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Foods What is your secret to creating filling, low calorie meals? Apr 17 2012
02:01 (UTC)

For me it's basically finding lower calorie replacements. I like bread and milk, so I replaced those with Nickles 35 cal bread and chocolate soy milk. It depends on what you like. I can make several 200 calorie meals and eat 5 or 6 of those a day.

Foods 200 Calorie Dinner Ideas? Mar 17 2012
22:24 (UTC)
  • I eat Nickels 35 cal bread (two slices) and low cal bologna (60 cals). Add lettuce and a little mustard. - 138 cals
  • 100 calorie English muffin, then ad a can of tuna (80 cals). Add some salsa and lettuce - around 200 calories.
  • Take a small breast of chicken, cooked, add it to a bowl of lettuce and vinaigrette salad dressing.
Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard Mar 07 2012
01:05 (UTC)

Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted. I like tracking my food calories and my exercise activity. Then see my totals.

Calorie Count Subtract activity from daily food log Mar 07 2012
01:01 (UTC)

Actually I just saw the "dashboard" on the "home" section. That is what I was looking for.

Calorie Count Subtract activity from daily food log Mar 02 2012
23:01 (UTC)

OK thanks. It doesn't really help me though since I'm only gaging calories. and it's too arbitrary and inconsistent.

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