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Fitness C25k is kinda misnamed isn't it? Apr 14 2015
22:38 (UTC)

I've tried and failed the c25k program so many times, never being able to complete the first weeks.  Running is hard for me.  I shave shin splints that don't agree with running or jogging sometimes. 

I don't think cardio shape matters, it just takes some practice and form watching to run well.

Fitness Favorite Bodyweight Exercises Apr 12 2015
17:11 (UTC)

Planks, side planks, plank pledges, elevated planks

Burpees or if you have to be quieter to respect those below you at an ungodly hour, squats and squat thrusts vs the jumping in burpees.

Pistol squats

Push ups, inverted rows using the desk or table in the room


The Lounge The Dust Bowl Apr 10 2015
19:05 (UTC)

But if the East is flooding due to climate change and the west is too dry, can't we as a country help each other out with resources already available to all?  

I think blaming the west for not living within our means is fair, people on the east coast use fossil fuels too.  


The Lounge The Dust Bowl Apr 10 2015
18:15 (UTC)

I live in the desert and the biggest waste of water here tends to be golf resorts.  Sure the tourist dollar is nice, but when your employees can't afford the water to take a shower with how popular is your resort going to stay?  

The water wasted in Califirnia for cracking and bottled water company is sad as well.  

Yesterday I was talking with a drug rep about this and he said he didn't understand why the state doesn't use the money they are using for the rail and put it into desalination plants.  I understand, but also know desalination is very expensive

i heard on a talk show that there are tons of pipelines going east to west that aren't used for oil anymore and it was suggested that these be converted to water pipelines so all that extra rain and snowfall the east got this year could be piped to the drought states.  We in Arizona aren't much better and haven't had significant rain or snow in years

Fitness Is it possible to improve box jump? Apr 09 2015
17:16 (UTC)

Box jumps need to be done safely and with proper form to avoid injury.  Stick with the height you are comfortable with until it seems too easy.  Make sure you are landing full on no ankle overhang and lightly onto the box.  Hard half on half off landings are going to cause injury to tendon at some point.  Also step down don't jump to prevent injury as well

as you power improves you will be able to increase height.  As I got stronger from lifting weights and lost weight I was able to get to the knee high box, but mostly went from the 8 in to a bench then the higher step.  Stating with just an aerobic step and adding risers is acceptable as well.

better to play it safe, get form right, and build instead of getting injured

The Lounge When will i ever stop crying Apr 05 2015
20:26 (UTC)

Supposedly cutting onions under cold running water helps, but breathing through the mouth will too.  

I think some people are also immune.  Onions don't bother me at all just have to remember to not touch eyes afterwards, unless I've washed hands 

Fitness When to give your body a rest from exercise? Apr 01 2015
14:47 (UTC)

As others said it really depends on activity, intensity and your goals.

If you are doing resistance ( weight lifting) full body you need to rest for 24 hours between - however you can do cardio on non lifting days.

It is a good idea to rest one day a week, but that doesn't mean doing nothing, a light walk outdoors or a bike ride - an active rest is acceptable.  

If your workouts become fatigued or you aren't sleeping well, tired or just not as energetic it would be time to take more than one day off.

The Lounge Advice needed: Friendship Mar 31 2015
22:43 (UTC)

Maybe be honest and say you aren't comfortable in a place that smells of cats and fur all over kitchen counters.  

Sorry she has had a rough few years and the cats probably do give her comfort when she's home alone, but at some point a person needs to start life and quit blaming the past for their current.  

If you aren't a cat person you need to come clean with that fact.  Sometimes cat people understand others who don't share their enthusiasm

i think it would be best to tell her now instead of continually putting her off on visiting, she may start to think it's because you don't like her not her cats and smelly house

Fitness 3 minutes survey on female fitness - please complete! Mar 31 2015
14:41 (UTC)

I love my notebook with all my logs - I even have a box filled with previous paper logs since the day I started lifting seriously.  back then there was no such thing as "apps"  Also with paper I can flip through and see progress all in black and white and not have to worry about storage space or the website being down at the time I'm lifting.


The Lounge You have permission to be judgey about this Mar 28 2015
01:26 (UTC)
17 education-subjects

Appears Finland is taking "unschooling" into their schools.

nomo that sounds like a wonderful program and being a magnet school a way to diversify the student population.  It was probably a high performing school as well, at least that is what the magnet schools were in Tucson.  The school my kids would have attended was not however a very good school.  The quality of education was poor, test scores low, reading levels less than grade.  It was in a poor part of town it was also a very rough part.    I had a good friend whose 1st grader had a knife pulled on him at recess at this school- not a situation for optimal learning.

I did ask about getting them into a magnet school, but because the school's population was only 3% white there would be 3% chance of getting moved.  


The Lounge You have permission to be judgey about this Mar 26 2015
01:12 (UTC)
25 n-65130_1_learning-opportunities

Sorry the Ipad app is very limited in what I can post and share and edit

I was trying to find an article I was interviewed for around this time due to the celebrity of the 7 year old who died in a plane crash who was "unschooled" Maybe someone else can find the article in the Tucson AZ daily star or Sun that I interviewed with at the time. uestions-abo/

I honestly believe homeschoolers and unschoolers have received bad raps due to parents like this and other horror stories.

Having been a president of the Homeschooling network of SW Tucson I can say a lot of homeschooling parents really do want the best for their children.  We had a few members who were "underground" homeschoolers.  they came to our monthly park meetings and meet ups and participated in our group activities but they didn't let the state or county know they were homeschooling despite the laws.  

The group I was president of was a Christian network ( ya I know surprise!!) but they respected my unschooling ways.  I joined the group to get my kids some social network with other kids and they had developed friendships that still exist all these years later despite our varied religious beliefs.  Even back in 1996 despite my not being really Christian I understood the only networks for like minded individuals who didn't want their kids in a public school Christian networks were about the only way to get that support and network for their kids

Being "unschoolers" we did a lot of things that were so great.  School was 24 /7 365 days a year.  My oldest was a huge shark fan so "Shark Week" on  Discovery was a week of watching tv. Back then we didn't have google or Kindle or much in the form of internet so she learned how to find books on sharks by learning the Dewey decimal system!  We learned to use the phone book and alphabetizing by having to learn to find friend in the phone book and museums and other things only available via this old fashioned system.  

My kids did participate in a lot of "extracurricular" activities.  Music and dance and 4H  My youngest loved our Monday morning bowling activity.  the homeschool group found a previous PE teacher and she managed to arrange for a local bowling alley let us bowl on Monday mornings for cheap.  The kids learned math by learning to keep score and we got some gym time by doing an activity.  It was so fun we opened this up to the whole city of Tucson/  

We also formed and helped establish the HEAT which is Home Educators Education Team which allowed homeschoolers to participate in team sports and perhaps get the opportunity to actually qualify for sport scholarships for things like basketball and football  and such

I think a lot of the general public still view home schooling as isolated kids with little to no social skills and this story adds to that generalization.  

I just want people to know there are those of us who did "isolate" our kids from public school for reasons that vary yet we did our best to make sure our kids weren't truly isolated.  

For me my kids were isolated from public school system in SW Tucson AZ due to Spanish being the primary language where we lived and ESL was actually English as a 2nd language school.  Classes in the area we lived were taught in Spanish.   so my girls would have had to learn to speak Spanish to learn to read in English...??  this just didn't seem right.  Sorry if that offends, but that is what it was.  the area we lived in was 3% English speaking so the schools were Spanish speaking first.    

My kids were participants in 4H and music classes and we did a lot of things as a family that most couldn't do. We were able to walk inside of the "very large Array" one of the discs.  It wouldn't have ever happened if there were more than just us parents and the 2 kids.  I still find this one of the highlights of my own life let alone to be able to have provided it for my kids by happenstance.  I remember when the bombing of the FBI building in Oklahoma happened we watched it happen together as a family.  We weren't able to quell their fears as much during the 9/11 as they were enrolled in public school at the time.

Basically homeschooling is a great option.  Unschooling is an even better option, but both only if parents are available for full support and can dedicate necessary time and effort to either.  


The Lounge You have permission to be judgey about this Mar 25 2015
16:04 (UTC)

I unschooled my children and kind of take offense to the idea unschooled kids will be less educated or inept or whatever.  

Each state has certain minimum requirements for homeschooling.  The state of Arizona is very laced.  You notify the state superintendent and that is it.  Washington probably is laced too, but I would bet North Carolina has some requirements that might not be met.  Search online for the requirements and then perhaps notify the authorites that this family is new to the area and the kids are not enrolled in school and maybe then the authorites could have warrant to contact the family to make sure there are some things in place for their actual education.

it is pretty sad that a child would injure themselves enough to warrant surgery just because they live such a sedentary life.  

The lolder child will probably at some point become interested in dating and driving, and will have to face he won't be able to pass the exam for the license or learning permit, and due to lack of social skills be unable to engage in meaningful conversation with a romantic interest.

it is families like this that do give homeschoolers a bad name

get the education department involved first instead of CPS because CPS really won't do anything unless their is physical abuse or unsafe living conditions, which sounds like this is not the case.  Kids have food, computers, 2 parents probably a home that is tidy if not clean even if the kids aren't cleaning it.  But if there is no education then there are things the state can do to change that

Fitness Physical Therapy & Calories Mar 25 2015
00:45 (UTC)

I would start counting calories aiming for a deficit and continue with the PT exercises.  

If the elliptical seems to be causing the knee issues maybe change to a stationery or recumbent bicycle so you aren't putting weight on the joints just yet.

i know after my sister and mom had knee replacement surgery they were told to bicycle.  

Chances are as you start to lose weight I bet your knees will improve.  I know when I lost weight my back pain issues and foot problems healed themselves as I wasn't carrying around so much weight that was stressing them


The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Mar 24 2015
22:24 (UTC)

And more ironic is the fact the thing he didn't want to try and shut down our government over is now where he had to get insurance for his family today!,

as far as his looks , I've seen the memes where his picture next to grandpa Munster and it makes me laugh 0/it-is-day-two-and-all-of-republican.html

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Mar 24 2015
18:35 (UTC)

I am sure there are thousands of accountants just dying to trade in their calculators for a gun

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Mar 24 2015
14:07 (UTC)

 Someone in the Republican party needs to make sure they understand the importance of owning domain names.  

Jebbushfor president is owned by 2 gay bears and is owned by an Obama supporter.  Then there is another Ted Cruz site that directs you to the ACA sign up website

And then the real Cruz fund raising site yesterday wasn't working- I heard if  you entered your credit card information it would freeze up or just not accept it and you couldn't actually make a donation.  


The Lounge Help! I've fed my husband and baby 1 week out of date sausages. Mar 23 2015
23:48 (UTC)

I think expiration dates are more of a can't sell past this date, usually if it doesn't smell bad and tasted ok the it is safe.

The Lounge ROKU users! Mar 23 2015
15:53 (UTC)

Currently HBo is only available if you do have satellite or cable, but I think they plan on making it fee subscription like Netflix and Hulu in the near future.  

I love the Amazon Prime Music now that you can listen to albums for free!  Can't download them, but it's like Amazon prime tv, free shows and Amazon prime music free music.  

Fitness Strong Curves by Brad Conteras? Mar 17 2015
17:10 (UTC)

Stupid auto correct in IPad 

I didn't catch the Ebola book haven't caught the virus either

Fitness Strong Curves by Brad Conteras? Mar 16 2015
20:41 (UTC)

I bought the Ebola too but ended up buying the hard copy as the kindle was hard to decipher when it came to workouts