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The Lounge Suppose scientists cure aging Feb 27 2015
19:22 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Original Post by knowan:

What about a real immortality.  One that I can almost guarantee will be here in about 50 years.

You leave your fleshbag behind and upload your brain/thoughts/consciousness into a machine.

Connect that machine to the internet and you'll never be bored.

No more need for sleep, you left that behind with your body.

You spend most of your life "living" on the internet, but perhaps there's the ability to rent robot bodies as well.  Hopefully ones without guns attached.

Of course, once this happens there's also the ability to "back up" your current brain onto a machine.  Talking to yourself will take on a whole new meaning.  Back yourself up as a teenager and consult it when you're 50 to find out just what kind of a jerk you were/have become.

I would dispute this point.

But, you could spend the rest of eternity reading youtube comments.  What could be better?

The Lounge Good bye Mr. Nimoy Feb 27 2015
19:08 (UTC)

I can't be sorry about someone living to the age of 83.  Still sad though.

Spock, Scotty and Bones are gone.  Kirk, Checkov, Sulu and Uhura still remain.

Time to go watch Nimoy in the greatest Hobbit musical ever!

The Lounge Suppose scientists cure aging Feb 27 2015
19:01 (UTC)

What about a real immortality.  One that I can almost guarantee will be here in about 50 years.

You leave your fleshbag behind and upload your brain/thoughts/consciousness into a machine.

Connect that machine to the internet and you'll never be bored.

No more need for sleep, you left that behind with your body.

You spend most of your life "living" on the internet, but perhaps there's the ability to rent robot bodies as well.  Hopefully ones without guns attached.

Of course, once this happens there's also the ability to "back up" your current brain onto a machine.  Talking to yourself will take on a whole new meaning.  Back yourself up as a teenager and consult it when you're 50 to find out just what kind of a jerk you were/have become.

The Lounge ISIS burned Jordanian pilot alive Feb 23 2015
13:30 (UTC)

I'm always for the side that does the least harm, especially to civilians.  I was anti-Iraq war (both times with both Bushes) because I knew that attacking them would cause more civilian hardships that it would cure.  I was on the fence with Afghanistan.  On the one hand, it makes no sense to invade a country to capture one person, no matter how evil that one person was.  On the other hand, the Taliban was (and still is) pretty awful.

I would have supported entering Sudan or Somalia, because the situation there was so terrible that sending in the army couldn't make things worse.

For the same reason I would support military intervention against Boko Haram.  If they are wiped out then it can only lead to more security for civilians living in Mali, Chad, Niger, etc.  The government of these countries are corrupt, but demonstratively better to it's citizens than Boko Haram would ever be, and they would be capable of at least returning to the status-quo, although it remains to be seen whether they would be capable of preventing another Boko Haram type group from rising up.

I would not support intervention against ISIS, simply because Assad and Iraq are not demonstratively better to its citizens than ISIS.  You need someone to take over from ISIS if they are wiped out, and there's no one there capable of doing that, including the USA which doesn't have the stomach for long occupations.

America likes the Kurds.  They did arm them against Saddam.  But the USA is still fearful of the Kurds.  Don't forget, they at one point armed and supported both Saddam and Bin Laden, only to have them turn on the USA.  They also know that the Kurds and Turkey don't get along.  Turkey is a region of stability, and it's slightly pro-USA, allowing the USA to use its airspace, supply its troops, and even sending in their own Turkish troops against Saddam.  The Kurds have been using terrorist tactics against Turkey, and the USA is afraid to arm the Kurds just to have them turn around and use those arms against Turkey.

The Kurds want their own country, called Kurdistan, which would be carved out of Northern Iraq and South-Eastern Turkey.  They've been fairly happy with their current semi-autonomous governance in Norther Iraq, and love the Americans for giving it to them, but the USA fears that arming them may lead to them reviving the call for a new Kurdistan and becoming at least as troublesome as the PLO and Hamas.  They don't want to have to chose between the Kurds, who have been really helpful in Iraq, and Turkey which is an island of stability that bridges the middle east, Europe and Russia.  So the USA will keep the Kurds weak, but still help them with air-strikes and intelligence.  They'll aid the Kurds, but won't give them the means to aid themselves, for fear that they would use this against their neighbors (especially Turkey).

The Lounge No sense of direction? Feb 23 2015
12:52 (UTC)

I know you're in Toronto, Canada but I have no idea what part of Toronto you are in, and that's a darn big city.

Some cities have streets numbered in one direction (1st street, 2nd street) and named going in another direction (Alpha Ave, Beta Ave).  Toronto has no such thing.

Some cities are laid out in a regular pattern, with roads running straight north-south and others running straight East-West.  For Toronto that's not the rule.

I have very little advise to give you.  The street signs are always named as follows:  If you can see the name of the street, that's the street that intersects yours.  It's done that way so that drivers can read the sign and still have time to make the turn before overshooting it.  To see the name of the street that you're on, you have to turn your head and look at the name that's broadside to you.  Basically , if you imagine the sign as a line, the line will always be pointing in the same direction as the road runs (barring some mischief).

You can go into the settings on your phone and adjust the amount of time before it blanks the screen.  Leaving it like that will kill your battery though.  Not knowing your phone and not knowing the mapping program that you're using, I can't tell you how to make it so that the screen never shuts down while the map is open, but that is an option in the settings of some mapping programs.

As for getting used to the cold, that's called acclimatization.  Give it a year or two and you'll be doing it yourself. I myself rarely wear mittens, and never anything more than jeans on my legs.   Any temperature in the teens (Celsius) is shorts weather.

I had a friend who worked for the RCMP (that's the Mounties) and he was posted in Northern Labrador.  When it was -50 (C or F, at that temperature it doesn't matter) he would be wearing sweaters under jackets and 2 or more layers of gloves and hats, and be watching the native children out playing at recess with no mittens and maybe a hoodie on.  You'd be surprised what your body can adjust to if you give it the chance.

The Lounge Need a new kitchen faucet Feb 18 2015
13:10 (UTC)

You know, since I started replying to this thread, every single one of the webpage ads have all been for faucet direct.  It's kind of weird.

Right now I'm reading an article on the evolution of deep bacteria, and the page is covered in faucets.

I guess it's time to clean my cookies.

The Lounge Need a new kitchen faucet Feb 17 2015
15:05 (UTC)

#3 is french provincial, while #6 is realism.  Neither would go well with a 50's diner vibe.

Why not just paint on chalkboard and then draw whatever you want?

The Lounge finally found some guns i can get behind! Feb 16 2015
19:43 (UTC)
Original Post by runoff55:

Hoping this was going to be about t-shirt guns. I'd love to go around a game somewhere shooting one of those things off.

Why wait for a game?  There has to be a thousand uses for one of those t-shirt bazookas.  Load it with a small pumpkin at Halloween.  See if it can be used to shoot Christmas lights onto your tree.  Load it with confetti at a wedding.  Use it to shoot mentos into a kiddy pool filled with diet pepsi.  Take it to the park with your dog and use it to throw a ball.  Or you can find some more mundane uses.

The Lounge Need a new kitchen faucet Feb 16 2015
19:17 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

Original Post by pavlovcat:

This one for me, please.

ETA:  Oooo, but this one if dreamy as well.

What style is your kitchen going to be, cw?

I do love the old fashioned look, but it just won't fit with the other items in the kitchen. I did bright white big outlet covers and these kind of light switches.

I got switchplates and outlet covers like this, although they probably won't match your 50's diner look.  I did fall in love with this one though, but that's more of a study look than a kitchen look.

A traditional 50's diner would have black and white tile like this, but if you go for a smaller tile then they're less likely to break, and easier to repair if they do break.  Plus smaller tiles make your room look bigger.

Just stay away from ceramic tiles.  They aren't sturdy enough for floors.  Porcelain tiles would work, but stone tiles would be the most durable of all.

The Lounge FL vs TX Feb 09 2015
13:02 (UTC)

Newfoundland, Canada used to feud with Ontario, Canada (and specifically the city of Toronto).  But we won that fight a few years back when our economy boomed and theirs sank into oblivion.  So that feud'd been put to rest because never let it be said that a Newfoundlander will kick a person when they're down.

The Lounge ISIS burned Jordanian pilot alive Feb 05 2015
15:47 (UTC)

There's no point to blowing up ISIS in Syria.  What will we replace them with, Al-Assad?  he's just as bad.

Basically right now there's a civil war in Syria between ISIS and the government forces run by Al-Assad.  But both sides are hostile to the USA.  If we blow up one then the other will just take over and things will be just as bad.

There are a few smaller fringe groups that are more friendly, but none of them are powerful enough to form a new government.  Most of them have been sucked into the ISIS banner already.

The time when we could have aided one side against the other is long past.  Back in 2012 we could have helped the friendly rebels against Al-Assad, but we were too afraid of Russia's response (just like we currently are with Ukraine).  

If we go in now guns-a-blazing and level the place, there's no one there friendly enough to take over.  It'll be another Iraq, a big power vacuum and no one group powerful enough to stop the fighting.  And we all know how well Iraq ended....

Right now our best hope it to keep it all contained.  So long as they're slaughtering each other and neither side gets the upper hand it won't spread outside of Syria.


The Lounge ISIS burned Jordanian pilot alive Feb 05 2015
15:34 (UTC)

There's only one way to stop radical fundamentalist Muslims, and that's to cut them off at the source.

Saudi Arabia, since the 1970's has lots of petro dollars.  They also have an extremist form of Islam called Wahhabism.  They've been using their petro dollars to write textbooks and supply teachers to third world Muslim countries.  They supply the schools in the poorest of the poor.  If a Muslim government can't afford schools or housing or hospitals for their poorer citizens, then Saudi Arabia will step in and through NGO or even direct fovernment intervention will supply funds, textbooks, and teachers.

On the one hand this is commendable. They're providing funding and help to the poor.  The problem is that these textbooks and teachers export their strict, extremist version Islam.

So they're taking the world's poor, disenfranchised and uneducated, and filling their heads full of "cut off the nose to spite the face, Islam is the best and all infidels must die" rhetoric.

I don't have to tell you what happens when you give the poor and disenfranchised a target to focus their rage on.

They started doing this in the 70's.  20 years later those kids that they educated were grown up, and Al-Qaeda the Taliban, and other fundamentalist organizations started forming.  Oh sure, there was Islamic terrorism before this, but it was all based around Palestine (which is another story altogether).  PLO didn't target Christians (except indirectly).  It's only after the generation that grew up educated in these fundamentalist madrasas that they decided to forcefully enforce the strictist teachings of Islam.

So how do we cure it?  Cut it off at the root.  If we provide education and healthcare funding to impoverished Muslim states then we can cut out the next generation of fundamentalist education.  In another 20 years there will be no more recruits for ISIS or al-Qaeda.  The old guard will be blown up, and no new generation will rise up to take their place.

But you can guess just how well the idea of funding Muslim states will go over with the current crop of politicians.  Why, I'll bet that there are people right here that would cry out "why are we educating these non-americans when our own school systems are crying out for funds?"

So the cycle will continue.

Here's an article about how ISIS is running the schools.  I can show you others about Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, etc, but what's the point.  It's all the same story.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida Feb 04 2015
17:20 (UTC)
Original Post by coach_k:

Sorry, Nomo -- Senator fights for employees right not to wash hands... restaurant employees, that is.

This is just so stupid that I felt compelled to write the Senator and say "what are you, some kind of an idiot?".  I was all ready to press the send button when I realized that emailing him would probably automatically put me on some of mailing list, so I hit delete instead.

It's likely he doesn't use email anyway.  Have you seen his website?  Its literally nothing but a "donate money to me" button.  Nothing else.

The Lounge Indications of spam/telemarketing calls Feb 04 2015
14:51 (UTC)

Sometimes if I was especially bored, I would just try to keep them on the line for as long as possible.  Most telemarketers are forbidden from hanging up unless the potential customer starts uttering obscenities.  Most also have a daily quota of calls/sales that they have to reach.  Once they realized what I was doing they would get increasingly desperate to get me off the line, but they were unable to hang up on me.

My favorite was the door-to-door security system salesperson.  She was cute and I was single so I kept her in my house for literally half the day.  She came back the next day as well to try to close the sale.

PS: Never buy a security system from someone selling it door-to-door.  Are they selling the system or casing your house?

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 04 2015
13:48 (UTC)

OMG.  Here's the very first paragraph of the very first hit that google provides for a search of "dangers of vaccinations"

The dangers of vaccinations to your child's long term health prospects and longevity itself far outweigh any potential benefits touted by the pharmaceutical industry for vaccines. The LIES and misinformation about vaccine benefits from the drug industry is voluminous, overwhelming,  and statistically provable. Don't allow your child to go on the chopping block for these Liars and their profit margins. They aren't working for you, they're servants of the corporate elite/Illuminati and the Illuminati has a surreptitious population reduction agenda in place.

Is this the side that you really want to be on?

You know who else agrees that vaccines are dangerous?  The Taliban.  That's the reason why there's still a polio pocket in northern Pakistan/Southern Afghanistan.  Anytime you're on the same side of an argument as the Taliban, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your position.

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 04 2015
13:42 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:

The eradication of preventable disease in the population used to be one measure of a civil society. It wasn't a political football. It was a worthy goal to want the whole country to stop with the having polio thing, or the bad measles with its Scarlett Fever doings.

That's what bothers me the most about this debate, and others like it. Some are willfully ignoring our past, so that we can make the same mistakes again.


We can eradicate most diseases that are vaccinated against.  We already did it with smallpox.

Measles currently causes about 780,000 deaths annually.  We can eradicate this disease.

We've gotten Polio down from over a million deaths a year to just about 200 deaths a year.  Conceivably this disease can be eradicated in the next 5 years.

If we can eradicate a disease, completely wipe it off the face of the planet, and insure that no one else ever contracts it, we will have saved untold millions of lives over the future of humanity.

Am I the only one who thinks that the future of humanity is worth a little temporary inconvenience?

If you believe that vaccinations are more dangerous that the diseases that they protect against (which would make you uninformed), would you be willing to take one so that your children and your childrens children would never have to?

Take Polio for example.  It's been eliminated in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and everywhere in the world except for 2 areas (the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and one or two pockets in Africa).  That's why you've probably never gotten a polio vaccination.   So the "dangers" of this vaccine have been eliminated (for these areas).  Thank your grandparents.

And why is it that when I try to google "dangers of vaccination" the first 3 hits and 7 of the 10 hits on the first page are all fear-mongering sites? 

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 03 2015
19:22 (UTC)

We ALMOST had Polio eradicated.  We were so close.  Then rumors started circulating that the polio vaccine would render you infertile and bam, polio returned.

It's not a vaccinated disease, but Guinea Worm is almost eradicated thanks in large part to Jimmy Carter.

The Lounge Indications of spam/telemarketing calls Feb 03 2015
17:48 (UTC)

- If you're about to sit down to supper and the phone rings.

- the phone rings and you hear epic evil music in your head, the world turns grey and yet inexplicably is burning at the same time.

- you regret your childhood fascination with robots after speaking with one.


My dream is to have a telemarketer call at the same time as a Seventh Day Adventist rings the doorbell.  I imagine saying "oh, it's for you" and giving the Adventists the phone.


The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida Feb 02 2015
18:28 (UTC)

Man pulling his own tooth behind the wheel causes an accident.

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida Feb 02 2015
18:12 (UTC)

The cat lady is fake.  So all you cat fanciers can heave a sigh of relief that a real-life Cruella DeVille does not walk amongst us.

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