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The Lounge saving money Feb 01 2015
20:19 (UTC)

Grow some vegetables, even if all you have is some containers.  Romaine lettuce is almost $3 a head here right now, and I can get a whole seed packet for $1.50.  Plus with some leafy lettuce varieties that are slow to bolt and kale, you can harvest leaves off the same plant for a few months.  If you've got more room, go nuts and grow stuff you'd be buying anyway.  I haven't had to buy canned tomatoes or salsa for a couple of years now and all of the equipment is reusable.

Fitness February 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Feb 01 2015
19:38 (UTC)

Good morning folks!  I'm still beat down from the race yesterday so I did the Sunday track workout but I think I'll skip the weights I'd normally be doing today in favor of a little more rest.  I slept terribly last night which makes me paranoid about overtraining.  Gotta get those zzz's in!

Goals for February are to finish this cut (I'm totally cheating today though), start getting a little more running in during the week, and continue with my three day weightlifting split.

Go Hawks!!  #beastmode. So nice story, my old next door neighbors moved to Seattle last year because their six year old daughter has a rare cancer and had to get chemo.  She's been at the Seattle Children's Hospital and got to meet Russell Wilson and Steven Hauschka, the placekicker.  Two weeks ago before the NFC championship, she got to go to their practice and there have been lots of nice stories about them.  Lots of stuff on #stronglikemadeline and #strongagainstcancer.

Fitness JANUARY 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Feb 01 2015
05:29 (UTC)
Original Post by 1952edelweiss:

Hills on the elliptical today* and then two rounds of planks and side planks.

Any ideas for core exercises outside of planks that I could do on the non-lifting/cardio-only days? I like finishing up with the planks but adding in some other things for the off days would be nice, too.


*I'm really liking this option! It's definitely working my muscle endurance better than just doing a straight run on it, so hopefully it will help me when I start up running again come March (I'm a fair-weather runner :P)

There's a lot of good ones in NROL Abs.  I like valslide pushaways (I do them with dish towels on a hardwood floor), swiss ball pikes, and mountain climbers.  Then there are things like handstands and chin ups that aren't just core exercises but definitely involve lots of core work.

Don't feel bad, only crazy people run outside this time of year.  ;D

The Lounge Annoying Ex? Jan 31 2015
20:39 (UTC)

Go to the courts, not the police.  Getting an anti-harassment order is a civil process.  There may be a court facilitator or a domestic violence advocate who could help you.

The Lounge Annoying Ex? Jan 31 2015
20:11 (UTC)

Anti-harassment order. Pronto.  You have ample grounds and, from the sound of it, more than adequate evidence.

Fitness JANUARY 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Jan 31 2015
20:08 (UTC)

Trail race today, aptly titled the Beatdown at Bennington Lake.  It was 5 miles of crazy hilly, mostly single track dirt, and I still finished with about a 9 min/mi pace!  Dang, I'm getting fast!!

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Jan 30 2015
23:03 (UTC)
Original Post by gotborked:

If there's no connection, why does NIH make available a study recognizing such a connection? I personally am not married to one view or the other. I just did a general google search to read up on the subject, and linked that study b/c it was on

I don't know why they would do it, but they would definitely be advised to focus more attention on reviews rather than individual studies, which as we all know can be all over the place on any given topic.

*Edited for friday stupid

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Jan 30 2015
19:54 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

What South America doesn't have is a growing community of selfish, entitled, fearful people.

I'm sure they have that too. They just haven't picked vaccines as the source (? target?) of their selfishness and fearfulness.

Yep.  Fear and loathing are not uniquely North American phenomena.

Fitness JANUARY 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Jan 30 2015
19:09 (UTC)
Original Post by metabolicmom:

Why yes, Lys- the Atlanta Hawks are number 1 and on a 17 game winning streak! How nice of you to mention them. ;)

If by chance you are referring to those 'other' Hawks- the ones that apparently like the sea.. Well then... No no no!


Read an interesting article today. Do you know th Super Bowl has only 17 mins of actual PLAY.. With the rest of the minutes taken up by commercials ( biggest amount of time), replays, half time, shots to the crowd ( this was only 1 min less than actual play time) and so on.

17 mins. Man- wouldn't it be nice to get paid what those fellas get paid for only working 17 mins? Ha!

I just have one thing to say about that.  ;D

Fitness Strength training ONLY (no cardio) Jan 30 2015
17:53 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

I'm pretty sure it's 73.4531267% diet and 26.5468733% Exercise.

go ahead biznitches, check my math;p

Checks out.

Fitness JANUARY 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Jan 30 2015
17:05 (UTC)

Yoga this morning with the primary series.  I made improvements with my binds and my headstand, still struggling with jump through and lotus variants.  And super early mornings!  LOL.  Megan, I really love that quote.  Yoga is about the worst thing to be in a competitive mindset about, and incremental progress is so important to avoid injury.  You get on the mat, so you're doing your part.

Go Hawks!!  :D

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Jan 29 2015
18:24 (UTC)

It does not mean you're safe.  If you're concerned about it or in an area where cases are popping up, you might want to talk to your doctor about whether an update would be appropriate.

As far as why it is happening, I think it is just another one of those paradoxes that the more and more comfortable and luxurious life becomes, the less and less capable we are of conceiving of life without the safety/comfort bubble.

Fitness Anybody else doing crossfit? Jan 29 2015
18:20 (UTC)
Original Post by vyperman7:

Original Post by nycolea13:

I am a 25 year old female, who is 5'4 and 205.6 lbs. I have been doing crossfit for the last three days for the FIRST TIME EVER, and my whole body hurts. I'm walking like a toddler, and climbing stairs seems impossible. Literally getting up and sitting down hurts so much. I talked to the trainer and she told me that the first couple of weeks are the toughest, so I am going to stick it out. Just wondering if anyone else on here is doing cross fit as well?

Do I love the intensity of CrossFit? Yes. Do I implement some of the CrossFit style into my client's workout programs? Yes. But I have two HUGE issues with CF.

1) There's no in depth qualifying process. As a trainer I get to know each client, give them a detailed assessment, and gradually progress them to that intensity over time. But CF is sink or swim. The average American either doesn't work out at all, or they do very low level to moderate intensity exercise. So they have no business training at that level of intensity or doing CF style exercises right away. I think there should be an in depth assessment process and introductory training for every CF member to educate and prepare them.

2) The group sizes are too big. It would be one thing it it was spinning, Zumba, or any other type of group setting. However, CF training needs to be monitored closely to watch form and the condition each person is in. Back when it first started, they'd have groups of 3-5 people per instructor. However, now you get 1-2 CF instructors in groups of 30-50 people.

Add to this that the process to become a CF instructor is not particularly rigorous and does not require any particular knowledge of form, anatomy, injury prevention, etc., and it really does seem like a recipe for hurting people.

I don't want to be too judgey about CF because I've never done it, I have friends who love it, and I understand each box is different, but by and large it seems more like an enormous success of branding/franchising rather than an actual training system.

Fitness JANUARY 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Jan 29 2015
16:26 (UTC)

Oooh, Kev, snowshoeing is super fun!  Especially with how you like to hike.  You'll have a blast.

I said I was going to rest today but I got a call late last night about getting up to run this morning with the girls, so I did.  We put in about five miles on the trails.  Must've been keeping an easy pace because I kept finding myself out ahead.

NOW I'll rest.  :)

Fitness JANUARY 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Jan 29 2015
02:59 (UTC)

Oly night!  Actually afternoon, because the husband and I ditched work after lunch and took the dogs on a nice walk on the 3.5 mile lake loop.  Then I just lifted after.  Focused a lot more on form than weight today, but I did get my power cleans up to the yellow weights so that's 95 pounds I can catch.  Not quite there with the snatch.  Need to do more work on the drop as that's where I'm facing the biggest limitation as far as progressing with weight.  Gotta just get under that bar!

Rest tomorrow, then yoga Friday morning, then trail race Saturday.  I'm considering signing up for a bunch of half marathons this summer as an excuse to travel a bit.  So far I've got four picked out from March to June.  I'm not sure if it would be too much volume to do one a month.  I don't plan on really pushing the times; I'm mostly picking trail runs with great scenery, and that means lots of elevation gain and that means slooooow.

The Lounge Let's Talk Day, 2015 Jan 28 2015
17:21 (UTC)

In my line of work, admitting a mental illness is basically equivalent to saying hey, go ahead and lock me up for extended periods of time because my behavior could be unpredictable and I might endanger people by not taking my medication.  This county is the worst I've ever seen for using jail as intervention rather than crisis response resources that are supposed to be available but seemingly can't be bothered to actually intervene.  When a person is in such bad shape that they really have to go to the hospital, they might sit in jail for weeks decompensating before a bed opens up.  Oh and I have clients who have absolutely rock solid insanity defenses who would rather plead to a felony because they won't be locked up as long that way.

To call it a broken system is both hackneyed and an insult to systems everywhere.  I really don't understand why it's so hard for people and legislatures to recognize that the criminal system is supposed to be addressing behavior that is motivated by malice, not simply restraining everybody who acts in a way that isn't always consistent with polite society.

The Lounge Italian Dad jailed for making his teenage daughters diet and ski Jan 27 2015
22:36 (UTC)
Original Post by gotborked:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

lol, yeah, because their physical bodies are waaaay more important than their mental, emotional or spiritual well being, and it's been proven that being unwell mentally, emotionally and spiritually has no implication whatsoever for a person's phsyical body!


I just think it's funny that you and cw seem to assume I would do something to harm any child's "mental, emotional or spirtual well being," because I don't think this guy should go to jail for making his daughters diet and exercise, and because I don't agree that a parent parenting their child with regard to their weight is as bad as sexually abusing them.

That's what makes me lololololol all up in this

Whatever makes women feel bad about themselves is abuse because empowerment.

The Lounge It's not about impeachment, or is it? Jan 27 2015
20:39 (UTC)

There is also this pending case by several states against the administration on the deportation deferral policy.

The Lounge It's not about impeachment, or is it? Jan 27 2015
20:35 (UTC)

Also, it isn't against Obama, it's against the HHS secretary, and the administration just filed its motion to dismiss on standing and "political question" grounds, which is pretty much exactly how everyone expected the case to go.

The Lounge It's not about impeachment, or is it? Jan 27 2015
20:32 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

They couldn't find attorney that would take it to court as he hadn't broken any laws.  They did take the $$$$ though to review the case, but all the attys they hired dropped the case.

Jonathon Turley took the case, last I heard.