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The Lounge Stubborn elderly parents! Feb 01 2016
13:42 (UTC)

I hate to say it, but it sounds like your dad may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer.  Memory loss, mood swings, even trouble walking or with motor control can all be signs.

Or he could just be old and stubborn and I'm just an armchair detective with too much access to WebMD.

But I see a lot of it at work (I work in a hospital) and my girlfriend's mother is going through it, although she's much further advanced right now.

My girlfriend's mother went through something like this.  After her husband died her son moved in with her.  Unfortunately he was a drunk who took advantage of her.  First the life insurance ran out, then she mortgaged her home, then when that ran out she re-mortgaged it again.  When she couldn't afford payments anymore she had to sell before the bank took it from her.  That's when she moved in with us.

Unfortunately, we then found out that my girlfriend's brother had been hiding the fact (or just didn't notice) that she had the early stages of Alzheimer.  She would wander through the house looking for her babies (he youngest child was 45).  She would stare right at Carletta and ask her where Carletta was.  When Carletta would say "Mom, I'm right here" She'd respond with "I know that dear, I'm looking for baby Carletta".  Then she would panic when she couldn't find Glen (the drunken son) and insist that he was in trouble and needed money, or needed to get out of jail, or had died.

So we took her in for an assessment and sure enough, Alzheimer.

The search for a home was a long one.  First we looked for a retirement home, but her Alzheimer's advanced quickly and pretty soon we were looking for a long-term care facility.  In less than a year she went from someone who occasionally forgot stuff and sometime had trouble walking, to someone who was completely delusional most days and sometimes couldn't get out of bed without falling.

But this case isn't very relevant to you.  She had already sold her home, so she wasn't "stuck" to it.  It's a hard thing to get someone to move out of their home that they've been living in for decades.

Perhaps your sister could take them to visit some retirement communities nearby?  Most will have a long waiting list, so insist that there's no rush, you're just thinking of a few years down the road....

The Lounge Jada Smith. What's THAT all about? Jan 29 2016
15:49 (UTC)

I'm just picturing him with Rutger Hauer in Hobo With a Shotgun 2, this time it's personal.

The Lounge Any experience with dental implants? Jan 27 2016
13:35 (UTC)

Old zombie thread, but I also agree that an implant is worth the extra cost.  I had a crown (not a bridge) installed.  I wasn't told by the dentist that crowns are considered temporary, for up to 20 years.  Mine fell out after 2 years.  I got it re-attached and it fell out again after 2 months.

So I got the root yanked and now I'm debating whether I can save up $5000 for an implant or to just live with the hole.  It's a back tooth, so it's not visible.

South Korea and India are 2 places where it is much cheaper to have the implant done, so I'm also considering a trip to India.

Step 1 is to remove the root of the old tooth. (already done)

Step 2 is to wait at least 6 months for the jawbone to heal. (already done)

Step 3 is to implant the socket in the jaw.

Step 4 is to wait another 6 months minimum for the jaw to heal.

Step 5 is to screw in the implant.

Unlike a crown or bridge, an implant can last forever (although that's not guaranteed).

Step 3 is the most expensive part.  If you're really looking at going abroad to get this done, then use a local dentist for steps 1 and 5, and go abroad for step 3.  Steps 1 and 5 cost hundred(s) of dollar(s), but step 3 costs thousands.

The Lounge Jada Smith. What's THAT all about? Jan 27 2016
12:49 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

It's an overblown issue based on her incorrect perception anyways. If you look at the Oscar wins over the last few decades, black people in film are, in fact, slightly overrepresented relative to their demographics. 01/film-and-race

Turns out, the most underrepresentation is in asian and latin groups.

And now I'm picturing Danny Trejo winning an oscar.

That would be Awesome!

The Lounge Company Holiday Party ideas for very small group Jan 13 2016
19:47 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

All our company parties involve Vaseline.  

Aren't you self-employed?

The Lounge Favorite quotes Jan 11 2016
16:16 (UTC)

“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring." David Bowie (on his 50th birthday),  Died Jan 10. 

The Lounge Wow, just wow! British justice is ... well I'm at a loss for words Dec 18 2015
14:17 (UTC)

The fact that it was a jury that let him off to me says that either he had a kick-ass lawyer, or the prosecution was inept (or both).  I don't think it's corruption, just good (or bad) lawyering.

Games & Challenges would u rather Dec 15 2015
19:33 (UTC)

Considering how dolphins are treated in captivity, definitely the glass bottom boat.

Would you rather travel by boat or by train?

The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida Dec 15 2015
15:26 (UTC)

Stupid reasons for rejecting a solar farm.

One town resident — a teacher — said she was concerned that the solar panels would prevent plants from achieving photosynthesis, citing that she’s seen plants around other solar panels that were browning.

She was also concerned about what she felt were a high number of cancer rates in the area and said that nobody could tell her it wasn’t due to the solar panels.


He also went on to say that the solar farms would suck up all the energy from the sun and that it would deter businesses from settling in the town.

By the end of the meeting the council voted on a moratorium on the building of future solar farms.

And the sad part was that 2 of these things were said by a local teacher.


The Lounge Meanwhile in places that aren't Florida Dec 15 2015
13:51 (UTC)

The USA vs Australia for the title of stupidest drug user ever

The Lounge Favorite quotes Dec 15 2015
11:58 (UTC)

Quote from a book I read that I can't remember the title or the author or even the plot anymore, but this one line has stuck with me:

"He was slower than a corrupt cop frisking a hooker"

And my own work-safe version:

"Slower than a snail pulling a brick uphill through molasses on a cold January morning."

The Lounge Enterprise Rent-a-Car Management Trainee Program Dec 15 2015
11:52 (UTC)

Mmm, zombie cars.

The Lounge Science is Sexy, Quantum is Magic Dec 11 2015
18:57 (UTC)

Actually, the current theory is that we're living in a computer.  We're a simulated model of a universe being run inside a computer.  You're nothing but a computerized data point.

Actually, according to the theory, we're in a badly run computerized model of a universe.  The current theory is that we're a computerized model of a universe that is itself being run in a computerized model of a universe that is itself being run .... and so on.  They think that we may be in layer 16 of a possible 24 layer model (we build layer 17 ourselves).

There's all kinds of evidence for this, all of it circumstantial.  Basically if we're a computerized model then there would have to be hard limits set, as models can't contain infinite data points.  You know, hard limits like a limit to motion (the speed of light), a limit to the size of individual components (the Plank length), the ability to run the simulation forwards and backwards (linear time).

So we're all living in the Matrix. Quick, someone fine Neo!

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 10 2015
17:43 (UTC)
Original Post by linden:

Also, the UK has no written constitution. We live in an Orwellian nightmare world.


Yeah but at least you have the Magna Carta.  So at least, you know, there's limits on taxation and imprisonment of the nobility.

The Lounge Christmas has come early for geeky SF fans like me! Dec 10 2015
13:52 (UTC)

Cool.  It was too big a series to be turned into a movie.

I just hope that they don't get too bogged down in the politics.  I'm afraid that interpersonal conflict is hella cheaper to film than external conflict, and budgetary constraints may make them play up the politics and interpersonal relationships.  I want at least some "strange new world" man vs wild conflict.

The Lounge Budgets are sexy Dec 10 2015
13:32 (UTC)

I'm teaching my kids by the same method that my  parents taught me.

I give them an allowance and then - and this is the hard part - I don't buy them stuff.

If they want stuff like a new video game, they have to pay for it themselves out of their allowance.

It seems to be working.

My 17 year old son just decided that the money that he'd been saving for a car would be better spent on university (he's had a job for the last year).

My younger son wanted a new video game, so he started saving for it months before the release date.

I think they'll be alright.

The Lounge Meanwhile in the state of Florida Dec 09 2015
13:22 (UTC)

You know, I think this will be my last post here.  With KG gone I just don't have the heart for it anymore.

What some people will go through to avoid a ticket.

The Lounge Budgets are sexy Dec 09 2015
12:12 (UTC)

I told myself that I wasn't going to rant, but I'm seriously getting tired of being called a tightwad because I won't use credit to buy something that I want, but I don't need.

For instance, I want to re-do my kitchen.  I don't NEED to re-do my kitchen, it's perfectly functional, even if it is old and ugly and worn out.  So I'm saving up for a new one.  I figure in 3 years I'll have enough socked away to be able to pay for it.

And the response to my 3 year plan? "But everybody uses credit to pay for a new kitchen, why don't you"?  Umm, because it's a want, not a need.  Never use credit to pay for a want. 

It took me years to claw my way out of credit card hell.  I'm never going back.


The Lounge Budgets are sexy Dec 09 2015
11:58 (UTC)

Agreed.  Living within your means is so much better than living on credit cards.

I just wish I could convince the other people in my life of this.  

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 09 2015
11:55 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Original Post by gotborked:

and even if we confiscated every last rifle, handgun, and knife...what would we do about their teeth?

And what about drunk drivers.  Confiscate cars??

Nah, self-driving cars.  They're  coming.