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Motivation Your body as a "supply chain" and some other thoughts/feedback after two months on Mar 08 2011
17:42 (UTC)

Hello there,

I just saw your thread header in the forum and had to read it given that I do work for a company that is in freight forwarding and supply chain management.

It takes understanding supply chain management and operations to get what you are saying in your post but I have to say I've never thought about drawing parallels between food consumption / body reaction and SCM. Quite smart your post I have to say. I liked it.

Thank you for sharing.

Weight Loss Eating breakfast at 6:30 Feb 25 2011
20:37 (UTC)

I have a similar eating pattern to yours. I eat breakfast at 6 or 6:30am but then I also eat my lunch at 11am with snacks to hold me over until I leave work and have dinner usually at 5pm or 5:30pm.

I used to eat breakfast similar to yours but I've started to add about 6-12 cashews or other nuts to it, because I found that just adding that made me feel more satisfied and keep me full for longer.

In such small quantities nuts really are quite healthy and make the meal more balanced.


Weight Loss extremely upset!!!! Jan 11 2011
14:58 (UTC)

One thing none of the above posters brought up was. Are you eating enough to sustain the amount of exercise you are doing?

If say you cut down your calories in half of what you were eating previous to starting this exercise regime, then your body may hold on to what it's got rather than letting go because the reduced food intake combined exertion due to the exercising may put your body into starvation mode. Even if you feel that you eat the right things it may not be enough food overall.

Kudos on exercising more than once a day I wouldn't know where to find the time and energy!

Weight Loss Women: Looking for More Success Stories Jan 11 2011
14:52 (UTC)

Well done on the weightloss to everyone who shared their story on this thread. I keep coming back to this because I intend to be part of it in a few years down the road for now it's inspiration.

Weight Loss What's your opinion on "mini-meals"? Nov 11 2010
18:01 (UTC)

I'm with lotus on this. I find that my energy levels are more consistent if I eat a mini meal every 3-4 hours I get super hungry 6 hours after a meal and yes it may be a bit of a hassle in my case think office colleagues wondering why I'm at the fridge again already but I feel less irritable and more satisfied.

It's a bit more work because you're having to plan not just three meals a day but 4-5. I'm all for mini-meals but it's not a must.

Weight Loss Another Tall Club- 5'9" + 50-70 pounds to lose (Now ANY amount to lose) Nov 10 2010
20:33 (UTC)

Hi all,

haven't read all the posts as yet but here are my stats, this group is fabulous.

height:  5'11"

SW:      362lbs

CW:      352lbs

1st Goal: Get the hell out of the 300's again

2nd Goal: 270lbs to go zip lining

GW:      200-225lbs

(not sure yet about the ultimate goal weight as I've never weighed that "little" as an adult)

Right now I'm still in the progress of switching to healthier eating and incorporation of more fruit and veg into my diet, that's always been my issue. I love almost all veggies with a few exceptions same with fruit but can't be bothered to buy them and prep them eventhough that is totally silly since it's usually just peal and eat.

My goal is to change my lifestyle get away from just going out for dinners with friends and do active things with them instead like bike riding oder ice skating. I want to be comfortable on an airplane and be able to do anything I bloody well want to including horseback riding, having a baby, kayaking, skiing, etc.

Anyway this is it the beginning of the rest of my healthier life.

All the best to all of you on this thread and looking forward to hearing about how things are going.

Weight Loss Weight Loss and the Lap-Band Nov 09 2010
21:24 (UTC)

I haven't had the surgery myself but my mom had it done about 10 years ago and while she says she'd do it again because similar to you she wasn't good at keepig portion sizes right nor stay away from the sweets.

The most important thing I noticed is that no matter how long the band is in, in my mom's case it was a permanent thing staples of some sort, the vomiting doesn't stop and some foods to this day no matter how little she eats of them will trigger acid reflux. Now whether or not my mom is an exception I don't know but it's not an easy solution as other people have said above and you have to be extra careful afterwards because you have to keep your body running and energized with much less food. So what you eat is even more important than how much, because if you do eat the wrong things your body will be lacking in nutrients it needs.

For some people the surgery works for others not so much. To me the experiences my mom went through and the fact that it is surgery with risks attached to it like any surgery have kept me from ever going through with it.

I found Dave160's story exceptionally inspiring and I want to be able to say just that I found a way to eat that works for me and finally made the lifestyle change this whole weightloss thing has to be rather than a fad or a the so-callled "waggon" to be on or off of.

So please regardless of what you do really think about first and analyze yourself and why you are the way you are.

I've just started my weightloss journey again a week ago and I am a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe. However just cutting down on calories (1400 - 2300 per day) and staying away from candy, gummy bears, chocolates and that have helped me loose 7lbs in just the first week. You can do this one way or another but think it through, take the time to think it through.

All the best to you, whatever you end up doing.


Motivation What keeps YOU motivated? Nov 09 2010
21:00 (UTC)

Hi everyone,

the ultimate motivator to me is my real-life weightloss buddy C. she and I have known each other for about 3 years now and met in a weightloss meetup group that I started back then when I was on the waggon and loosing pounds. Well needless to say we both didn't make it last so we're trying again, we've become very good friends through all of this.

The key element that really motivates me is that she at her weight of 180lbs is as of Sunday a week ago weighed exactly HALF of what I weigh!!!

I'm now down to 355lbs. But to know that I carry 2x C. around with me all day long is quite the wake-up call.

Other than that I'm motivated by the prospect of going zip lining (at 275lbs), kayaking (225lbs) and hopefully horseback riding (200lbs).

Anything lost above 300lbs while it's fabulous I will not reward myself for because it's all my Canada weight, I moved here 7 years ago at 300lbs and am now 55lbs above that, it's just no good. The lowest I've been in the past 7 years was 268lbs and it felt fantastic and to me I looked fantastic too, no double chin, clear skin, feeling good.

Don't they say 7 years is kind of a magical number of years, time for a big change and all? Well I'll make it that for me. This is the beginning of the rest of my life being healthy, active and eating right.

pzzytat: Any kind of exercise will do my hubby and I started out playing catch with a tennis ball inside our office, felt my arms after doing that for an hour. Shimmy to some music sitting down in your room. Go for it. How about swimming or aquafit? Is there a pool nearby? Or if not in bathing suit mode yet (believe me I've been there) try bicycling it's much easier on your knees but gives you a great cardio work out because the weight is on the bike not your legs.




The Lounge Stinky ppl at the gym Jan 22 2008
01:04 (UTC)
I would point the lady out to the staff.

Surely it is not up to you to take care of this situation by talking to her yourself. It is a communal environment and she should follow the rules like everyone else.

I hate saying this because I'm not that big into company policies and I'm expressing a bit of a double standard here.
The Lounge Anyone from CANADA? Jan 22 2008
00:37 (UTC)
Vancouver BC
The Lounge Can you be friends with your Boss? Jan 22 2008
00:03 (UTC)
In some situations boss and staff can be friends, as in pp's restaurant example.

However in your situation, the answer to your questions is NO! Definitely not.

If you are uncomfortable spending time with her and WASTING your SPARE time doing it, stop it. She can't fire you for not hanging out with her, if she does not have friends of her own then that is her problem not yours.

I echo sportstergirl in everything she said.
The Lounge Queen Latifa on jenny craig?! Jan 21 2008
23:52 (UTC)
The reason JC doesn't work for a lot of people, is because they don't look beyond what the JC consultants tell them.

All JC is, is organized prepaid portion control, if people would think a little more and realize why JC is working while they're on it then it would work afterwards too.

Well good for her, I wish I was getting paid for losing weight and getting healthier, talk about secondary motivation aside from wanting to get healthy and slimmer. Some may call it selling out but I call it a smart business decision that happens to work with a person's personal goals.

People are also allowed to change their opinions so even if this is a direct contradiction of what she's said in the past. Who says she isn't permitted to change her point of view??
The Lounge Queen Latifa on jenny craig?! Jan 21 2008
23:28 (UTC)
Honestly how can you say she sold out?

What business of yours is it anyway? She obviously either got a fantastic advertising deal along with something that'll make her healthier or she just plain old wants to lose weight like the rest of us.

Her name's QL but she's "just" a woman like the half of the rest of the worlds population.
The Lounge grams ***** grams****** grams%^%$%#$#$ Jan 21 2008
23:24 (UTC)
Switching from a logistics company in Switzerland to the Canadian branch I was forced to learn imperial because our customers give us their shipment details in a myriad of combinations:

Umm... our box is 25 kgs and the dimensions are 1ft by 2ft by 20in!

Or I have a 1500lbs crate measuring 120 x 125 x 200cm

At the beginning I had a lot of WTF!!! reactions everyday, at least stick to one of the two systems. How hard can it be to keep feet, inches and lbs together and separate from cm, m and kg.

Now that I'm "fluent" in both I still prefer metric but will use imperial depending on who I talk to. Regardless of Canada having adopted the metric system, some generations don't know.

But it really doesn't matter and I find it an interesting cultural aspect of my chosen second home country.  

Honestly what is the reasoning behind making a measuring unit for 28grams (an ounce)? Why not keep nice and mathematical.

So I'm guessing Attila I'm opposing your battle against metric.  ;-)
The Lounge cheap flights using Sky Europe? Jan 21 2008
23:12 (UTC)
Hi Bernasha,

I've actually seen a plane from Sky Europe in London when I was there 3 weeks ago, but have no idea what their service is like.

I'm from Europe and indeed the fares some of the cheap airlines offer are insane. And the service isn't too bad with most of them.

I can vouch for Ryan Air (Ireland, UK and Mainland Europe), Air Berlin (Mainland Europe and some odd destinations), EasyJet (mainland, UK and Ireland).

I've flown with all of the above, Ryan Air had quite a delay but was soo incredibly cheap.

The reason these airlines can afford to offer such low fares, is that they usually fly to a secondary airport which is further out from the city and with that cheaper in landing/take off taxes.

For example instead of flying to Glasgow International which is 20mins from the city centre, they fly to Glasgow Prestwick which is about an hour outside of the city by train.

Or for London, they'll serve Luton or Stansted (about 2hours by bus from London city centre) as opposed to the well-known and easily reached Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

In a lot of cases it is cheaper to fly with one of those airlines instead of taking the train and faster of course. But make sure the journey from the airport to the city is not too pricey.
The Lounge Is it normal for a manager to do this? Jan 21 2008
19:07 (UTC)
I think the manager was just wondering if something happened to your access card and wanted to ensure you still had it.

As your losing it, which you did not, would constitute a potential security breach. Even if you work in a standard office, there is equipment that could be stolen.

I think it was just that your manager saw you waving at someone to help you get into the building and asked you a very appropriate question.

There is no mistrust in doing that even the most trusted employee may lose his/her card and the boss may ask him/her about that.
The Lounge how's YOUR job? Jan 21 2008
19:01 (UTC)
I work as an ocean export coordinator with a huge international logistics company and I've quit and will have my last work day this coming Thursday. I'm going to go work for a smaller logistics firm doing a more varied job.

As you can tell I'm not exactly busy here otherwise I wouldn't be typing away in the forums.

Other than that full time job I do translations as a freelancer. And that is what I really love.
The Lounge supermarket checkout commentary Jan 21 2008
15:46 (UTC)
I like this thread.

I've never been commented on inappropriately as int criticised for what I was buying.

But I had this one young male cashier the other day, asking me in all seriousness what the fruit and veggies were that I was buying:
apricots, raspberries, nectarines!!!!!

Some people should get to fill the shelves before they hit the cashier's job. I was a grocery store cashier, shelf filler, trainee for 3 years on Switzerland, whilst learning a lot obout retail, marketing, commerce and purchasing during that time I knew it was what I never wanted to do again in my life!! The reason: work hours no more no less.

Sometimes a cashier will ask how I like this or that product, oftentimes it's something I'd never bought before so I tell her/him so.

Motivation The Holidays Scare Me.... Dec 07 2007
03:34 (UTC)
Panda, go ahead and have everything under the sun at christmas dinner but stick to just having everything under the sun for that one day and then hop back onto the healthy eating waggon the next day.

There's gotta be some healthy food within your reach with or without the family around you.
Motivation Doors are opening... Dec 05 2007
21:06 (UTC)
Ha the butterfly has definitely emerged!

Really loved your post and the "actually happy" part is the most important thing. Congrats on all your accomplishments!