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Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 28 2015
00:17 (UTC)

Chris, Angie, Jennifer, and everyone else who lost weight this week, you totally rock!

Crusher, welcome aboard.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 27 2015
12:10 (UTC)

Happy weigh in day everyone!  I wasn't sure what was going to happen this week.  I got some extra exercise in, thanks to new gym, but I had a couple of higher calorie days and a couple days with no exercise because I wasn't feeling well.  I guess I didn't do too badly though because I lost another 2 lbs.  24 lbs down, 22 to go!  I'm well past the halfway mark.

I hope everyone had a good week, and I'm looking forward to hearing about it.

Weight Loss two day binge - feeling lost and miserable Feb 27 2015
01:21 (UTC)

I have to agree that it isn't nearly as bad as it feels.  I think it's the loss of control that gets to us.  Try upping your calorie limit for a couple days to 1900-2100 and see if that helps.  You may need a few more calories on a daily basis with your exercise.

Weight Loss Do you eat little or no grains, and why? Feb 23 2015
04:05 (UTC)

I personally have not eliminated grains.  Insoluble fiber is as important as soluble fiber.  I have, however, tried to limit simple carbs such as white flour, white rice, etc.  That sort of processed grain has little fiber and nutrition.  It also convers quickly to sugar, which isn't very healthy.  While you are deciding how you want to eat, you may want to consider the benefits of keeping whole grains in your diet.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 23 2015
02:04 (UTC)

Angie- that is such an awesome feeling!  Just you wait until you hit slightly overweight!

Foods Do Natural grapes have the same sugar as a glass of grape juice? Feb 22 2015
00:55 (UTC)

Depends on the juice, did you make it, and I suppose where you live.  In the US, almost all juices are from concentrate.  Juice manufacturers concentrate the juice, which makes it more dense and higher in sugar.  Even in health food stores, most juice is from concentrate.  If you are juicing your own grapes, then it should be the same.  If you are buying manufactured juice, then the sugars will be higher.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 21 2015
03:24 (UTC)

Chris- Sounds like a good plan to me.  I don’t think it’s necessary to lose all the weight before you work on getting stronger.  When you begin that part of your plan, you might want to take some measurements like chest, biceps, etc.  That way, you can still mark your progress without relying on the numbers on the scale.  I find that having some way to note your progress really helps.  And I love the weight comparisons for how much the group has lost.  Made my day!

Jennifer- Yay for more lbs lost!  You rock!

Tamji-Way to kick that plateau’s behind!  It always gets tough when you near goal, keep at it!  I think I need to join you in an exercise challenge.  I join a gym tomorrow, so that will make it easier.  I think I’ll start slow with at least 20 minutes, at least 6 days a week.  I’ll give that a couple weeks, and then see about bumping it up.

Great job everyone!  Let’s have another rocking week!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 20 2015
12:46 (UTC)

Happy Friday weigh in day everyone!

Angie- huzzah for the 3 lbs lost!

I'm down another two which brings me to 188.  22 lbs lost so far, and it's nice to be back in the 180's again.  I weighed 185 when I was in college, so soon I'll be back to what I weighed in my 20's.  Of course, it doesn't quite look the same! :D

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 18 2015
02:24 (UTC)

Thanks Jennifer!

Angie- I used to have a serious soda problem, and a caffeine problem too.  I kicked the soda habit years ago, but had a bit of a slip when I moved to help my folks.  I've been back to soda free for several months, and have reduced my caffeine to one drink in the morning, which I will cut out soon.

I was completely decaffeinated for several years until I slipped up.  I used to think that caffeine did not effect my sleep, until I got off of it and found out that while it had never kept me awake, I slept better without it.  I also lose more weight when decaffeinated, which could be partly the caffeine itself, and partly because I seriously upped my water intake when I stopped drinking caffeine.  I won't give you a hard time for drinking whatever you chose to drink, but you might want to give getting decaffeinated a chance, and see how you feel after a few weeks.  If you try it, don't go cold turkey unless you want serious headaches.

The funniest thing is that I always hated drinking water before, but once I got used to drinking more, it's what I most want to drink these days.  You kind of get used to it.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 14 2015
13:12 (UTC)

Chris- Great idea!  I'll think about something I've learned so far and post about it tomorrow.

Jennifer- Look at you go!  I am so proud of you!  I've also done some serious yo-yoing since I lost weight back in 2007ish.  I'm so glad to be back at it with some inspiring folks like you around to help.

Slimmer- 3 more lbs down!  You rock!

Tamji- I'm thinking about how big a turkey is, and now I am so proud of myself!

It's me and my sweetie's 23rd anniversary today!  I'm not going to log, because we are going out for sushi, and I just don't want to figure all of that out, lol.  But hey, good for us for picking a healthier anniversary dinner!  Thanks for all of the support everyone.  It really helps me say no to baked goods at work when I know I have you guys rooting for me!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 13 2015
12:06 (UTC)

Way to go Tamji!  Huzzah for smaller pants.  I'm going to need smaller pants soon.  The ones I bought a while back are getting big enough that I have to hitch them up.

The over time at my work is getting me down, but this is the last weekend of it.  And the treats!  This past week, I've said no to donuts, coffee cake, and giant cookies.  But all that naysaying paid off, another 2 lbs down.  That's 20 lbs down so far and I'm down to 190.  I'm trying to reach 175 by my birthday in June.  Even if I slow down to 1 lb a week that should be doable, barring any giant plateaus.

Weight Loss Emotional Eater Feb 10 2015
12:37 (UTC)

The thing to keep in mind is that eating only fixes one thing, and that's hunger.  The cycle of emotional eating is that we try to eat for comfort or out of boredom, eating doesn't really fix that, and so we eat some more.  Try addressing your feelings more directly.  If you need comfort, talk to a friend, get a hug, take a bubble bath, or do any activity that self comforts.  If you are stressed, take a walk, get some sunshine, get enough sleep.  If you are bored, do something about it.  Take an online class, learn a new hobby or skill, play a game or solve puzzles.  When I deal with my feelings directly instead of trying to feed them, I do much better.

So sorry to hear about your mom.  I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 09 2015
01:53 (UTC)

Katelyn, (who I will probably forget and still call Burton) good for you!  Congrats for getting so close to goal!  Don't worry about that pound, just get back on track and it will vanish.

Juls, aka Plaid


I had a very busy day today full of yard work and cooking for next week.  Said no to donuts at work 2 days in a row, and it was really hard.  Didn't log yesterday.  Went to red Lobster for dinner for my mom's birthday.  Ate very light the rest of the day, but probably ate 1800 cals at dinner.  Then my brother brought pizza over today.  I had one piece and half a piece of birthday cake, so I have kept my calories down even if I did eat a bunch of crap.  How did everyone else's weekend go?

Weight Loss Back to Calorie Counting Feb 09 2015
01:45 (UTC)

Losing 2 lbs a week is certainly doable, but you are at a healthy weight already.  Losing that much when you are already at a normal BMI might be difficult.  Try the tea if you want, but I doubt it will do much for your weight loss.  Your already counting, so just make sure you have a deficit every day.  You might want to try some exercise to tone up what you already have and not worry so much about the number.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 08 2015
15:47 (UTC)

Chris- Well said!  Sticking to something long term is difficult, but having some people in the same boat as you helps so much.  I love our group, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Angie- I have two main goals to work on this month (especially after I put this last week of overtime to bed.)  I need to get at least a little more exercise in, and I need to drink a little more water.  My fiber intake is very high, and I don’t think my drinking habits are enough to deal with that.

Jennifer-  Yay for 3 lbs lost!  You rock!  I know that it’s harder when you are farther from your goal.  There’s a few things that helped me when I was farther away.  Consider this, even if you lost just one lb a week, in a year you would be 52 pounds lighter.  Set some shorter term goals.  Something positive and attainable.  My present goal, for example, is to try to hit 175 lbs by my birthday on June 10th.  That gives me over 15 weeks to lose around 17 lbs.  Doable, but Only if I work at it.  Find positive things besides the numbers.  I may have a ways to go, but healthier food and a little exercise has really made me feel better already.  That’s a positive side effect of the journey that I can already be happy about.

Slimmer- Hope you have a better week this week!

Burton- Sorry about the pound.  What’s your goal weight, or are you trying to maintain?

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 06 2015
11:57 (UTC)

Happy weigh in day, everyone!  I lost 3 lbs this past week, that makes 18 lbs lost all together.  I've got 17 lbs to go to reach my goal of 175, so I'm half way there!  I wish the second half would go as easy as the first, but that's not how it usually works, so I'll have to step up my game once I get done working overtime at work.  This should be my last overtime week for a while, and I'm glad because it's getting me down.

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 06 2015
02:20 (UTC)

Chris- I am going to have to face the donut challenge tomorrow at my work.  I haven't decided if I want to work one into my day, or just say no.  Sorry to hear about your dad.  Addictions have a lot in common, whether they are to food, or alcohol, or anything.

Jennifer- Great job saying no!  Most of the time I can say no as well, but some times it's hard.



Motivation Are you hungry ? Feb 04 2015
03:04 (UTC)

Kindal- I have PCOS too.  It won't stop you losing, but that doesn't mean it's easy.  If I were you, I'd try an experiment.  I think because you are always hungry that your calories may be lower than you need.  When I was at 230 lbs, for example, I could eat 2200- 2400 cals and still lose weight.  At your weight, 1400 may be way too low, regardless of what the CC deficit is showing.  Try a couple of weeks in the 2200 range, and see if that makes a difference.  Just make healthy choices.  It doesn't hurt to try.

Weight Loss If I cut out soda, will i loose weight? Feb 04 2015
02:53 (UTC)

Cutting soda will definitely help.  As others have said, a little exercise would really help as well.  It doesn't have to be hours at the gym either.  A 30 minute walk every day will do wonders.

As far as the roller coaster goes, fear not.  I doubt you have to be down to 180 to fit.  I could fit even at 220.  Generally, the shoulder bar just doesn't go down as far, which can seem scary, but it still locks in place and it will still keep you safe.  So yes, cut the soda and do what you can to be healthier.  But don't worry about having to be down to 180 to fit.  You've got some wiggle room.

Weight Loss I stopped counting and it's working for me. Feb 04 2015
02:47 (UTC)

Everyone is different.  if this is what works for you, then good for you!  Me, if I don't log, I don't lose.  I can make healthy choices and maintain indefinitely, but not lose.

I think the biggest trick about healthy weight loss is finding a way that works for you individually.