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Weight Loss Question About Calories w/site Apr 15 2012
17:00 (UTC)


Weight Loss Living On the Road Nov 30 2011
00:16 (UTC)

You know, i could run even if it just 2mi after work but it would be hard because after a long day of work 7-7 all i want to do relax. but most of the time i can't because im either catching up on expenses or filing daily reports.

so far from june to dec i've moved to 3 different hotels 2 of which had gyms

Weight Loss Living On the Road Nov 28 2011
17:22 (UTC)

I have a scale to document weight. I have no gym at this hotel

There is a walmart next to the hampton hotel and think its my best option for coldcuts sandwich type meals

Theres Golden Corral, McDonalds, Wendys, Taco bel, DQ , and Subway

The company pays for my meals when in the field



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