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Fitness calories burned exercising Jul 16 2015
04:33 (UTC)
Sounds closer to about 1500 to me.
Weight Loss how to slim down your calves and thighs on the treadmill ? Jul 15 2015
21:12 (UTC)

1.  Musculature is genetic.  Some people have very muscular calves and thighs, others don't.  You can't beat your genes.  If it's your destiny to have muscular legs, the best thing you can do is accept that and recognize that there are plenty of people out there who would kill to have muscular legs that their genetics don't incline them to have.

2.  Where you store and lose weight is also largely genetic.  I tend to store most of my weight in my butt and hips, so when I lose, that is the last place to go.  Assuming you are not already at a healthy weight, then as you continue to lose, you should see improvements in the areas that tend to hold onto fat the longest.  If you are already at a healthy weight and are simply unable to lose those "last few" pounds, well, if it were really easy you wouldn't have bodybuilders and fitness models and stuff going to extraordinary lengths to lose the last few. 

3.  It is unlikely that your calves or other body parts look larger to anybody but you.

Health & Support overexercising help needed Jul 15 2015
14:20 (UTC)
You need to talk to your doctor. The compulsive over-exercising is feeding exactly the same mental patterns and creating the same anxiety-relief pattern as your eating disorder.
Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 15 2015
05:16 (UTC)
This morning was a quick weights workout. Just some hang snatch/OH squat complexes, back squats x 5 @ 95 lbs, and some pullup practice. Then went to yoga this evening. Instructor surprised us with a very slow, deep, restorative class, which I really enjoyed. Came home and logged 17 pushups.
Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 14 2015
04:43 (UTC)
Oh no crazi! I hope it isn't serious. Injuries suck so hard.

Three mile run this morning and then some tennis this evening. For the first game since last summer it wasn't bad, although my serve is rusty and my backhand needs tuning. Ate delicious Mexican food for dinner and then came home and did my pushups. I'm up to 16! That just seems like a lot of pushups to me. I think on July 31 I'll do a pushup AMRAP just to see what I can do.
The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread Jul 13 2015
18:04 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

I hope mine make it. My Son told me that Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts were all actually the same plant just engineered differently. The leaves make it look that way.

The seeds too!  I love me some brassicas.  :)

Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 13 2015
04:38 (UTC)
Oh boy, a secret plan!! I hope it's American Ninja Warrior!

Just logging my pushups. I'm up to 15 and I did a set of 10!
Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 12 2015
23:21 (UTC)
I had a similar weekend as you, crazi! This sounds really wussy but I got a tetanus shot on Thursday and damn, it made my deltoid swell up and get super sore! So I did nothing Friday and Saturday besides walk the dogs and my pushups, which sucked on Friday but we're better yesterday. It feels better today. I did a longish 6 mile loop run with the dogs this morning. Might do some squats or lunges of something later just to get some lower body work in.
Fitness my pre workout meal Jul 10 2015
19:47 (UTC)
Original Post by mollyfishstick:

Original Post by Greekfreak2510:

So do you follow that eating pattern everyday regardless of activity? For example if you were less active on a given day would you still consume the same amounts?

I go by hunger mostly, obviously a day I run 10 miles I'm going to be a heck of alot hungrier than a day I do 3-5 miles. I don't really try and lower intake on days off though, my workout days balance the days I eat more and do less. Trust your body a little bit, it knows what it's doing. Go by energy levels  to see how much you need to be eating. If my workouts are starting to feel sluggish I usually know that I need to up the intake a bit so that I can be more energized. 

I just want to point out that "trust your body" is generally not very good advice for people in ED recovery because they are very likely to have distorted signals or recognition of signals relative to hunger and satiety.  For a recovered person with a track record of successful intuitive eating, this will work fine, but for Greekfreak2510 who is still in recovery, relying on perceived biological signals is not a trustworthy way to assure adequate nutrition.

Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 10 2015
14:37 (UTC)
12 pushups last night.

3 mile run this morning.

Let's do this, Friday.
The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jul 10 2015
14:35 (UTC)
It's not just you. Cruz has a distinctly creepy uncle vibe about him.
Fitness my pre workout meal Jul 09 2015
21:34 (UTC)

You do not need to be worrying about maintaining a healthy body weight.  You are young and extremely active.  You can, should, and will continue to gain weight because you are not developmentally mature.  You are also fueling a high amount of activity and, presumably, want to develop the physical strength and endurance to excel in those activities.  All of that requires a lot of food.  You really should be erring on the side of eating more, not less.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread Jul 09 2015
21:03 (UTC)

I've got tomatillos and some anaheim peppers right now, but the heat is really punishing everything else.  My dragon's egg cucumber has a few little swellings on it and the favas produced pods but I'm afraid they're getting stunted.  Corn has small cobs developing.  There are a few little grape clusters under the canopy.  Tomatoes are still slow and the rest of the peppers aren't going anywhere fast - my jalapeno hasn't even bloomed.  The last of the lettuce and broccoli bolted, so I need to pull it out and reseed.  Weird summer all around so far, I've never had this much extreme heat so early.  Makes me wonder what fall's going to look like.

Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 09 2015
16:20 (UTC)
Got up to lift this morning. 5 sets of 5 except for the front squats because I was getting butt wink after the third. Front squats at 95lbs Rows at 85 lbs DLs at 125 lbs

Didn't do any upper body push because of all the pushups, which I'll do later.
Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 09 2015
04:18 (UTC)
Work stress has been high this week. I didn't sleep well at all last night so I let myself sleep in and skipped the morning workout plan. Then a late meeting tonight ate up the evening so all I got done was my pushups. Did them though, all 11!
Fitness my pre workout meal Jul 08 2015
23:06 (UTC)

I do better with fasted running myself, but everybody's digestion responds a little differently.  If it's working for you and you aren't getting stitches or feeling queasy or getting the trots (sorry, but that's why I can't eat before running) then keep doing what you're doing.  I'm a little more concerned about your comment that you don't usually feel energetic.  How much are you eating during the rest of your day?

Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 08 2015
05:03 (UTC)
Nah, I did the pushups. 10 in 2 sets of 5.
Fitness Strength training Jul 08 2015
03:43 (UTC)
You want them to be heavy enough to challenge you. It sounds like the 10s aren't really doing that so I'd suggest trying 15s for overhead stuff and 25s for pulls and squats. If you can do 10 reps at that weight comfortably with good form, try the next size up. It's OK if you can only do a few good reps; a few lifts at a heavier weight are much better for building strength than more, lighter lifts.
Fitness July 2015 Fitness Group - All are welcome!! Jul 08 2015
03:26 (UTC)
Tennis is fun! It's one of the few athletic things my husband will do with me. I'm not very good at all, but I didn't play it until a few years ago.

I went to yoga class tonight. Smart choice on my part if I do say so. We did lots of backbends tonight and that was good because I rarely do them at home. Haven't done my pushups yet but I did do about 40 chaturungas ... maybe I'll count those as good.
Fitness Strength training Jul 07 2015
18:44 (UTC)

The volume you are doing at that low weight is not going to increase your strength at all.  Generally anything greater than 20 reps is not going to do anything besides train your body to do a lot of those exercises.  You might be better off looking for a bodyweight strength training program, which will incorporate moves like pistol squats, planks, L-sits, pullups, and handstands.  Reddit has a good bodyweight fitness program and forum, and there are other bodyweight programs at Convict Conditioning and Nerd Fitness.