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107lbs - May 2006 Age 15  Height 5' 7" (original weight)

121lbs - Dec. 2006 (first high weight)

107lbs - Jun. 2007 Age 16 (low weight - eating disorder)

124lbs - Jun. 2009 Age 18 almost 19  (current)

I gained too much weight in 2006 in an unhealthy way, and in an attempt to lose it and be fitter in 2007, I went too far in the opposite direction. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and it has taken me a long time to feel recovered from that challenge.

My goals now are simple - I want so much to be muscular but still trim/slender.  I want to be healthy and strong and take care of myself.
It's a long road and I never want to be as heavy or unhappy as I was last fall, but I have to admit that even after gaining a few pounds it doesn't feel so bad...actually pretty darn good! I'm working out with a focus not on calorie-burn on on muscle-building, and I'm working out  because it makes me happy.

I lift weights 6 days a week and do moderate cardio. I am very strong for my size, age, and gender....I can bench 100lbs (for multiple sets of 8 reps), deadlift 115lbs (again for 8 reps, 3 sets), and leg press 270lbs. I am proud to often be the only female in the weight room at my gym....and certainly the one with the biggest weights in my hands!

I can do it!


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