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Weight Loss Help? Jan 15 2015
18:59 (UTC)

What your individual body thinks and what a general chart thinks doesn't always match up.

So many things can impact your metabolism that a general chart doesn't know ... long term calorie restriction can impact metabolism. Activity level can impact metabolism. Your thyroid and endocrine system can impact metabolism. Whether or not you've dieted in the past (weight cycling, yo-yo dieting) can impact metabolism. The nutritional makeup of the calories you are eating can impact your metabolism.

My advice is simple: take a look at your nutrition. Are you getting a minimum of 25g of daily fiber? What's your carb/protein/fat ratio? There is more to fueling our bodies than just calories in and calories out.

Weight Loss Whats the best diuretic? Jan 15 2015
18:47 (UTC)

Why not just make an appointment with the doctor or physician who is managing your diabetes and ask him/her if you need to be taking a diurectic and follow his/her professional medical advice?

(As opposed to say, asking random lay persons on a weight loss board what they think you should do, none of which will know and understand your health situation and limitations the way your own DOCTOR would?)


Weight Loss I'm so hungry all the time! Jan 15 2015
18:44 (UTC)

Thanks for the update :)

Weight Loss Started eating healthy now always hungry? Jan 15 2015
18:43 (UTC)

Eat more food.

Weight Loss Low Carbers Out There Jan 15 2015
18:42 (UTC)

A 13 pound weight loss in two weeks isn't considered advisable, safe, healthy or long-term sustainable.

Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management.

Weight Loss Help? Jan 15 2015
18:39 (UTC)

Yes. Your body thinks you're starving it and that you're going through a famine and it has slowed down your metabolism to compensate.  Your body realizes that there is a problem and has put the brakes on things.

My advice: stop starving your body. Try this: eat more food. Don't reduce your calories any more.

Spend some time and learn about nutrition. Chances are, you should be adding more veggies to your diet (you really can't go wrong with that) Have some almonds. Have some avocado. Are you eating plenty of protein? Stop focusing on a number on the scale and look for other ways to measure success. Can you walk more? Do you feel better? Have you added muscle tone?


Weight Loss birth control and diet pills Jan 15 2015
18:35 (UTC)

I have a suggestion: forget the "diet pills" and "diet aids and diet teas and diet supplements."

Add more vegetables to your diet.

Add more fiber to your diet.

Take the time to learn about nutrition and do what you can to improve and tweak the food that you eat so that it better fits your health goals and any health restrictions you may have.

If you don't have physical limitations, consider moving more. Select a hobby or recreational activity that involves physical activity and do it more often! Try new ones.

Save your money and save your health and ditch the quick-fix crap.

Foods Oh so good Jan 15 2015
01:12 (UTC)

I love fresh blackberries!

Weight Loss Retaining water for a long time?? Jan 12 2015
06:55 (UTC)

I am pretty sure that I've been retaining water since the early 1980s, actually.

How has your sodium intake been? Many people have found that their water retention goes UP when they are eating more sodium than normal, and/or more than the recommended allowance.

You mentioned exercise. That can also result in short-term water retention ... and if you are exercising every day ... your body may not have had a break in which it can UNretain water.

Also, hormones and illness can affect water retention. Many women experience water retention around ovulation, before their menstrual cycyle, during their menstrual cycle, and even after their menstrual cycle.

Try this: stop getting on the scale for a week or so. Instead of focusing on the scale, focus just on your behaviors. Eat nutritious foods that meet your health goals. Be mindful of your sodium intake. Enjoy some fun physical activity. Get plenty of rest and sleep. Sit in the sunshine. Really listen to your body and see if it's giving you clues about what to do, when to rest, and what to eat.

(Don't worry, the scale will always be there ....)

Weight Loss I don't know what to eat for a healthy diet to lose weight Jan 12 2015
06:44 (UTC)

NOTE: This is just what I eat.... I'm a diabetic, so I have to watch my carb intake. But just to give you an idea so you can sit down and figure out what YOU like.

. . .

For breakfast, I eat original Fiber One, unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, a banana, and then a serving of protein (which can be anything ... egg whites, turkey, string cheese, a protein shake, whatever).

For lunch, I eat cooked greens (spinach, mustard greens, collard greens and turnip greens), a big salad (cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, garbanzo beans and kidney beans), then a serving of protein and the "starch" of my choice.

For dinner, I eat two cooked veggies (tonight was asparagus and chard), a big salad (romaine, mushrooms, red pepper, hearts of palm and jicama), a double serving of protein, and the "starch" of my choice ... tonight it was roasted butternut squash.

For snacks, I stick mainly with proteins (since I'm diabetic): hardboiled egg whites, string cheese, sliced turkey and a few tomato wraps (they are like fruit rollups for grownups ... made from pureed tomatoes)

As you've probably noticed, I eat a lot of veggies and lean proteins. It's a high fiber, heart-healthy, veggie-centric diet that works for my health goals and health limitations.

Veggies are your friend. Eat more of them. :)

Vegetarian vegetarian suddenly craving meat? Jan 07 2015
18:32 (UTC)

Have you checked with a health care provider to ensure there isn't a medical reason behind your weight gain or your cravings? That might be an excellent first step.

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Jan 4-10: New Years' Resolutions Jan 07 2015
18:06 (UTC)
Original Post by x-lawrence:

Original Post by Mollybygolly:

Original Post by x-lawrence:

Original Post by Mollybygolly:

Didn't I answer this question last week?

Molly it was the end of the year so we didn't get the response we wanted and I decided to repost it anew.

Gotcha. I was just experiencing Deja vu ;)

Molly will you cut and paste your last week's response?

Not a chance. That's just busy work. I am sure that anyone who wants to read my answers can just go visit the thread last week that they skipped. :)

Motivation How? Jan 07 2015
07:18 (UTC)

Do you have red hair?

Are you a marathon runner?

Are you a grandmother?

Are you allergic to wheat?


(Just wondering how you plan to find "people like me" when you don't describe yourself in any way?)

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Jan 4-10: New Years' Resolutions Jan 06 2015
07:06 (UTC)
Original Post by x-lawrence:

Original Post by Mollybygolly:

Didn't I answer this question last week?

Molly it was the end of the year so we didn't get the response we wanted and I decided to repost it anew.

Gotcha. I was just experiencing Deja vu ;)

Weight Loss 4 Weight Loss Tips To Shed Unnecessary Pounds Jan 05 2015
21:49 (UTC)

Except for the drinking water part, it doesn't sounds like very healthy, long-term sustainable advice to me, either.

Weight Loss midnight feasts Jan 05 2015
21:46 (UTC)

Maybe your body needs more fuel? If you're hungry, why not just eat?

Motivation Wagon Jumpers: Jan 4-10: New Years' Resolutions Jan 05 2015
21:39 (UTC)

Didn't I answer this question last week?

Foods Any views on low carb diets? Jan 04 2015
18:58 (UTC)

Are you planning to completely revamp your eating habits permanently and stay eating low carb for the rest of your life? If not, low carb diets ~ like most short-term weight loss approaches ~ usually result is short-term weight loss results. And once people return to eating "the way they used to eat" .... the lost weight returns with a friend. (Not overnight, mind you, but within a year or two or so).

Carbs are not the enemy.

Fats are not the enemy.

Bread is not the enemy.

Heck, even cupcakes are not the enemy.

If you want to update, revamp or improve your eating with an eye toward eating healthier and more nutritionally, an excellent way to start is by spending the time to learn about nutrition, to spend the time to read and understand food labels, to gain a better appreciation and understanding of portion sizes,  and then to make choices at the grocery store (and in restaurants) that best serve your health restrictions and your health goals.

I'm a firm believer in the "add more vegetables to your diet" camp, so there's less room for foods that may not be as good for your health goals. But (gasp) I still eat "carbs" and "starches." There are some amazing heart-healthy, delicious, high fiber whole grain breads out there ~ and using one for toast with a delightful nut butter is immensely satisfying. Just having a  really good sandwich is wonderful, and normal, and long-term sustainable. Heck, I eat cereal! It's a high fiber cereal, mind you, but I like cereal. I still eat potatoes. I love potatoes. But I don't eat them for every meal, or even every day. Why do I watch my carbs and my starches? Because I'm a Type 2 diabetic and that's one of the ways that I control my health issues.

If you ask 10 people about a diet, you will get 10 different answers. Or more. And if you ask the person selling or promoting a specific diet, of course they will tell you what you both want to hear.

My advice is this: focus on nutrition. Focus on health. And choose a path that is long-term sustainable.

The Lounge New TV shows for 2015 Jan 02 2015
02:43 (UTC)

I really enjoyed Season 5 of Downton Abbey (just finished watching the Christmas episode).... and I must say, the season ends with a GREAT development!!!!

Weight Loss BMI is rubbish Dec 30 2014
04:55 (UTC)

No argument here.

What IS important is to strive to BE as healthy as possible, no matter what size/weight you are. Eat nutritious foods and be active/exercise. Get some fresh air. Be kind to your body!