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The Lounge Rest in Peace, KathyGator. Aug 28 2015
14:53 (UTC)

I am so sorry to hear this news. Rest in Peace, Kathy. Thanks for the support and advice! 

Fitness Tanita scales! Jan 23 2015
20:30 (UTC)

the reviews on Amazon are no help. There is no particular scale  that has a solid 5 stars. 

I didn't know that Homedics scales are made by Taylor. I might get one of these. 


Fitness Tanita scales! Jan 23 2015
15:50 (UTC)
Original Post by coach_k:

I also have a Taylor (that I got through WW) -- it's reliable and unfortunately accurate... and only measures weight.  It will let you track the comings and goings of the weight as compared to your first baseline weight.

Could you give me a link to the scale that you have? 

Fitness Tanita scales! Jan 23 2015
03:48 (UTC)
Original Post by oldguysrule:

I have a Taylor digital scale that I rely on. For me, daily weighing is much easier than counting food calories, and my wife and I rely heavily on daily weigh-ins for information feedback.

I've had it (and have recorded my daily weight records) for 4 years. If it ever breaks, I'm buying another one of the same brand within a week.


they have different models. Which one do you use?

Vegetarian Need a fellow vegetarian weight loss buddy! Jun 30 2014
14:25 (UTC)

Can I join? I'm Safina, a long time member here. I am also a lactovegetarian, working on being a complete vegetarian. I lost about 92pounds in 2007 then gained it all back plus 50 more pounds. :(( 

I want to start again and I need to lose 140 pounds. 

Games & Challenges The person below me!!! Feb 19 2014
06:01 (UTC)

FALSE. I've never done that. 

TPBM is in sochi for the 2014 winter olympics :)


Games & Challenges CLOSED ! 1st Quarter 2014 Challenge ~ January 1st-March 31st JOIN ANYTIME Dec 31 2013
06:09 (UTC)

Would it be possible for me to start in the middle of Jan? I want to join but I know I won't be able to work on this until I come back from my trip.

Weight Loss looking for others losing 100 pounds Jul 02 2013
05:18 (UTC)
Original Post by abbyjane:

Question of the day:

What's one thing you want to improve on? Lets all make a small change for the better on Monday!

I want to start eating healthy and counting my calories. Without managing how many calories I eat everyday, I am not going to lose weight. 

what about you? what's one thing you want to improve on?

Weight Loss looking for others losing 100 pounds Jun 24 2013
08:47 (UTC)

I want to join you guys. I really want to lose 100 pounds. I have done it before but gained it all back. I am a female, 38. I think I am 260lb now but am not sure. A challenge would be nice. It'll motivate me to get started. 



Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range Jun 10 2013
01:35 (UTC)
Original Post by anniejoy:

I went to bikram yoga it was really horrible from my side. I was the worst performer in the whole class because of my big tummy. I couldn't balance. I think I have to reduce the circumference of my waist.Can anyone join me in walking program the protocol is ASSESSMENT day 1 Measure- weight-203 1 -circumference at the waist -107cm 2-circumference at the buttock highest point -129cm Divide 1/2=.83 ASSESSMENT day 7

(Minimum requirement -at least maintain the weight rather putting on. WORKOUT 5 min warm up 20 min fast (varies with individual) 5 min cool down STARTING From Monday .

Anniejoy, I would like to do that walking program with you. Are you saying it is 30 minutes a day? 20 min of walking and 10 min warm up and cool down? 


Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range Jun 10 2013
01:33 (UTC)
Original Post by trustwomen:

Just spent two days not counting accurately and mildly overeating (was bridesmaid, so this was rehearsal dinner and wedding). Will certainly set me back a pound or two... But that is fine. Two days ago I was at 211 and my mini-goal is 207 by the 24th, so hopefully it will still be doable.

It is doable, have plenty of time.  fingers crossed for you! :)

Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range Jun 08 2013
17:01 (UTC)
Original Post by nicholej18139:

Hey girls, I'm down 10 pounds so far. I know most of it is water weight but hey a loss is a loss right? Also my clothes are not as tight! Room to breath. 10 down 90 to go...

Congratulations on your weight loss! :)

Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range Jun 06 2013
15:12 (UTC)

Hi Lillys,

can you give us more information? how many calories do you have a day and how much do you weigh?

Are you interested in following a walking plan with me?

do you have access to a gym?


Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range Jun 01 2013
20:02 (UTC)
Original Post by nicholej18139:

Hey girls! I have a question. Is there a way to add y'all in supporters from here?

just click on the name and press support :)

Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range May 30 2013
05:28 (UTC)


we can support each other. I am 38 and 260 pounds. All what I can do at this point is walking. 

Trustwomen: waves! good to "see" you.

Motivation Spring into Summer - 13 week challenge Mar 24 2013
20:36 (UTC)

Count me in! I need to lose 60 pounds this year. I want to be under the 200 mark, hopfully, by the end of the year. 

The Lounge happy birthday, melkor! Aug 13 2012
05:02 (UTC)

Happy Birthday, Melkor! and thanks for all the time and support that you offer to this community. 


Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jun 20 2012
18:50 (UTC)

Pita, I am glad you are doing ok. :)

Muppet, These are great rewards. How is your NP diet?


Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jun 19 2012
18:29 (UTC)

Pita, let me help you push that woman down who didn't believe that Muppet was dating her bf.

So you are having  headaches again. do you get enough sleep at night? do you have a cold or something? I hope you feel better, Pita.

Muppet, you are beautiful inside and outside. those people are just haters. Thanks for the advice about the psychiatrist. She is a sports medicine doctor and works with patients who need to lose weight. I might give her a try. We will see.

Akela, tell us what you did with the boss.

Topeze & Snooglies, where have you been?

To the new members: Welcome!




Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Jun 19 2012
06:04 (UTC)

Pita, Totally agree with you. it is not the best option for me either. I was thinking about this surgery for my sister. She is 300 lb and has tried to lose weight so many times. her health is in poor condition. 

Sounds like a fun and nice Father's day. :) You are a good person. So many people won't feel bad about treating their assistant like an errand boy. Is this the first time you have such a headache or have you had it before? Hope you feel better.

Kathryn, Good luck, girl! I am excited for you. I am sure that WW will motivate you to lose weight. I like your pic by the way. Very pretty! :)

ok ladies. I went to the doctor today and asked him if he knows any weight loss specialist. he referred me to a physiatrist. I don't know what a physiatrist can do for me? sounds confusing to me. I called her office and she told me that she is not a nutrition expert but she can help me lose weight. So I asked her if she could give me a meal plan and she said yes. I am more confused after that call. Any advice?