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The Lounge "2 Months Sober"? Feb 08 2016
16:29 (UTC)
Original Post by trh:

When someone says that they are 2 months sober what do you think? 

Only that they've stopped drinking alcohol. I don't think the definition of the word 'sober' requires a certain level of consumption or addiction to use the word, but I understand why some would make that assumption.

People claim questionable things on their FB page all the time - I doubt there's a great number of recovering addicts who are actually offended by it, or who read it and think "well, if anyone who stops drinking can claim to be sober why the heck do I even bother?"

The Lounge Why only the women? Feb 08 2016
15:19 (UTC)

I think they're focusing on women if for no other reason than the biology of the process - most embryos grow in a uterus. 

However, I can't help but notice, this applies to any number of other substances as well.  Granted, they can't focus on everything, but I don't see them telling women who might be pregnant to stay home all the time to reduce the risk of exposure to second hand smoke or car exhaust.

Interestingly, per their handy little graphic, I need to undergo counseling.

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Feb 05 2016
13:50 (UTC)

God Bless the Internet

The Lounge School nightmares Jan 22 2016
15:51 (UTC)
Original Post by linden:

Missing tests? Failing tests? Studying for the wrong thing?

Well, I don't have nightmares of these 3 particular things, but mainly because I have memories of them because they actually happened.  None of them set me back all that much, so I stopped being afraid of them along time ago.

I don't know about the demon students thing (competitiveness, fear of others being better?), but the others (based on my limited knowledge of psychology) sound like a fear of failure and/or disappointing others, or being a perfectionist.

If you've never actually failed anything, it makes sense you would fear the unknown.

Anything new going on at home or work that's out of your comfort zone?

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jan 22 2016
14:21 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

Love the front page of the New York paper with the "I'm with Stupid" and each pointing at the other!  

Colbert's bit on it was brilliant!

The Lounge Jada Smith. What's THAT all about? Jan 21 2016
14:12 (UTC)
Original Post by s1jj11n:

No. I'm saying we need to prioritize, and this isn't high on my list of something I'm willing to make a lot of noise about.

Understood, but why can't Jada Pinkett Smith determine her own priorities, and, I have to point it out again, why are people acting like black celebrities aren't capable of multitasking?

I'm pretty sure she can support black independent filmmakers and speak her mind about the Oscars at the same time.

The Lounge Jada Smith. What's THAT all about? Jan 20 2016
21:07 (UTC)
Original Post by s1jj11n:

I think this is a good idea.

Let Black entertainers make the 1st move.

Hmmm - I particularly like this (in part) from the comments section:

The problem is, youre speaking as if Black folks cant juggle more than one "cause" at a time.

And, FWIW, I've read Jada's statements, and if anywhere in there she demanded that everyone follow her lead, then I missed it.  She has expressed her personal choice - it's my understanding that part of "empowerment" is being able to express and follow through on your personal choices.  And yes, that would include ignoring Jada and watching the Oscars anyway honestly don't know why someone would watch them in the first place, but whatever floats your boat.

And I think the Smiths, along with a lot of other entertainers black and white, have indeed "made a move."

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jan 20 2016
14:59 (UTC)

Just in case you thought the election season couldn't get more ridiculous:

Hot Mess Endorses Dumpster Fire

The Lounge Jada Smith. What's THAT all about? Jan 20 2016
14:51 (UTC)

I don't know a lot about the inner workings of the industry, but it certainly doesn't escape my notice that the most celebrated black roles in recent history are depicting slaves or situations of gross oppression. 

One black man portrays a hero of conscience in a blockbuster, and corners of the interwebs go BSC.

And while I can understand that most black people have more serious things to worry about, I think Jada is more than capable of voicing her complaints of more than one thing at a time, and is certainly free to do so.

ETA: proper spelling

The Lounge The Force Awakens (spoiler alert) Dec 31 2015
16:01 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

I like the description derivative. It was, and I'm glad. It needed to be to start the new movies out. Or at least I needed it to be that way. I think us oldies who grew up with the original trilogy need it to start out this way. It brings the story full circle and it can grow from there.

I knew that one of the old characters was going to die before I even went to see it. I appreciated the way they did it though. Han reaching out gently to his son as he was dying was poignant for the film. I'm very sad to see his character leave the series. 

Yes, it was good strategy.  Abrams needed to not only bring in the original fans, but also bring in new ones.  I think he saw what was wrong with the prequels and went to a formula that works.

Can't say I agree with you on Han Solo, though, but then it's kind of tough to see the departure of a character I've had a crush on since I was 6.

And while hubby and I both really liked the movie, we both had the same initial reaction when Han decided to walk onto the bridge:  1) bad idea dude and 2) what do empire/new order engineers have against guardrails?  Ewok bridges are safer than that! (rant over)

ETA:  It may be a good idea to note in the title that this thread now contains spoilers.  

The Lounge Salt lamps? Yea or nea? Dec 28 2015
13:56 (UTC)

Most of the references I can find that recommend them are from people who are also trying to sell them - red flag right there for me.

But the real kicker is the actual science behind ions and salt, and the claims just don't hold up.  

You'd be better off with an EPA approved air cleaner with a HEPA filter.

ETA:  The claim on reducing stress might be legit, but it would be for the same reason why the glow of a fireplace or a candle is calming, not because there's anything magical about Himalayan salt.

The Lounge The Force Awakens (spoiler alert) Dec 26 2015
14:00 (UTC)
Original Post by linden:

I liked it... but I felt they played it safe.

I can't help but feel it was very similar to episode 4. It is very much like revisiting our childhoods. :-)

Yeah - that's pretty much my take on it:  Pleasantly derivative.

However, unlike the prequels, I am looking forward to the next one to see if Abrams will do something really innovative with the messy and awesome universe he inherited.

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Dec 16 2015
13:04 (UTC)

Republican Debate Scorecard

Yeah - not surprising.

The Lounge Favorite quotes Dec 13 2015
16:06 (UTC)

“Poor Jeb. You’ve got to admit: It’s a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one.”  

(Will Ferrel as George W. Bush)

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 09 2015
12:09 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

I heard reports on tv(more than once) that neighbors were suspicious but did not call, for fear of causing problems, of being accused of racism... They have to live with that, and I feel a little sorry for them. 

Well, so do I, although I really hope this isn't blame you're foisting on them.  Even if they had made a call, the most the police could have done is knock on their door and talk with them.  I don't think "they're working in their garage at night" is a reasonable basis for a warrant.

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 08 2015
15:17 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

How about looking at something that might have prevented this terrible event.  A SINGLE PHONE CALL!   Instead of focusing on guns, which I suppose is inevitable, how about thinking about making a phone call if you see something suspicious, or have some concern.   If there is no illegal activity going on, there is no harm done.  People will call if they see someone driving erratically, weaving in and out of lanes,  that does happen.    Calling about a wingnut, doing strange things (making bombs) in a garage, at all hours, that puts people on edge.  It doesn't have to be the FBI, just call your local Police Department. 

What makes you think that, in this particular case, neighbors had any idea what was going on in a closed off basement?  Are they supposed to randomly snoop around, or just politely ask to see the inside of everyone's garage on a periodic basis?

Because, you know, it's not like they anything else to do - kids can take care of themselves and what else are they going to do with their vacation time?

But be careful with the  "if you see something, say something" thing - it can turn out to be flat out embarrassing.  (eta:  and "no harm done" is not how I would  describe it)

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 06 2015
11:44 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Thank you Lys... that was a very informative summary..

Instead of focusing on gun control, how about looking at the process that allowed a terrorist into the US?    Malik's background is still really fuzzy, if that is even her real name.


More information is being discovered about her, but it's still unclear to me what could have been done with the current process that might have prevented this.  However, they are looking into it.

The Lounge I don't mind Christmas but.... Dec 03 2015
17:13 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

In the Little House on the Prairie books it wasn't commercialized.

They were lucky if they got an orange and a piece of candy made with snow!
One year she got a doll. That was it.

It wasn't really commercialized until there was an advertising culture to commercialize it. So from about the 1920s, or longer than most people today have been alive is all.

I don't think the Little House books can be said to be a historically accurate depiction of life throughout the entirety of the US.  Mid west farm country?  Probably.

Advertising has been around since there has been newspapers and pulp novels.  According to the article I linked, Harriet Beacher Stowe was commenting on it as early as 1850, so it didn't entirely originate with Madison Avenue.  (Although it clearly did kick it up a notch.)

The Lounge I don't mind Christmas but.... Dec 03 2015
14:51 (UTC)
Original Post by sofiaritson:

It's become so commercialised!

It's always been commercialized. 

If you want to stick to more modern terms:  A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the more recognized statements against commercialization, and that came out 50 years ago.

The Lounge I don't mind Christmas but.... Dec 02 2015
22:37 (UTC)

I don't mind Christmas but....

...the fictional War on Christmas is a pain in the butt.

...people need to stop saying "it only comes once a year!" as if that had any significance.  EVERY day only comes once a year!

...I need to have at least one holiday meal that isn't smothered in gravy.

...soup kitchens and food pantries need volunteers the rest of the year, too.