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Fitness I'm confused... Jan 28 2010
21:19 (UTC)

Thank you all so much. Taranimator you gave me some really good info that I will def. use. Sometime I guess I just get confused if I am doing the right thing. I will def. do more reading.... Smile

Weight Loss Ever Lasting Gobstopper! Oh Willy Wonka Where are you. Jan 23 2010
01:46 (UTC)

Hehehe ya know I think that is a great idea. I would so try it. I bet it would actually satify the cravings I have....You better sell your idea and I'll buy... Wink

Games & Challenges 1st quarter 2010 challenge (January 1st-March 31st) JOIN ANYTIME!!!!! Jan 21 2010
23:20 (UTC)

You can count me in....

Starting weight: 195

Goal weight: 145

Week 1: 1/7/10   195

Week 2: 1/14/10 190.8

Week 3: 1/21/10 188.4

Week 4: 1/28/10  187.1 Goal: 186

Week 5: 2/4/10    185 

Week 6: 2/11/10 182.1

Week 7: 2/18/10 181.9

Week 8: 2/25/10 Goal: 180

Week 9: 3/4/10

Week 10: 3/11/10

Week 11: 3/18/10

Week 12: 3/25/10 Goal: 174

Week 13: 4/1/10

Week 14: 4/8/10

Wow!! I am at my 10 pound loss....I feel so much better only 40 more pounds to go.... :-)

Weight Loss At what point would you be happy? Jan 20 2010
01:25 (UTC)

Yeah know I dont think I would ever be happy. I have yo-yo so many times. I have finally decided that I am going forward with a new healthy lifestyle change. Yes, I want to lose weight I would like to get from 191 where I am currently to 145. I know that it wont make me happy since I am not happy with the way my body looks and when I lose weight it will not look much better. I have strech marks from having 6 kids and gravity has taken over my top area. When I look in the mirror at 191 I want to cry and when i was at 145 in the past I felt the same way.

I just want to be healty now that I am getting older. Both of my parents are diebetic and my mom has high blood pressure. So I know that I have a very big chance at having those if I dont do something about my weight. If it were not for all the magaizines and beauty stuff out there saying that I should be skinny and beautiful with breast that sit by themselves then I probalby would be happy with myself when i look in the mirror. My husband says that I dont need to be all that but if a beautiful woman walks in the room skinny and perfect boobs he may not notice but he is drooling and it makes me feel worst. So I know how u are feeling and you are not the only one out there. :-(

Fitness Confused....I dont understand the burn more calories then u take in method.. Jan 10 2010
17:55 (UTC)

Thank you all so much. I get it now.....I am on the right track now....Laughing

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