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Fitness Calories burned doing hot yoga? May 12 2009
18:00 (UTC)

I would check your Westside sources again. Some of the lifters over there do incorporate yoga into their training.


Fitness Calories burned doing hot yoga? May 12 2009
13:50 (UTC)

I've been using my Polar F10 monitor to track heart rate and calories during my Bikram classes. Usually I burn 600-700 calories on average. I've been lower and much higher.  I find it varies depending on the heat of the room, time of day, and intensity of the instructor. For instance last night, the room was exceptionally hot and we had a very aggressive instructor. She doesn't let anyone slack off. My calorie total for 90 minutes was 970.


Fitness deadlifting help!! Apr 06 2009
16:31 (UTC)

Try this th-proper-form


Fitness Calories burned doing hot yoga? Mar 23 2009
17:07 (UTC)

I have a shoulder injury so lately I've been doing Bikram as I can't do any weight lifting right now. I too was interested in the calories burned. So I've been wearing my Polar monitor.  My numbers vary on the heat of the room, time of day and the instructor. I've had as low as 285 and as high as 700 for the 90 minute session. On average it seems to be around 500. However, I feel I need more weeks of data to confirm this.


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