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The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Aug 03 2015
23:26 (UTC)
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The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Aug 03 2015
20:30 (UTC)

There is a debate tonight on CSPAN that won't get media attention because they can't make $$ on it.  

This whole GOP race is like watching a train wreck on super slow motion you know people are going to die, you know there will be injuries, and there will be one or possibly 2 survivors who walk away to continue on to the next train stop.

Calorie Count Getting logged out Aug 03 2015
15:57 (UTC)

my Saturday and Sunday and today's journal entry disappeared they are there now though.  I had also changed profile picture this weekend and it's back to an old one??? 

Something is up!

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Aug 03 2015
14:52 (UTC)

will you be bolding  Biden- rumors have it he will be announcing


Fitness Any IIFYM chicks on here? Aug 02 2015
00:19 (UTC)

Thanks!  I guess I am not up to date on the newest trends.  I use Myfitnesspal, but only to log my measurements and weight for a daily log since the other site I used went belly up.  I don't use MFP for logging food, actually I don't use any website currently, but will go back to CC soon/  I had no idea that MFP charged for logging food?  I heard their forums were rather mean and non supportive so glad I stay with CC there

I have been here since the dawn of time it seems well Aug of 2006- seen lots of changes, some good some not so good for me at least, but at least it's free so who am I to complain!


Calorie Count website issues Aug 01 2015
18:38 (UTC)

There is a forum for general concerns, and website isupport.  I flagged this so a moderator can move it for you


The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Aug 01 2015
02:05 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Original Post by santonacci:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I don't know if it's really a fierce "battle" to get into the debate - maybe it should be. Maybe that would be better... to have either an arm wrestling qualifier or even a checkbook-balancing competition. Something.

I'd be all for just scrapping the debate altogether unless they're actually going to answer the moderator's question instead of rattling off talking points.

Let all 17 candidates get up on stage, each of them get 7 minutes to talk, and that's it.  Since that comes up to a full two hours, keep the audience entertained by having a capuchin monkey throw water balloons to determine speaking order.  (It makes just as much sense as what Fox is doing....)

this x 1000

But the question is will the moderator ask any hardball questions or just be a regular Fox host when dealing with conservatives and let them talk the talking points.  The answers are Obama bad, Obamacare worst than slavery, planned parenthood kills babies, Christians are now the most persecuted people, gay marriage has destroyed our nation and the sanctity of marriage and Israel is to be given all our money, vets and poor people be damned, and if you do as the police say you won't be shot and open carry applies only to white folks, because #alllivesmatter!  

The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jul 31 2015
19:06 (UTC)

I saw an article that even Fox doesn't even like how this is going.  They are having 2 debates, the losers first those who don't have at least 1% of the recent poll numbers and then those top 10 that do.

Fitness Any IIFYM chicks on here? Jul 31 2015
18:03 (UTC)

What is IIFYM?

also 1200 calories is only enough for someone who lies in bed all day and doesn't move.  

The Lounge If you could relive any summer memories, what would they be? Jul 30 2015
18:09 (UTC)

When I was 8 my sister signed me up for swim team so it was walking to the pool at 7 home at 10 chores and eating and playing till 1 when pool opened for the day.  Home at 5 to eat .  Our pool had family swim only after 6 so couldn't go back after dinner.  

On Tues or Wednesday nights it was swim meets.  This meant eating cherry jello straight out of the package for energy, and after the meet we'd go to Burger King and I'd eat a whole Whaler sandwich.  This was back when Whoppers and whalers were made with these huge buns, not like today. 

When I quit swimming I took up baton, so then it was walking up before 6 so I could get my practice in before it got too hot.  After practice I would go to neighbors and we'd play all day, go swimming, bike riding jump rope.  They too took baton so sometimes we would practice some more, and then one summer we did team twirling. We also did 4h so it was lots of sewing and crafts and we also did programs at nursing homes.

both my parents worked full time, so I spent most of my days away from the house playing.  There were some Saturday's my mom would rent a bicycle built for 2 and U.S. Kids took turns riding it.  Saturday's we also cleaned the car inside and out so we could go to the drive in theater, which usually consisted of lots of Don Knott movies or Disney, but we would sometimes have to go to a dad movie, Easy Rider and Planet of the Apes

The Lounge Milf Jul 29 2015
16:37 (UTC)

If you are too young to go to clubs, maybe go to a medical facility where there are OB GYN office, or pediatricians and try to strike up a non creepy conversation with the one who excites you

The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 27 2015
17:05 (UTC)

I saw where the Texas inspectors said the jail was non compliant in that ALL prisoners are to be looked at once an hour.  The hall camera shows it was 90 minutes since the last time she had been seen

The Lounge HURRAY no more "tent city" Jul 26 2015
15:31 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

Poor criminals:(

I just spent $270 to sleep in a tent for 5 nights.

But was the temperature 120?  And did you get to eat more than bologna and moldy stale bread?  

The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 24 2015
22:51 (UTC)

Wow jarred!  That is so sad on so many levels.  Did you ever find out who got the ticket or did both did she ever get to hospital or did they take her to jail then to deportation?  That is kind of what happens in Maricopa county in Arizona for undocumented. 

Got to wonder if fire dept protocols now are get billing information before treating.  Having once been married to a medic this is not how it's done here.  

Also I thought the law is if you witness an accident and the damage is over 200$ you are required to stay on the scene to give info to police?


The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 24 2015
22:37 (UTC)
Original Post by rain_bows:

I think you could be wrong about not having the right to tell her to put the ciggy out, as it can be used as a weapon (stick it in his face, eye, arm even), to secure the safety of the officer ... they could order you to put down anything you are holding in your hands.

Only if you are actually under arrest.  

The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 24 2015
15:22 (UTC)

The article I read said that the DA said the marijuana findings may be significant to her death because she probably ate the drug to not be arrested for possession at the stop and this mood altering drug in her system at high level caused her to commit suicide.  This is so bogus on all levels and has no scientific proof!  

This loss of life due to some cop being butt hurt because a woman questioned him whether her skin color also contributed to his hostility we may never really know, but I is suspect

The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 24 2015
14:39 (UTC)

using drugs is not illegal- the possession and selling is what is.  An employer can drug test and not hire you based on findings, also today a lot of employers test for tobacco use which is not illegal either.  

Marijuana will also show up in higher levels if you lost weight.  THC bonds to fat and perhaps while she was in custody she probably didn't eat and maybe lost a couple pounds and this would have skewed the findings as well.

It is also possible she was self medicating with marijuana due to her epilepsy.  does IL have a medicinal marijuana law?  Here in AZ medical marijuana is approved for seizure disorders.  


The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 24 2015
13:39 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

She said that she attempted suicide once before..  If you believe this is her actual intake form.. That form, which I suppose could be a fake, said that she attempted suicide after losing a baby..

She had many traffic violations, and fines, and her family would not help out with $500  bond.

Also initial reports of the autopsy shows Ms. Bland had been cutting herself (scars), and had considerable levels of marijuana in her system.

I am not defending the cop.. not by a long shot.. but this woman was very troubled.





How does one have "considerable levels" in her system after being in a jail cell for 3 days?  Was she given food laced marijuana in the jail?  was she toking up with the guards?  Why did she refuse breakfast - usually when one is high all they want to do is eat?!!  Usually when one is taken to jail don't they do a strip search, body cavity search?  How did she get to keep her drugs?  

Also THC stays in the system a long time. I also wonder if her new job does drug testing?  So many places do this anymore and why would she risked not getting the job if tested positive?  

I know a lot of people who have scars from cutting.  A lot of females cut themselves, especially victims of abuse or sometimes people become cutters instead of developing eating disorders.  So if she was anorexic or bulemic she would have been a more "innocent" victim?  

Why is someone's previous record justification for a new arrest and probable murder?  I would hate to think if I ever got stopped by a cop with a vendetta and they looked at my past - I deserved to die because I slept with a lot of men, married a man in the 80's so he could stay in the country.. had an abortion... So glad I'm white and don't have to think about these things



The Lounge Sandra Bland - suicide? Jul 24 2015
00:43 (UTC)

I find the whole thing disturbing and sad! I don't think it was suicde either.  


The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Jul 22 2015
13:58 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:

I wish I could believe Trump is actually running ironically, but it's probably just the tax deduction.

Or the potential to be the new "Palin" on Faux News also to increase your speaking fees and book sales.


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