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Fitness Calorie Deficit and Steady Workout Regimen = Weight Gain? Dec 12 2012
23:46 (UTC)

@smashley23 - I can see how this would cause me to maintain weight, but actually gain weight? That seems a bit counter-intuitive.  Also, my deficit would only clock in at about 1/2 a pound a week.

Calorie Count Activities not adding into total burn correctly? Jan 17 2012
15:52 (UTC)

Ah, I see. That makes more sense. Thanks!

Calorie Count Activities not adding into total burn correctly? Jan 17 2012
14:54 (UTC)

So why is the difference higher for a shorter amount of time?

When I went running on Sunday night for 25 minutes, there was roughly a 90 calorie difference, whereas when I went walking for 40 minutes on Monday, there was a calorie difference of 70.

Also, when exercising, your body doesn't stop burning what it would normally burn, does it?

Weight Loss Keep gaining weight even though I stick with what CC tells me... Jan 15 2012
20:44 (UTC)
Original Post by abi6883:

Also remember that muscle weighs more than fat so if you are losing fat but gaining muscle (yes you should be eating more I think!) remember that your "weight" could go up, but your "size" should decrease. 

Right on the money. Muscle is (roughly) 18% denser than fat - great visual example here, which means that, if you are consistently working out, and feeding your muscles, you will stay the same size (or get smaller) and weigh more, as you are becoming denser.

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