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The Lounge Has the lounge become boring lately? Apr 02 2015
01:05 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

It's because I've been gone so long.

Can confirm.  Source:  Bored lounge regular.

Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Apr 01 2015
19:15 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Original Post by 1952edelweiss:

^That better not be April Fools :P

Either way, it's dripping with awesome......


Fitness Fast food as good for recovery and performance as supplements Apr 01 2015
17:17 (UTC)

It's legit.  Just nominally significant because of n=11.

Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Apr 01 2015
14:45 (UTC)
I've really been stuck in a rut lately. I don't know why but it seems like I get really bored with all my exercise really quickly. Well, I decided last night it's time to change it up again and do something completely different for a while. So I went to a rodeo class and it was AWESOME! I have a long way to go with the rope but I was a natural on the bronc. They wouldn't let me on a bull my first time, but I did well enough they said maybe next week. I'm so excited! Let 'er buck, y'all!
The Lounge Has the lounge become boring lately? Mar 30 2015
18:11 (UTC)
Original Post by trh:

I think the Forums started out like a rebellious teenager raging against everything, then we mellowed and matured into adulthood, and now we finish each others sentences.

*grumbles* yes honey *doesn't look up*

Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Mar 30 2015
14:01 (UTC)

Ugh, head colds are the worst, Kevin.  They take a lot out of me too.  Hope it clears up soon!

So I'm twelve weeks out from the first road race on my calendar - half marathon distance - and I decided to get back on the Hal Higdon program to see if I can't break that 2:00 barrier.  The intermediate program isn't too crazy, it's mostly short runs with intervals and long runs added in, and then a couple days of cross training.  I'll keep doing the weights for my cross train but lay off the Oly for a while and just focus on strength.

Today was just an easy 3 mile run.  Nothing much to it!

Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Mar 29 2015
00:48 (UTC)

The story here today was the wind!  So I got up super early to drive an hour to my race and when I got there and got out of my car, the wind just about knocked me off my feet.  That would not be the last time.  So the course was 15k up, around and over Badger Mountain, which is about 900ft tall.  The wind was about 40 mph below the top and crossing over the ridge it was easily 60+.  Some places we were grinding to gain inches, and other places it caught us in the back and pushed us downhill.  Wild!  I'm still waiting on time but it should come in somewhere around 1:20, which is a helluva lot better than I was expecting considering the conditions and the fact it's a trail run and my dearth of running pretty much since Mexico.  Woot!  Now it's time to go finish eating my house.  Happy Saturday!

ETA - Times are in!  I finished in 1:23:20, so pace was 8:56.  That's with walking at least half a mile uphill and into the wind.  Crazy!

Fitness Why do I gain weight after a long cardio workout? Mar 27 2015
15:42 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Our old friend Melkor chimed in. He recognized the article as part of a promotion for a particular trainer's program.

So he's not just a figment of our collective imagination?

Not ruling out he's a figment of several collective imaginations.

Vegetarian Going Semi Vegetarian! Mar 26 2015
14:42 (UTC)

I'm gonna bet on no.

Vegetarian Going Semi Vegetarian! Mar 25 2015
23:47 (UTC)

owlsnest, call yourself whatever t.f. you want.  Other people's disproportionate reactions are not your problem.  :)

The Lounge You have permission to be judgey about this Mar 25 2015
17:05 (UTC)

I can say I worked with a family that was trying to get CPS to address a similar situation as this here in Washington and there was pretty much nothing CPS could do.  They don't have to cooperate with any investigation, and without being able to document what is going on that is harmful, they can't take any action.  So the parents just say "Go away" and close the door and CPS has no evidence to do anything.

Vegetarian Going Semi Vegetarian! Mar 25 2015
04:32 (UTC)
You might just try to find a good protein supplement if you're kind of a picky eater. Most of the things you've mentioned like beans, nuts and dairy are pretty much the staple proteins for vegetarians, so without those yeah, you're going to struggle.
Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Mar 24 2015
16:06 (UTC)

I definitely jacked up my neck on the jerks.  Dr. Google tells me it's probably a strain of the levator scapulae muscle.  Lots of advil and heating pad in the next few days.  I guess maybe I need to do more overhead strengthening movements before I try to push much further on the explosive ones. 

Fitness Help with beginner strength training Mar 23 2015
23:58 (UTC)
Original Post by Adi_:

not sure on removing the tricep extension.

Don't  you need to work all the 3 triceps i.e the stabilizers working correctly inorder to bench with proper form?. 


You answered that question.  The bench is a compound exercise that works the triceps.  So are dips and overhead presses.  When all three of those exercises will hit the triceps as well as other muscle groups, it doesn't make a lot of sense to burn gym time on isolating the triceps, unless you have all the time in the world or unless you've got very specific aesthetic goals, i.e. bodybuilding, and an imbalance to correct.  Most beginners will get far more bang from a compound workout than from isolation work.

Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Mar 23 2015
04:38 (UTC)
I hit the weights tonight. Today's development was that I finally used my bench and did some bench presses. I admit I'm horribly prejudiced against them but I didn't hurt myself, so maybe I'll add them into the routine sometimes. Otherwise, I tweaked something in my back/neck using the Smith machine in Mexico, and I seem to have aggravated it tonight doing power cleans. So I'm hoping it doesn't give me a lot of trouble.
Vegetarian high carb low fat vegan Mar 23 2015
02:59 (UTC)
There is no diet on the planet that will improve your muscle "tone." Weight bearing exercise does that.
Calorie Count Can you give me some advice with calories please, i've been getting roughly only 1,000 Mar 21 2015
21:11 (UTC)

You are right that it's nowhere near enough calories and you are very wise to recognize that this "cleanse" is extreme and unnecessarily restrictive.  It sounds like you are approaching weight loss from a position of punishing your body into becoming smaller.  I would like to suggest that your body doesn't deserve punishment and needs fuel to function.  There are a number of exercise and nutrition folks who are trying to help people out of all the fad diet mazes and find sustainable, positive ways to lose weight and improve your well-being.  This particular blog is one of my favorites and has helped a lot of people.  This is another good resource.  You'll find that the common thread in these approaches is finding your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (you can use a calculator like this one) and then, either through eating slightly less or being slightly more active, start to take in fewer calories than you expend.  You can use the tracking tools here to help you estimate how many calories you are consuming in a day.  It's really that simple.  :)

Fitness cardio before burning too much muscle Mar 21 2015
18:20 (UTC)

Bad is a moral judgment.  There isn't science on that.

Fitness cardio before burning too much muscle Mar 21 2015
17:24 (UTC)

There is documentation that the people who run in the Death Valley ultra marathon can lose up to a pound of muscle during the race.  Otherwise, there is not much scientific support for losing muscle mass from low intensity aerobic exercise outside of a very low calorie intake situation.  Cortisol is a stress hormone, so it shows up during stressful activities, which long distance running can be, and which high intensity exercise can be as well.

I hope this isn't based on that awful link about how "cardio will make you fat." That was ad copy, not science, those are bad things to confuse.

Fitness March 2015! Fitness Group All Are Welcome Mar 21 2015
17:18 (UTC)

Got the dogs out for a nice slow loop around the lake.  I skipped going with the group because I wanted to take it at an easy pace while I'm still fighting a little congestion.  It was a nice cool morning out there and the ticks are already out!  Yuck.  Six miles in all.  Now I have to spend some time at the office finishing a big appeal brief and doing some other things.  It's cloudy and windy out so I don't even mind.  :) Happy Saturday!

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