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The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 28 2015
16:19 (UTC)


I never heard from the officer I gave my information to and was never contacted by a lawyer or insurance adjuster. 

As someone who has witnessed several accidents, I can tell you that this is par for the course.  I have 3 times left my name and number with the police as a witness, and have never been contacted.  I think they don't bother unless it goes to court, and most traffic accidents don't.


The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jul 21 2015
17:45 (UTC)

Time for another all-caps.  John Kasich just announced.

The Lounge Bestiality Jul 16 2015
16:02 (UTC)

Hmm, that makes it difficult for her to change her icon then.

The Lounge Children. Jul 16 2015
16:00 (UTC)

My kids are smart.  Good enough for A averages and honor roll and college-level advanced courses in high school.  I'm sure that if I sat them down and made them study then they would be valedictorians.  But I don't.

There's more to intelligence than books and marks.  I try to nurture their curiosity and imagination by introducing them to ideas and concepts that they haven't encountered before.  I try to encourage their empathy through debates and trying to get them to see both sides of the story.  I try to encourage their social skills by introducing them to people from all walks of life (we host children from different countries, both rich and poor, and visit old age homes and volunteer).  And finally I try to keep them physically fit.

I don't just want a smart kid.  I want a smart, compassionate, hard working, fun loving, imaginative kid who's not afraid to challenge popular opinions.  In other words, I want them to be well-rounded.  I let them make mistakes.

What's the point in preparing your kids for the future if you don't let them enjoy today?  Should you instill your values in your children or let them find their own?

The Lounge Bestiality Jul 16 2015
12:54 (UTC)

Corgi, if you continue to post on this topic, you may want to change your icon.

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jul 14 2015
12:06 (UTC)

Here's an interesting little tidbit.

The Lounge 15 Beliefs to combat negativity Jul 09 2015
16:27 (UTC)

There's 2 things that have gotten me through rough times, and I've had some very rough times indeed.

One is repeating "and this too shall pass" over and over again.

The other was a story in National Geographic about the Dalits.  The "Untouchable" caste in India.  They showed Dalits whos job it was to clear sewers of human waste and their only equipment is a loin cloth.  So they have to crawl through the sewers pushing the filth ahead of them with their hands.  Then when they come up they are not allowed to bathe in any water source that's used by other castes, so they'd have to walk miles through the city streets before they could clean themselves off.

And they were happy to have that job, because at least they were employed and had it better than other people.

And then when I consider how bad the other people have to have it that spending all day crawling through filthy sewers is considered a step up, then I realize that my own problems are trivial.

The Lounge Anyone have a home/appliance warranty plan? Jul 07 2015
18:12 (UTC)

I never bother with it myself.  But then again, I'm an amateur handyman.  Since buying my house I've replaced the hot water tank, added a dish washer, added a range hood, and replaced the fridge and stove.  Oh, and added a second bathroom and renovated the first bathroom.  These things are all fairly cheap (except the bathrooms).  For example, replacing a hot water tank is $250, provided that it's electric, and I enjoyed it sooooooo much that I did it for 2 other people as well.  Well, not really because I enjoyed it, more like because I knew how and it only takes an hour or so and they had beer and pizza.

I always have an emergency fund of not less than $1000 in a separate bank account to cover home and car repairs.  If you can't manage that then you may want to look into insurance.

Insurance companies are in the business to make money.  You will always pay more into insurance than you would if you paid out of pocket.  The main thing is, if you don't have the discipline to set some money aside for a rainy day then insurance may be for you.  If you're prepared to replace your roof every 20 years, your furnace every 20 years, your car every 6-8 years and your appliance every 10-15 years and you're capable of setting aside money for this then insurance is just paying someone else to hold onto your money for you.

I mean, a roof costs $5000 to re-shingle and you'll have to do it roughly every 20 years.   That's about $250/year or $20/month that you have to set aside.  Less than that if you invest it.  At a measly 4% interest rate that $20 month will turn into $7335 in 20 years.  Imagine, someone paying you to hold onto your money instead of the other way around.  With insurance it goes the other way.  You're paying $6000 in premiums to get $5000 in repairs done, and the insurance company keeps the interest.  That interest comes to $3170 by the way, which the insurance company keeps instead of you (plus the extra $1000 in premiums).

If you can do it, find out what your monthly premiums will be and instead of giving it to the insurance company set up a separate savings account and put that much money into it per month. After a year move it into a higher interest, secure fund such as bonds, GIC, mutual funds or anything that will give you an interest rate higher than the bank (even some banks will give you 2.5% to 4% on certain savings accounts).  Then continue to pay into it until it's needed.  You'll be doing the same thing that the insurance companies do, except that you'll keep the interest for yourself instead of giving it to them.  And since it's the same amount that you were going to pay in premiums anyway, you won't be out any money.

The Lounge Showing off Jul 06 2015
15:04 (UTC)
Original Post by vegandaisydoll:

 I'm just realizing how much dumb stuff goes on in the world and how much it doesn't matter and that Instagram is silly and who cares what other people eat? Or what other people wear? Or other people's clothes sizes? Who cares? It's just food. or it's just a clothes size. Why tell everyone?

I think you just grew up a little.  Welcome to adulthood.

The Lounge yahoo Jun 08 2015
11:31 (UTC)

yes.  I'm using Yahoo mail myself.

The Lounge Calling out Swimmers/Coach_K Need some advice Jun 02 2015
12:03 (UTC)

Swim googles solve red eye.  Without swim goggles there's time (my favored approach) or eye drops such as Visine.

Tight trunks are kind of frowned upon, unless you're good looking   Baggy ones that tie around the waist and come to just above the knees are the norm.  They should never be loose around the waist, as there's a good chance that the water will pull them off if they are too loose and you make a sudden movement.

If you want to decrease your learning time, then teach yourself to hold your head under the water.  That's 9/10ths of learning to swim, not being afraid to put your head in the water.  The rest is just moving.  Practice your dead mans float (they really should get a better name for that for new swimmers), which is floating face down with your arms and legs spread out.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 28 2015
11:30 (UTC)

Apparently there's a thing where if you have a secret half-sibling, and you both live in the same town, there's a greater than average chance that you'll become attracted to each other.  Something about a similarity in genes giving you several other similar likes and personality traits that makes you attractive to each other.

So if you've found your soulmate, someone who knows and understands you deep down to your core, then make sure that your dad didn't have an affair with their mother (or vice-versa).

The Lounge is it really that hard to change the world? May 19 2015
12:08 (UTC)

Celebrities can change lives too. And the sad part is that I never heard any of these stories until they were pointed out to me by a humor website.  Meanwhile the latest exploits of Brangelina are posted everywhere.

The Lounge Why wasn?t he charged with terrorism? May 19 2015
10:46 (UTC)

I understand that plea bargaining and having him plead guilty to a lesser charge saves a lot of time and money, but the sole charge of "interstate communication of threats" seems pretty weaksauce to me, considering the amount of effort that he put into this plot.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida May 15 2015
17:50 (UTC)

My dad is one of 10 brothers and sisters.

No religion.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 13 2015
12:22 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

How do you freeze dry your own herbs?

I've got a home made kit.  Basically I remove all the air (or almost all) from a mason jar and stick it in the freezer.  Then I have to remove the air a few more times before it's complete, as the moisture will start to fill the vacuum.  It's not perfect but it works well enough.

The Lounge George Zimmerman in the News again May 13 2015
12:17 (UTC)

This guy Apperson has a lengthy criminal record as well.  2 DUIs, a trespassing, 2 drug possessions.

Sounds like these two people deserve each other.

The Lounge Banning peanuts in schools May 13 2015
12:11 (UTC)

My kids school has a ban on nuts (all nuts, not just peanuts), fish, kiwi and eggs.

It actually makes it very difficult to pack a lunch for them.

No tuna fish sandwich. No PBJ.  And egg is in everything.

But if it will help save the life of a child, I'll go with it and not complain (too much).

If it's a deathly allergy, and not just a "he'll break out in hives" allergy, then by all means ban the substance.

And yes, children have been bullied with peanuts.  The bully is too young to understand that the peanut can kill his classmate, and just thought that they were afraid of something silly.

Plus I think it's hilarious that in one breath you're saying "imagine poor people who can't afford anything but peanut butter.  Imagine the inconvenience on them" and then in another breath say "all children with peanut allergies should be sent to private school".  What, do no poor kids have peanut allergies?

Perhaps we could create concentration camp schools where the peanut allergic children are forced to go?  So that the rest of us won't be inconvenienced by them?  After all, this has always worked fine throughout history.

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 12 2015
18:32 (UTC)

Most herbs are perennials.  I had so many chives last year that they were taking over my garden.  I had to drastically thin them out.  Wound up giving away many thinned plants to family, co-workers and neighbors for their gardens.  

Then they got freeze-dried chives from me for Christmas as well .  What else can you do with a bumper crop but give them away?

The Lounge 2015 Gardening thread May 11 2015
18:19 (UTC)

The problem with sandy soils is water retention.  Water just pours right through it.

To combat this mix in peat moss (cheap) and organic composts.  Raked leaves make a fine compost/mulch.  Don't use lawn clippings unless you know that the lawn wasn't sprayed with weed killer.

There's two types of plants that grow well in sandy soil, root crops and plants which have adapted to dry conditions.

Potatoes, carrots, turnip, parsnip are all root crops and should do well.  Just plant them deeper than recommended on the package if you're growing them from seed, up to twice as deep.

Most herbs will grow well in sandy soil.