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The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 07 2015
19:27 (UTC)
Original Post by knowan:

It's not assault rifles that you need to worry about.  It's hand guns.  Shooting deaths from assault rifles are just a tiny fraction of of the number from handguns.

How tiny a number?  Around 10%.

Ban handguns (impossible to enforce) and you'll prevent/discourage over 6,000 annual murders.  Ban all rifles and shotguns and you'll prevent around 700.

Ban knives and you'll prevent around 1,800.

And that's just the homicide numbers.  Once you factor in suicides and accidental deaths the handgun number more than triples while the rifle/shotgun number barely budges.

It's not assault rifles that you need to worry about, it's handguns.


No, it's the temperature.

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 07 2015
16:53 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

There was a terrorist incident in London on Saturday.

"The man was arrested after being Tasered by police. One man suffered serious knife injuries while two others received minor injuries."

It's true that you can't prevent all instances of someone committing a horrible crime, including those that are politically motivated and intended to affect foreign policy (or any official policy).

But I would rather have the kind of terror incident described above than the kind we have here (routinely, but most of them, like the Charleston massacre, we don't call 'terrorism').

Why didn't that guy in London have a bunch of guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition?

What kind of laws and policies were in place there?

If it's impossible for us to implement those policies, then we will keep getting what we continue to enable.

In the mean while, if it's impossible to enact whatever laws were in force in London, then I wouldn't object to an enormous tax on bullets.


I'll invest heavily in reloading supplies the day this happens.

Fitness Decemeber 2015 Fitness Group All are welcome! Dec 06 2015
05:57 (UTC)
Congrats SG! That sounds like a crazy challenging course.
The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 05 2015
08:14 (UTC)

Automatic and semi-automatic have to do with how multiple rounds are chambered and fired.  Automatic guns continuously chamber and fire rounds while the trigger is depressed.  Selective fire guns are automatics that will fire in short bursts rather than continuously.  Both of those are generally highly illegal.  Semi-automatic means that the gun chambers a new round after the first is fired, but the trigger has to be pulled again to fire the next round.  There are other ways in which guns are made to fire multiple shots - revolvers just mechanically turn a barrel cylinder* to line up the next bullet, bolt action and pump action rifles and shotguns mechanically eject the spent shell and load another into place.  Single shot guns exist, but are generally antiques or novelties.

So, all pistols and rifles that reload from a magazine are semi-automatic.

When Congress passed the assault weapons ban, they defined assault weapons as being loaded from a magazine holding more than 5 rounds and having certain other features such as a pistol grip, a collapsible stock, or a flash suppressor.  It is, in my opinion, an unbelievably stupid definition, because none of those things have anything to do with making the gun more dangerous, or more capable of firing more rounds more quickly.  They just make the gun look more like this instead of like this.  (Actually, both of those are assault weapons under the former definition.)  

The things that tend to make the gun more capable of firing more bullets quickly are automatic fire capability and magazine size.  Automatic and selective fire are already generally illegal to own or to make; some people can get these guns with an ATF permit, but not easily and not quickly.  So magazine size comes up sometimes as something that we could ban.  (The assault weapons ban included a ban on magazines having greater than 10 round capacity.)  The problem with that is that a magazine is essentially a metal box with a spring in it.  Mechanically, magazines are not at all complicated and they're not particularly difficult to modify or even fabricate from scratch if you want to.  (This article suggests the San Bernardino shooters' magazines were taped together to hold 30 rounds.)  There's also the issue that an attacker who wants to inflict heavy damage can just carry 3 10 round magazines instead of 2 15 round magazines.  It's just not a practical limitation.

I think what most people mean when they talk about banning assault weapons are guns that are primarily designed and/or used for killing other humans in combat situations.  But that isn't a particularly clear distinction either.  The traditional military calibers are .223 and 7.62, so we could ban guns that use those caliber cartridges. Then people who want to kill other people will use guns that fire .30-06 or .308 cartridges to kill people.  I guess one distinction that kind of makes sense to me is carbine vs. rifle length barrels; a carbine is a shorter barrel, not very accurate to a long distance and designed more for close contact use, whereas a long rifle allows you greater speed and precision over a longer distance and is more likely what you'd find in a hunter's gun safe.  But, again, barrels are pretty easily modified.

All of this is to say that I feel people often use the term "assault weapon" to satisfy their desire to do something! about guns, but it doesn't actually describe anything material or significant about those guns that makes them uniquely problematic.

*I english gud.

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 04 2015
23:45 (UTC)

I am not trying to be snarky.  Really.  I am just curious what you mean by "assault weapon."  What do you understand an assault weapon to be, and what is your understanding of what makes it difference from other weapons?  Is there some reason why you think the particular guns used in this case were material, and that the shooters could not have been just as deadly with, say, AR-15s with traditional rifle stocks?

The Lounge RIP Scott Weiland Dec 04 2015
18:35 (UTC)

Nooooooooo, not STP!

Fitness Decemeber 2015 Fitness Group All are welcome! Dec 04 2015
07:31 (UTC)

Hey SG, good to see you!

Pretty much my only goals for the month are to stay sane and CTFO.  We'll be gone for a week at Christmas and I'm not going to flip out about missing workouts or eating out or any of it because it doesn't matter.  I'm just gonna stay calm, keep doing what I've been doing, keep focusing on sleep and food as the foundation, and taking time to move in ways I enjoy.

I shipped yoga Tuesday due to some residual tenderness in my shoulder/collarbone.  Wednesday I went back into the weight room but kept it light and focused on form.  It was a pull day, so I did inverted rows, negatives, cleans, and a RDL/BO row combo, nothing on the bar higher than 65.  Tonight I got back to boxing but only had enough fuel in the tank for the first hour.  I had a lot of driving and almost four hours sitting in the courtroom today, and my eating sucked and it showed in my workout.  Lesson for Monday for sure.

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 03 2015
17:46 (UTC)
Original Post by supergirl77:


I don't think it will ever be clear whether this was a terrorist attack or just a case of psychotic workplace revenge.

And I don't believe that stricter gun control laws or background checks would have prevented this particular incident as there is nothing in this guys history that would preclude him from buying weapons legally (as far as I know).

Regardless, guns are for the military and the police. Nobody else should be armed. You can argue about hunting, but that strikes me as senseless killing as well.

Maybe I'm just trying to make sense of the nonsensical?

 *puts on tinfoil hat*

I think they will figure out motive very quickly.  I was surprised at how fast FBI and HS were on the scene there.  It makes me wonder if perhaps this gentleman was on a watch list.  His house, his computers, his social connections, his work connections, everything is going to be explored down to the barest minutiae.  The police chief made what I thought was an excellent point at the 10pm press conference when asked if it looked planned, which is that there was obviously some level of planning because they had the weapons and the body armor and the explosives and stuff available to them so this was obviously not just a spur of the moment impulsive act.  My personal hypothesis is that this guy was radicalized and part of a terror cell, but this was not the planned act of terror - he did this on his own for some personal reason.

The Lounge Not so Affordable Dec 01 2015
20:58 (UTC)

We're young and healthy, so naturally we're paying about $600 per month not to go to the doctor.

Fitness November 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Dec 01 2015
06:21 (UTC)

It seems the universe doesn't want me to box, because tonight I crashed my car about 2 blocks from the gym and killed it.  Luckily nobody was hurt although we spun 180 degrees and I'm feeling my shoulder/collarbone pretty clearly.  So, today didn't exactly go as planned.  Hoping to still be able to make it to yoga tomorrow.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread Nov 30 2015
19:16 (UTC)

OMG, habanero-apricot jelly sounds amazing - I will have to try something like that!

My garden is officially frozen solid and buried a couple of inches beneath snow that is turning into ice.  I did, however, manage to pick the last of the peppers and tomatoes before they froze (but not before they got snowed on) so I could make some pico de gallo to take to Thanksgiving dinner.  Nothing to carry over to next year, we'll start over with new varieties.

Lessons learned from 2015:

1.  If you're going to chemically control the garden, you have to be consistent.  We got overgrown quickly once I got bored putting roundup down.

2.  Don't start the seeds too early because they'll just get leggy under the lights and fail to thrive once you set them out.

3.  Cold frames need really good ventilation.

4.  Still working on getting a rotation in place for greens and brassicas.  Better luck next year.

5.  I don't have enough room to grow decent corn.

6.  Tomatillos and celery were new additions to the garden this year and both were fantastic!  Will grow again for sure.

The Lounge Not so Affordable Nov 30 2015
16:41 (UTC)

It's almost like having all these different third-party payers is distorting the market or something.

Fitness November 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Nov 30 2015
01:44 (UTC)

I had a good Thanksgiving holiday just hanging out with family and stuff.  This morning I went to yoga and this afternoon I got into the weight room for a push workout and did heavy triples.  

OH squats x 5 (max 75)

power jerks x 5 (max 95)

standing lunges x 3 (max 115)

plus handstand (x2) and pushups (x25)

I moved my weight room around again and where I moved the bag, there's a lot more room now to practice footwork.  So I'll probably start working that into my warmup.

The Lounge Not so Affordable Nov 29 2015
23:16 (UTC)
If only anybody had seen any of that coming.
Fitness training tips and macros Nov 29 2015
15:46 (UTC)
If being lean is your goal, it takes a lot of work. ting-lean
Fitness training tips and macros Nov 28 2015
20:35 (UTC)
Also, those macros add up to less than 1300 calories. That's a starvation diet, and it's not really surprising you wouldn't make much progress following it.
Fitness training tips and macros Nov 28 2015
19:40 (UTC)
What kind of results are you looking for?
Fitness November 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Nov 26 2015
20:29 (UTC)
Happy Thanksgiving folks! I missed boxing again last night because I got stuck in court late, so that was sad. But I ran the Turkey Trot with my mom this morning, so that was good. All I had to manage for food was the brussels sprouts and the hummus, plus I made some pico de gallo with the last of the peppers and tomatoes from my garden. Now just waiting a respectable time to crack the wine. I hope you all have great dinners ahead!
Fitness November 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Nov 25 2015
05:00 (UTC)

Yoga tonight.  We've been doing lots of core stuff (navasana and variants) as well as lots of deep hip and psoas stuff.  I like it but I really feel it and I have to be careful not to hyperextend in some of the deeper poses.  Good news is that even though my car isn't exactly fixed, it's returned to me and driveable so I don't have to miss boxing again.  For now.

Fitness November 2015 Fitness Group - All are Welcome Nov 24 2015
04:22 (UTC)

Well I was really looking forward to boxing tonight, then on the way out of town my check engine light came on.  Decided not to risk it with a 100 mile round trip and went to the shop instead.  I hope it's nothing too serious so I can get it back in time to make it over for Wednesday's class.

In lieu of boxing I just did some light calisthenics and will call it a rest day.