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Foods Low Sodium, Low Calorie Salad Dressing Mar 01 2012
16:51 (UTC)


Foods hungry at bedtime Mar 01 2012
16:43 (UTC)

egg whites for dinner..the best lol

Foods cereal? Mar 01 2012
16:39 (UTC)

Protein fills you up! :) But if you really like cereal, try the "Eat Right" brand. I usually do a bowl of cereal w/ almond milk and make egg whites on the side for the protein.

Foods Wheat is bad? Mar 01 2012
15:53 (UTC)

Wow!! Awesome info..had no idea. Thanks for sharing!!

Motivation where's my discipline??? Feb 28 2012
00:31 (UTC)

thank you guys..I def do stress eat and i'm like aware of it and then i feel guilty and gain a few pounds. I will keep focus because I WANT THIS, i really do.

Motivation The time is now! Feb 20 2012
15:16 (UTC)


Motivation The time is now! Feb 20 2012
15:16 (UTC)

That is great!! I need to lose about 20 pounds too...i've already lost close to 70 pounds..almost there. We got this!!!

Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Feb 18 2012
15:23 (UTC)

I'm 23, 5'8, weight 163 close!

Motivation ooo I'm skinny... ooo im fat! Feb 18 2012
15:15 (UTC)

You cannot let tv shows or anyone influence you. You are doing this for you and only you. I'm loosing weight because it's a personal goal for me. I want this. How bad do you want to change? Remember it's a lifestyle, not a diet.

Motivation Self-Sabotage? Feb 18 2012
15:00 (UTC)

What are GI foods?

Motivation Self-Sabotage? Feb 18 2012
14:49 (UTC)

I'm on the same same boat. I feel so dissapointed and I mean I only have about 15 pounds to go. Why can't I DO IT?? Why do I have to go to on this attack motion when I'm stressed or feel anxious. :-( I love my new lifestyle but I hate when I over eat bad foods on days lie this. I don't know what to do..i'm loosing hope.

Weight Loss weight loss takes time, how to stay focus? Feb 15 2012
16:12 (UTC)

So so true. You know something that I have been noticing is that I will have so much oatmeal on the weekends, or even cereal because I wasn't having those things on the week days. Therefore, resulting in carb overload! So, I decided if I love those things so much, why can't i have them, but in a WISE way. For example, yes I love oatmeal, so i bought the Kashi Go Lean hot cereal and I even bought the kashi high protein cereal and almond milk. That way i;m not depriving myself from having these things and i will not be binging them on the weekends. Thank you so much for your reply. This is all a learning process because it's a LIFESTYLE change.

Weight Loss everything has carbs!!! Feb 15 2012
16:07 (UTC)

nicely said! At the end it's all about the calories, and we need carbs for energy.

Weight Loss everything has carbs!!! Feb 15 2012
05:05 (UTC)

YES!! I def agree. Eating low carbs is only hurting you at the end.

Foods What's your favorite healthy breakfast under 350 calories? Feb 13 2012
23:53 (UTC)

ok so I like to have a high protein breakfast, that way I won't be hungry in the next hour! Here's a short list of what i have some days.


-5 egg whites, lots of spinach, salsa, and 2 corn tortillas. That's only 250 calories!

-A make a shake of: 5 egg whites, spinach, green apple. That's only 190 calories!

-Kashi Oatmeal packet, 1 scoop of whey protein, a little strawberries. That's about 300 calories!

-Kashi cereal, almond milk, strawberries. That's about 250 calories.

Weight Loss weight loss takes time, how to stay focus? Feb 13 2012
21:25 (UTC)

Omg thank you!! Great advice!!! Day by day...

Motivation Lets set a goal to lose 20 lbs! Feb 13 2012
03:00 (UTC)

I need that ok??

Weight Loss weight loss takes time, how to stay focus? Feb 13 2012
02:43 (UTC)

Thank you, very helpful. I know what I have to do to get this it's about having discipline. I mean when i eat healthy, i feel great and when i eat crappy food i feel like crap...but sometimes that evil voice inside my heads gets the best of me, but no more. We got this. Thanks again :)

Weight Loss Please give some advice Feb 12 2012
16:37 (UTC)

That is completely normal. No two sides are the same...My right leg is bigger than my left's fine.

Weight Loss I can do this right!? Feb 12 2012
16:35 (UTC)

Than you!!! Do you have a good website to find out my daily calorie requirments?

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