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The Lounge Suppose scientists cure aging Feb 27 2015
18:59 (UTC)

Mind over matter.  If my brain isn't going to remember how to do basic things or who my kids are and how to safely live on my own I would not want to live.  

Until alzheimers is cured and even dementia I don't care how healthy my body is I just couldn't stand to be alive with no quality of life.

There would also need to be some serious environmental changes to keep people healthy.  I mean if we have no clean water to drink and air to breath no matter what drugs they pump into you you won't be healthy.  


The Lounge Good bye Mr. Nimoy Feb 27 2015
18:13 (UTC)

I saw a report on Wednesday that he was hospitalized for a heart attack, glad they allowed him to go home and find peace there!  His wife confirmed it was the COPD that caused the death in the end.  

I was so hoping it wasn't true.


Fitness Question about fitbit and logging activities in calorie count Feb 26 2015
23:49 (UTC)

Does fitbit sync into Calorie count?  If it doesn't talk to CC then you would need to log into both.


The Lounge Dish o' tae, Capt'n Poldark? Feb 25 2015
14:39 (UTC)

Never heard of this- but last night I just finished season 1 of Broadchurch on Netflix.  I love BBC shows.  If you haven't seen Black Mirror yet - do it now.  Best sci fi  stories I've seen in forever and you don't need to watch in order as each episode is it's own separate story.

The Lounge No sense of direction? Feb 21 2015
15:36 (UTC)

Old fashioned paper maps are a great resource.  If you are new to an area go to a realtor's office or a chamber of commerce or tourist information center and ask for a map.  

Study the way the streets are numbered.  Usually "named" streets will run one direction and the number streets will run the other.  Of course this doesn't work for all cities and towns.  I know Phoenix uses a St vs Avenue system.  So you could be on 7th street until you cross the "main street" and then it becomes 7th Avenue.  

Learn which is the "main" street.  This will be the street for which all other streets are based on.  For example in Omaha "Dodge" street is "0" runs east and west all numbered streets start from the river on the East as 1st and go all the way to over 250th st running north to south.  Named streets run parallel to Dodge  The numbering system would be based on how many blocks North or South of main street you are.  Then you need to know the numbering of the addresses - normally the odd # will be on one side of the street and the evens on the other.

Once you know the major streets and how the town works finding a street gets easier. Use the paper map to identify how many blocks you need to go from one major intersection to the turn off street.

If you are going to a business call them and ask for directions- what is a landmark and how many blocks do I go and do I turn left or right.

As far as the dress or lack of coats and hats- that is on that person.  If they get frostbite it's not your problem- dress for your own comfort.

The Lounge No sense of direction? Feb 21 2015
01:39 (UTC)

they make gloves that have these things in the fingers that make them usable on devices.


The Lounge Pick a topic, any topic Feb 15 2015
22:54 (UTC)

There are many days I would love to relive the day I met the father of my children, the day we were married, the day's my children were born and the last day I saw my oldest brother alive.

envy I don't know guess I'm not really an envious type

 marsupial   A platypus only because this is the only animal I knew was a marsupial 

a country to move to Germany.  I wouldn't even need to come home every six months and would try to stay there for ever and ever.  

Recurring dream there are so many!  One I've had since a child takes place in a part of North Omaha, we used to go bobsledding at this pArk there and I dream about these huge Giants chasing me, and I would be driving the car, despite when the dreams start in I was 4 or 5 but even now driving the old car which would be a 65 model but the. Giants were always and still are the same. I used to have a lot of recurring dreams about my first husband, even after I married.  I now have a lot of recurring dreams with my ex who I was married to for 26 years.  I also I have dreams where I smoke cigarettes again.  Those scare me, since I've been smoke free for almost 10 years now and the idea of going through withdrawal again really scares me

Fitness Ebook Regarding Fitness Feb 12 2015
15:48 (UTC)

Based on this post alone I hope you have a good editor or learn proper grammar or publish it in your primary language......

Fitness Ebook Regarding Fitness Feb 12 2015
15:48 (UTC)

Based on this post alone I hope you have a good editor or learn proper grammar or publish it in your primary language......

Fitness Ebook Regarding Fitness Feb 12 2015
14:20 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Also, does talking about your ebook on these forums violate the posting guideline:

  • Advertisements, product announcements, and self-promotional posts are prohibited. Links to personal sites, pages, and blogs should be placed on users' profile pages.

well, maybe since it isn't complete and there is no link to "buy this" or visit me here type thing they are ok for now?

Fitness Ebook Regarding Fitness Feb 12 2015
14:01 (UTC)

Books about fitness are a dime a dozen.  I get a ton of free e books from well respected and top fitness experts.

Why would your book on yoga be interesting.  Personally I don't equate fitness = yoga.  Yoga is one aspect of getting fit, but there are so many other things needed to be fit.

Why should I invest in your book?  What special things can you offer me that I can't get from friends who teach yoga?


The Lounge Employer and your personal life Feb 11 2015
13:20 (UTC)

There was this article from the state of Indiana allowing employers to force their employees to their religion dbadash/indiana_senate_passes_bill_allowing_f aith_based_corps_to_dictate_religious_behavio r

ould your boss dictate your faith? Your religious beliefs? Your religious practices?

A wide-sweeping bill that just passed the Indiana state senate seems to say yes to all the above.

The bill applies to every religious corporation, association, educational institution, or society that contracts with any entity of the Indiana government (or federal government). It literally mandates these faith-based organizations not be prohibited from "giving a preference in employment to individuals of a particular religion," nor be prohibited from "requiring that all employees and applicants conform to the religious tenets of the organization."

What does this mean?

First, it means your employer can mandate your religious beliefs. Want to keep your job? Be a Christian. A Catholic. A Jew. A Muslim. A Mormon. Whatever your boss says – and no atheists, no agnostics allowed. Gay? No way.

And second, it means every faith-based organization in the state of Indiana will have motivation to under-bid all for-profit entities to obtain a state contract. Those contracts will, (should the highly-religious Republican governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, sign it,) be an automatic "get out of jail free" card, or a "license to discriminate," allowing previously unheard-of cult-like adherence to the religious tenets of one's employer.

In short, your boss could also be the boss of your religious behaviors. To keep your job, you could say you believe whatever your boss does. But to keep your job, you literally would have to follow the behaviors he or she mandates. That could mean no abortion, no birth control, no masturbation, no infidelity. Or no pork. No alcohol. Or no medical attention. Perhaps no dancing. It could also mean forced tithing.

Sound far-fetched?

The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 10 2015
14:03 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

That sounds a bit far fetched, db.  Where did you hear it?

It does make me wonder though, do they even know who Patient Zero is?

Everyone is blaming it on the anti-vaxxers but what if it was a foreign tourist or an adult whose vaccine was no longer effective?

The theory was reported on a radio show.  There actually is no proof who is patient zero.  Tons of theories.  A lot of people blaming "illegals" from Mexico yet Mexico has a 99% vaccine rate.  Others claiming it's the kids who came into Texas- yea like they could afford a trip to Disneyland and most have already been deported back to where they came. tzero.asp


The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 09 2015
22:05 (UTC)

I had also heard that there is a possibility the person from Disneyland actually had just received the vaccine the day or a couple days before, and the persons who caught it from said vaccinated person were the unvaccinated.

since the vaccines given are sometimes live viruses the vaccinated person building the antibodies to fight the infection could be contagious to those unvaccinated.


The Lounge going after anti-vaxxers Feb 09 2015
21:58 (UTC)

If any of these unvaccinated persons later try to get into a medical related field, even as a front office receptionist or Med assistant would have to get the vaccines before the job, and if schooling is required, like a nurse, MA, CNA and radiology tech, the school will require proof of vaccine or they won't be allowed into the school program.  Even my oldest daughter who attended a doula course had to prove her vaccination status and had to get those shots she was behind on.


The Lounge I feel alone :( Feb 08 2015
14:22 (UTC)

Sign up for search meetup groups in your area who share same interests.  Where I live there are ones for hikers, bikers, women - singles, lunch clubs, dinner and lots of other interests.


The Lounge FL vs TX Feb 07 2015
16:54 (UTC)

apologies if this was posted before n

Jon Stewart has called Florida “America’s Wang,” and it does seem like the state’s strong peninsular properties somehow attract people who are on the end of their rope. In Florida Man, Sean Dunne’s endlessly quotable and surprisingly poignant documentary about worn-out and inebriated layabouts in the Sunshine State, the viewer meets a wide variety of beercan philosophers in the course of 50 minutes, many of whom have tales to tell, of the government’s economic dependence on the incarcerated, of the heady thrills of a lifetime of brawling, of the murderous tendencies of pill addicts, of the undeniable pleasures of an impromptu three-way underneath a pier on a beach.

The Lounge FL vs TX Feb 07 2015
00:02 (UTC)

I think in AZ it is Phoenix that fights with the rest of the state.  

The Lounge supreme court of canada allows doctor assisted suicide Feb 06 2015
18:33 (UTC)

Another reason to want to migrate to Canada

The Lounge ISIS burned Jordanian pilot alive Feb 05 2015
18:42 (UTC)

The U.S. Has no stomach to allow other countries to massacre people