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Journal Food notes (self talk - saving for later)
Entry on May 15 2014 22:36
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Journal Reflecting
Entry on May 15 2014 22:27
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Journal Food Diary - 12th August
Entry on Aug 12 2009 20:09
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Journal Food Diary - 11th August
Entry on Aug 12 2009 07:24
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Journal Food Diary - 10th August
Entry on Aug 10 2009 21:14
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I work a lot. I sleep a lot. I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I need to workout more. I need to eat better... I try my best.

I have no kids, but I used to have a dog.
A clumsy, adorable dog with an underdeveloped brain.
As weird as it sounds.
It means she isn't as in control of her physical self as a healthy dog, and it has gotten worse since she had a seizure.
You see, dog breeders, this is what you do, when you breed an unhealthy inbred dog with another unhealthy, inbred dog.
If only health and length of life was on their list of priorities, not just money.
Oh in a dream world...

Who died on July 4th, 2010 from heart failure.

Her heart, it turned out, was enlarged and failed very quickly.
I thought she was having asthma attacks. Not dying.

I dont know how all the vets who have seen her, didn't know and didn't tell me!

I'm a little random, a little quirky... and from what i hear, It's very "Entertaining".

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