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Foods Breakfast controversy Nov 05 2014
23:33 (UTC)

I start my day with a Quest Protein bar which has 20-21 grams protein and 17-19 grams fiber.

Health & Support Calories in Gaviscon Advance????? Nov 03 2014
23:52 (UTC)

No calories really but has 500 mg sodium so maybe water retention

Foods quest bars Aug 04 2014
22:59 (UTC)

Great taste,high protein and fiber-love Dak chocolate chunk,chocolate brownie,chocolate pb,cinnamon roll and cookie dough. They keep me full and no side effects like other bars.

Foods healthy bars- help! Jul 22 2014
22:11 (UTC)

Dr Carbrite bars taste really good while the Ansi cheesecake bars are a bit bland.

Foods healthy bars- help! Jul 21 2014
21:58 (UTC)

I love Quest too and they are expensive. I also use Ansi Cheescake bars-20-21 grams protein and Dr Carbrite bars with 19-21 grams protein and all low carbs. I order through or Luckyvitamin

Foods healthy bars- help! Jul 21 2014
21:58 (UTC)

Dr Carbrite is at many sites but does not have the fiber that Quest does.

Foods What's your favorite protein bar? Jun 17 2014
23:20 (UTC)

I agree Quest bars are the best for fiber,protein,gluten-free and taste-love chocolate chunk,peanut butter and chocolate brownie.

Health & Support So so sad right now May 27 2014
23:22 (UTC)

I understand-I have had anorexia with ednos 27 years and feel depressed-going through separation and live in my parent's attic at 44,lack of work,credit card debt,huge student loan debt,trying to also help my son get by and so frustrated but I need to eat to keep fighting and hope I get a break soon-here for support

Health & Support Good self-help books? May 24 2014
23:58 (UTC)

Check out and order free catalog-has tons great self-help books for all types eating issues.Love your user name Halloween is a great time of the year and pumpkin anything is great.

Health & Support Anorexia and Drinking Sep 26 2013
12:53 (UTC)

I have anorexia and when I drink wine-cranberry,I drink 3 glasses but restrict and will get edema very badly.I also try light beer,etc. but it gives me edema and tenderness.I also restict to allow for calories-I do this weekly now for 3 years and need to eventually eliminate.I started it as a way to shut my ed up and I do allow myself a type of grazing after I am done-all unhealthy for me anyway.

Foods protein/meal replacement bars... Sep 18 2013
18:29 (UTC)

I have Quest protein bars either all natural or regular@160-200 calories each nd 17-19 grams fiber,20-21 grams protein.They are a great meal replacement.

Health & Support helpful books for recovery? Sep 16 2013
00:27 (UTC)

Check  books for all types eds and helpful info and resources.

Weight Gain Cheap bars? Sep 11 2013
11:21 (UTC)

Odwala Bars if want organic otherwise Atkins bars are cheap-5 count usually $5.49 plus coupons usually out there. I myself eat Quest Protein Bars but are 12 count box for $24.99 or $2.09 each.

Foods food rituals Sep 06 2013
21:52 (UTC)


Yes I have food rituals mostly ed related and work on stopping each one  them daily.I think ed or not everyone has a food ritual-my family does.Ex. my cousin eats applesauce with ketchup.

Health & Support Older not wiser? ED related Aug 18 2013
17:20 (UTC)

I wish I knew -I am 43 years old and struggled since 12 years old.I tried the high calorie thing but does not work for me especially since I have been over weight at times and obesity runs in the family. I revert back to safe foods especially at times of stress and financial issues.I hope some others respond to this post because I would like to know how they recovered or at least manage it somehow.

Side note-the high calories never upped my metabolism and suffered edema,bowel impactions and other issues.I am trying again anyway with a food journal,pictures of what I eat-I have a problem with overuse condiments and my husband helps make my dinner 3-4 times per week now.

Foods Anyone heard of Walden Farms?? Jul 24 2013
12:09 (UTC)
20 sells them -choc dip,creamy pb spread,etc. Freeze chocolate dip and sauce for 1 hour-very good that way.Some items are gross-straberry spreads-all fruit spreads.

Foods This is why I'm never eating sour cream again... Jul 22 2013
17:51 (UTC)

Thanks for the post-ignore negative comments. I will try it because of the protein benefits of greek yogurt alone and great idea to me.

Foods Healthy Cheese? What will I do without cheese?! Jun 11 2013
11:54 (UTC)

I have Feta cheese or Laughing Cow cheese wedges-many flavors and versatile@ 35-45 calories per wedge.

Foods Protein Bars?! Jun 11 2013
11:52 (UTC)

I have a protein bar every morning-usually Quest protein bars-all natural or regular@ 160-200 calories depending and each has 17-19 grams fiber and 20-21 grams protein.

Foods Any foods or beverages with hidden calories? May 31 2013
21:02 (UTC)

Nyquil has 90 calories per dose,rolaids are 5-10 calories per dose and 0 calorie items actually have 4 calories per serving -fda regulation thing.