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The Lounge yahoo Jun 08 2015
11:31 (UTC)

yes.  I'm using Yahoo mail myself.

The Lounge Calling out Swimmers/Coach_K Need some advice Jun 02 2015
12:03 (UTC)

Swim googles solve red eye.  Without swim goggles there's time (my favored approach) or eye drops such as Visine.

Tight trunks are kind of frowned upon, unless you're good looking   Baggy ones that tie around the waist and come to just above the knees are the norm.  They should never be loose around the waist, as there's a good chance that the water will pull them off if they are too loose and you make a sudden movement.

If you want to decrease your learning time, then teach yourself to hold your head under the water.  That's 9/10ths of learning to swim, not being afraid to put your head in the water.  The rest is just moving.  Practice your dead mans float (they really should get a better name for that for new swimmers), which is floating face down with your arms and legs spread out.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 28 2015
11:30 (UTC)

Apparently there's a thing where if you have a secret half-sibling, and you both live in the same town, there's a greater than average chance that you'll become attracted to each other.  Something about a similarity in genes giving you several other similar likes and personality traits that makes you attractive to each other.

So if you've found your soulmate, someone who knows and understands you deep down to your core, then make sure that your dad didn't have an affair with their mother (or vice-versa).

The Lounge is it really that hard to change the world? May 19 2015
12:08 (UTC)

Celebrities can change lives too. And the sad part is that I never heard any of these stories until they were pointed out to me by a humor website.  Meanwhile the latest exploits of Brangelina are posted everywhere.

The Lounge Why wasn?t he charged with terrorism? May 19 2015
10:46 (UTC)

I understand that plea bargaining and having him plead guilty to a lesser charge saves a lot of time and money, but the sole charge of "interstate communication of threats" seems pretty weaksauce to me, considering the amount of effort that he put into this plot.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 15 2015
17:50 (UTC)

My dad is one of 10 brothers and sisters.

No religion.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 13 2015
12:22 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

How do you freeze dry your own herbs?

I've got a home made kit.  Basically I remove all the air (or almost all) from a mason jar and stick it in the freezer.  Then I have to remove the air a few more times before it's complete, as the moisture will start to fill the vacuum.  It's not perfect but it works well enough.

The Lounge George Zimmerman in the News again May 13 2015
12:17 (UTC)

This guy Apperson has a lengthy criminal record as well.  2 DUIs, a trespassing, 2 drug possessions.

Sounds like these two people deserve each other.

The Lounge Banning peanuts in schools May 13 2015
12:11 (UTC)

My kids school has a ban on nuts (all nuts, not just peanuts), fish, kiwi and eggs.

It actually makes it very difficult to pack a lunch for them.

No tuna fish sandwich. No PBJ.  And egg is in everything.

But if it will help save the life of a child, I'll go with it and not complain (too much).

If it's a deathly allergy, and not just a "he'll break out in hives" allergy, then by all means ban the substance.

And yes, children have been bullied with peanuts.  The bully is too young to understand that the peanut can kill his classmate, and just thought that they were afraid of something silly.

Plus I think it's hilarious that in one breath you're saying "imagine poor people who can't afford anything but peanut butter.  Imagine the inconvenience on them" and then in another breath say "all children with peanut allergies should be sent to private school".  What, do no poor kids have peanut allergies?

Perhaps we could create concentration camp schools where the peanut allergic children are forced to go?  So that the rest of us won't be inconvenienced by them?  After all, this has always worked fine throughout history.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 12 2015
18:32 (UTC)

Most herbs are perennials.  I had so many chives last year that they were taking over my garden.  I had to drastically thin them out.  Wound up giving away many thinned plants to family, co-workers and neighbors for their gardens.  

Then they got freeze-dried chives from me for Christmas as well .  What else can you do with a bumper crop but give them away?

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 11 2015
18:19 (UTC)

The problem with sandy soils is water retention.  Water just pours right through it.

To combat this mix in peat moss (cheap) and organic composts.  Raked leaves make a fine compost/mulch.  Don't use lawn clippings unless you know that the lawn wasn't sprayed with weed killer.

There's two types of plants that grow well in sandy soil, root crops and plants which have adapted to dry conditions.

Potatoes, carrots, turnip, parsnip are all root crops and should do well.  Just plant them deeper than recommended on the package if you're growing them from seed, up to twice as deep.

Most herbs will grow well in sandy soil.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 11 2015
18:04 (UTC)

Do't use pressure treated rail tie.  Pressure treated wood leaches arsenic into the soil.

They may be okay for a flower garden, but not a vegetable garden where you'll eat the proceeds.


The Lounge interesting (and terrifying) article on the Koch brothers and their influence May 11 2015
14:58 (UTC)

What pisses me off is the muzzling of scientists.

The Lounge interesting (and terrifying) article on the Koch brothers and their influence May 08 2015
11:20 (UTC)

Democrats by and large get the political donations of lawyers and unions.

Republicans by and large get the political donations of oil and insurance companies, and a majority of big businesses.

It's not a hard and fast rule, just a generalization.  Many companies also hedge their bets by donating to both parties.

Wealthy individuals donate to whomever they want, but how they got their wealth plays a large factor.  If they are wealthy lawyers they usually go democrat, if they're wealthy oilmen then they go republican.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 06 2015
11:44 (UTC)

hear hear! 

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 04 2015
17:27 (UTC)

This $50 Starbucks gift card costs $200.

The Lounge Green coffee pills?? Apr 24 2015
18:24 (UTC)

Wow, I never thought that I'd live to see Nomo advocate for the burning of books.

The Lounge Science is Sexy, Quantum is Magic Apr 23 2015
14:31 (UTC)

Basically their saying "It could be a completely natural phenomenon that we just don't understand yet, or it could be something on Earth interfering with our equipment, but likely isn't"  I think the odds that they gave are 5 in 10,000 (or 0.05%) that it's just a coincidence that these signals all seem to be coming from the same place.

The Lounge Science is Sexy, Quantum is Magic Apr 23 2015
11:00 (UTC)

So, how about a possible alien broadcast from outer space?  Have we just made contact?

The Lounge What's in a smile? Apr 22 2015
10:52 (UTC)

It takes 17 muscles to smile and 37 to frown.

But I need the exercise, so I frown a lot.