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Foods Food Brand Survey Aug 14 2010
00:55 (UTC)

Granola bar: Nature Valley or Kashi? Kashi

Whole wheat bread: Pepperidge Farm or Nature's Own? PF

Greek yogurt:  Oikos or Fage? Dannon

Soy milk: Nature's Promise or Silk? Silk

Veggie Burger: Boca or Morningstar? Morningstar

Cola: Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi

Peanut butter: Jif or Skippy? Peter Pan

Cookie: Oreo or Nutter Butter? Nutter Butter

Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats or Cheerios? Cheerios

Wheat crackers: Wheat Thins or Triscuit? Triscuit

Cheese: Cabot or Kraft? Cabot

Ice cream: Edy's or Blue Bunny? Edys

Frozen meal: Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones? Lean Cuisine

Jelly beans: Brach or Jelly Belly?

Chocolate bar: Hershey's or Cadbury? Brach

Canned soup: Progresso or Campbell's? Campbells

Yogurt: Yoplait or Dannon? Dannon

Frozen breakfast: Jimmy Dean or Aunt Jemima? Jimmy Dean

Organic brand: Kashi or Amy's? Kashi

Bagels: Sara Lee or Thomas? Thomas

Deli meat: Hillshire Farm or Healthy Ones? Healthy Ones



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