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Recipes Sticky 4 ingredient recipe challenge Mar 27 2012
14:30 (UTC)
4 cups chicken broth 2 cups cooked chicken (diced) 12 -16 oz jar of salsa 3 med zucchini , 3/4- 1" slices

Toss in a pot and cook until zucchini is tender.
Recipes Guy-friendly light & healthy meals Mar 27 2012
14:14 (UTC)
BBQ chicken with corn and asparagus (the corn counts as a starch but it sounds like he might want bread with it also) ... I would try making the leaner forms of the meats he likes and pair them with veggies..see if you can get him to pick a bag of a frozen veggie mix that he likes so you can serve it. Or make what ever you do for dinner into a salad for yourself and let him eat the 'manly' version. Good luck!
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