun 07 2009
23:22 (UTC)

yaza that was mean!
are you trying to give the girl an eating disorder or something by saying enjoy gaining the weight back, there is nothing you can do now.

doll talk to your doc about your diet.
you might just want a bit more calories (and some walking) and i'm sure you'll see continued success with the pounds going down.

good luck to you!

The Lounge Why do people dislike tall women? Jun 07 2009
15:50 (UTC)

I'm 5'8" and I wish I were 5'10!!
models are tall for a reason, it looks good!  and heels make you appear more thin - i say wear em if you like!

The Lounge How does your ideal body look like? Jun 07 2009
15:42 (UTC)

I'm with restless_girl that is what I prefer as well THIN small toned muscles and I add tall.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Giselle!
I like Jessica Stroup from the new 90210 too.

Weight Loss Help! I'll be scale-less! Jun 07 2009
14:40 (UTC)

i was going to say go to bed bath and beyond for weigh ins - use their scales.
but caclbmc suggested that with walmart, same idea.

otherwise your slimmest jeans would be an indicator.
have a nice time in the city!

Fitness Can I share? Jun 07 2009
03:49 (UTC)

Good for you - thats about an 8 minute mile =)  that is a nice time!

Weight Loss Logging data for prior day? Jun 06 2009
17:01 (UTC)

yes.  enter the food and when it says add food just read adjust the date to yesterdays.

Weight Loss 900 calories a day, 30lb weight loss goal, 2 weeks into it and feeling fine. Am I stupid? Jun 06 2009
03:33 (UTC)

exercise will help weight loss more then a very low calorie diet - as you've mentioned.  bet you would be better with the 1,200 or 1,300 recommended if you where to just walk briskly for 3 miles a day.
good luck to you.

Weight Loss When did YOU start to gain weight? Jun 05 2009
17:44 (UTC)

meds for depression caused me to gain.  but so did inactivity!!

more activity now and i weigh less (also no meds that add extra weight to me).

Health & Support I have a migraine. :( Jun 05 2009
03:42 (UTC)

I took a vicodin for mine, barely helped.
I hope you feel better soon.  I used to trigger bad headaches from my bad form with crunches somtimes (neck muscles) it sucks!

Weight Loss Achieving and Maintaining sub-10% Bodyfat Jun 05 2009
01:32 (UTC)

niikolai - your a real cutie!

Motivation Pictures as motivation? Jun 05 2009
01:08 (UTC)

Well 2 seconds ago I saw a 2 second video that caught my legs in it 23 pounds heavier, now thats motivation!
(thats why i just jumped online to see what my weight was in the video)

Health & Support Where has all the poop gone? Jun 03 2009
03:56 (UTC)

fiber one really helps.  the honey oat clusters taste good too.

Fitness Q's about my exercise & what the heck is this "burn meter"?! Jun 03 2009
03:38 (UTC)

well 3,500 calories = 1 pound.  so by having 500 calories less per day thats 1 pound a week 1,000 less is 2 pounds a week.  they say 1% of your body weight is a safe amount to lose per week.

you said 1 mile got you tired.  so start slow.
but then idk maybe 15 minutes would be good, by a month you might feel like 30 would be ok.  go with what feels good - you will see you will find you will want to do it after a month or two!!
i started walking 1 mile a day 15 minutes, after 2 wks or a month i did 2 miles (30 minutes) a day, now i do walk/jog 3 to 5 miles (1 hr) a day (sometimes i add a second 2 mile walk at night and i did this from month 2 on).
honestly i think the extra activity helped me out the most, losing weight.

Maintaining Night eating Jun 03 2009
03:19 (UTC)

i don't know i always have the i want to eat less feeling also.

and i'm soon to be in maintnence mode myself so i do not know what to expect either.  but i've seen most people say there is an initail gain, so you likely won't gain anymore.


Fitness Q's about my exercise & what the heck is this "burn meter"?! Jun 03 2009
02:17 (UTC)

well welcome to cc!

both numbers should match if you want to maintain.

to lose weight you want the eat meter 500-1,000 less than the burn meter. (that would be to lose 1-2 pounds a week).

every week i think it would be ok to increase mileage by 10%.  or 10% more in time.

good luck to you.

Motivation I need a low calorie but somewhat filling snack!!! Jun 03 2009
02:05 (UTC)

fiber one cereal is very filling.  so is go lean crunch.  both ave a good amount of fiber.

i do baby carrots for a snack often.  with the walden farms thousand island dressing which claims to be 0 calorie.  sometimes a fat free slice of mozzarella.

fruit works well too.

i was doing the celery in salsa for a while.

a good 200 calorie snack/meal is boca burgers a tiny spray of pam olive oil with dill weed and garlic powder. (70 cal burger - 9 cal spray or thats how i count it)
with a whole wheat english muffin (120 cals)  works well. a decent amount of fiber and protien.

the olean chips taste just as good in my opinion and like half the cals i don't know if they make doritoes though...

Weight Loss you count them? Jun 03 2009
01:29 (UTC)

I count them, it gives me a better grade ;).

Weight Loss Why are so many people aiming for a very low BMI? Jun 02 2009
17:57 (UTC)

because it usually looks better.

The Lounge Vibram Five Finger Shoes Jun 02 2009
01:25 (UTC)

My legs aren't thin enough to consider them.