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The Lounge Rebel rebel, how could they know? Hot Chat, I love you so Mar 03 2015
18:29 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Not having any luck, nebi.

In the process of looking, I did find some more gems though.

Hi Chatters!

I love when I have time to lurk at lunch, because inevitably Pav finds fun things I never knew I needed in my life until now. And I don't even eat soft boiled eggs! Pav, you really would make a most excellent personal shopper.

Amwick - congrats on a successful wedding party. I wanted to ask you about the homemade tortillas - I found the mix, made one batch - they were delicious but they broke easily. Do you have any ideas on how to prevent that? I used the directions on the package.


The Lounge saving money Feb 04 2015
16:08 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

Original Post by daizymae:

Thanks Amwick. I'm going to look for this locally. I have a tortilla press I'm dying to put to use!

I bought a tortilla press.  Big time-saver.  I roll the dough into a log, then cut and slice to make single servings.  I also use plastic in the tortilla press. You really don't need to shape them much before pressing, somehow they end up pretty roundish anyway.  A bit of an odd shape just makes them look hand made.  They do cook very quickly, so watch carefully. 

Good luck.

Can't wait to try it out! Homemade tortillas are just so dang good :) Thanks!

The Lounge The Best Chat in the World, it was The Best Chat in the World Feb 04 2015
13:41 (UTC)

Morning Chatters :)

The Lounge saving money Feb 04 2015
13:39 (UTC)

Thanks Amwick. I'm going to look for this locally. I have a tortilla press I'm dying to put to use!

The Lounge saving money Feb 04 2015
00:00 (UTC)
Original Post by Imperical:

Original Post by lysistrata:

Grow some vegetables, even if all you have is some containers.  Romaine lettuce is almost $3 a head here right now, and I can get a whole seed packet for $1.50.  Plus with some leafy lettuce varieties that are slow to bolt and kale, you can harvest leaves off the same plant for a few months.  If you've got more room, go nuts and grow stuff you'd be buying anyway.  I haven't had to buy canned tomatoes or salsa for a couple of years now and all of the equipment is reusable.

thanks! what a brilliant idea!!!! I live in an apartment but have a small porch! :-D

Thanks to everyone! I hope anyone reading this also benefits from reading all the great ideas!  I like making my own dinner rolls (as they come in large packets and aren't cheap) when i want some bread with dinner.  They freeze well and super cheap and easy to make, plus they make meals taste better to have some fresh homemade bread :-)

Imperical - there are lots of ways to take advantage of gardening on a small porch - think UP! If you spend a little bit of time searching the web, you can find great ideas for creating vertical gardens. I know there's a hack out there for using the wooden shipping pallets - here's one way - and you can ask your local grocery store for a couple. They tend to have extra hanging around.

The Lounge saving money Feb 03 2015
23:46 (UTC)
Original Post by amwick:

I started making my own corn tortillas. They are really cheap, $.65 for 16 which would be enough for a week's lunch, using an instant mix such as Maseca.  (4.4lbs is under $3.)

They are great toasted, with peanut butter.   This saves money on bread.  Of course you can make bread,  but it takes so much longer.   I do make bread, but only as a treat.




Amwick - where do you find this mix? Do you order it online or find it locally?

The Lounge Wind Tree - Cool new technology Jan 21 2015
20:23 (UTC)

Catwalker - that's kind of what I was thinking, as well. I must have missed the weight bit in the article. Will check it out later.

The Lounge Wind Tree - Cool new technology Jan 21 2015
17:30 (UTC)

That's very cool - thanks for posting the link. I can see why architects would be interested in the aeroleaves for potential uses on rooftops, etc. If it was not too outrageously priced, I'd be interested in some form of that to power my own home.

The Lounge "Oh God, it's mom" Dec 18 2014
19:33 (UTC)

It made me think of the Heat Miser and Cold Miser and Mother Nature in the Year Without a Santa Claus. Loved it!

The Lounge oh this wild wild CHAT of ours, it can't be tamed... Nov 14 2014
20:48 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

I was, like, 8 years old.  :D


The Lounge oh this wild wild CHAT of ours, it can't be tamed... Nov 14 2014
20:35 (UTC)

It was a great surprise! DH and I each entered 51 different weeks (it was an online contest through Australia Someday (left one entry off as it involved motorcycles and neither of us ride) and actually won week #20.

A pool raft is a great thing! (If you have a pool to use it in ;)

The Lounge oh this wild wild CHAT of ours, it can't be tamed... Nov 14 2014
20:30 (UTC)

Australia. We actually won a trip, then added on to it because it's so far away. We'll mostly be on the West Coast - we haven't been on that side before.


ETA: thanks for posting the link to that blog page for the meringues, Pav. I'm looking forward to making them next month.

The Lounge oh this wild wild CHAT of ours, it can't be tamed... Nov 14 2014
20:26 (UTC)

Super excited! I just got home from work and *should* actually pack, but I'm procrastinating on here ;)

Happy Early Birthday, btw!

The Lounge oh this wild wild CHAT of ours, it can't be tamed... Nov 14 2014
20:20 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

*whips up a batch of gingerbread meringues dipped in dark chocolate and crushed almonds*

never mind. just saw it on the next page.

Happy Weekend Chatters!

The Lounge I was lost in Chat in love Nov 13 2014
18:04 (UTC)

Thanks Runes - I may take you up on that one of these days.

The Lounge I was lost in Chat in love Nov 13 2014
18:02 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

Of course you do, that's what Russia smells like - Trouble and vodka and despair.  And beets.

Hiya Chatters!

I almost never post in here (I tend to lurk at lunchtime though - you all can be very entertaining!) But I had to come out of stealth mode because this particular string of comments had me laugh out loud. Thanks for making my Thursday a smidge better :)

The Lounge Gift Idea for booklovers Nov 13 2014
17:26 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I thought I'd report that I got a tote bag and it's awesome too.

I'm so glad you bumped this. I missed it the first time.

I'm still looking through, but I'm loving the Persuasion tote.

Me too! I already sent the link to DH for Christmas. There are SO MANY good choices.

The Lounge Good language course apps for Spanish? Sep 15 2014
13:59 (UTC)
Original Post by Stephanie0205:

Duo Lingo! It's a free app and it has several languages. I'm doing the Spanish right now.

I second this one! I use it, too, for Spanish. The little owl reminds you to play a little bit each day :)


The Lounge a TINY kitchen pet peeve Aug 27 2014
14:25 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

I thought of another one, actually several:

  • letting a glass or bowl used for a milk product sit on the counter without rinsing so it has to be scrubbed
  • leaving rinsed dishes in the sink
  • not filling up ice cube trays
  • not setting out a new stick of butter after using up the old one

I know I'm late to the party, here, but, ^this. Why is it so hard to fill ice cube trays?

The Lounge Your Top 10 Places in the World Aug 08 2014
22:18 (UTC)

I love thinking of this topic! And, as Lys mentioned, my list changes often. There are too many interesting places to visit and not enough vacation days to do so. I've been to 7 of your top 10, Nomo and was fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling with my family overseas. As of tonight, my top 10 places to visit next are:

1. Kruger National Park, South Africa

2. Cape Town, South Africa

3. New Zealand

4. Argentina (Mendoza)

5. Indonesia

6. Bora Bora

7. Egypt

8. Morocco

9. Chile

10. Banff/Lake Louise


And like anew (I think) , my #11 is also my #1 - Australia. I've been before and I am returning this Fall, but I would move there tomorrow if I could find employment.

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