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Weight Loss "25 POUNDS IN 100 DAYS" challenge! Jul 07 2014
19:18 (UTC)
Hi all!! I tipped the scales at 305 lbs. i brought my weight down to 140, and after my daughter have stayed at 160. I am 5'7, hope to bring it down to 150, but losing weight now is tough. Going to cut down to 1500, see if this does the trick. I'm in!
Motivation 5'8 - 5'9 club Mar 11 2014
21:05 (UTC)
Well hi there. I'm 5'8, 30s female, 165 lbs. i started at a weight of 300 lbs. I dropped down to 150, now I've collected 15 extra pounds. Not cool. :)
Weight Loss Need advice on how to help my mom lose weight. Mar 11 2014
20:57 (UTC)
I hope she got rid of your Dad. She shouldn't let a man bring her down like that. We women need to take a stand.
Weight Loss 56 years old--does age affect CCing? Mar 11 2014
20:54 (UTC)
I am 39 y/y and couldn't shed a pund to save my life. I lift heavy, and my cardio is limited to 30 a day 4 times a week. My calories on heavy lift days are 1900, on light lift days with cardio, 1600. I am 5'8, 165 lbs and I hate it. The good Lord help me keep from eventually starving to death. This aging stuff is tough. Lol
Weight Loss Phentermine Sep 17 2012
02:39 (UTC)
One more thing, I lost so much hair. Wonder if others did as well.
Weight Loss Phentermine Sep 17 2012
02:36 (UTC)
This is a very dangerous drug. It will turn you into the devil. I was a raving lunatic, even beat up my own sister. Rage from hell. Anxiety from hell. I used this to lose some weight until it took away my sleep cycle. I am now on sleep meds for two years now. It did help me as far as buying me time to learn to eat right. When I got off, I stuck to my lifestyle change.
Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 17 2012
02:29 (UTC)
I've gone from 300, to my current 150. Stuck here. Frustrated. :(
Health & Support Is my metabolism completely broken? Please help/give advice! (Teen Girl) Jul 28 2012
05:27 (UTC)
You need a psychiatric evaluation. Jmo. This can become a dangerous obsession. Sorry.
The Lounge Broke people who spend money on Tatoos. Jul 28 2012
05:21 (UTC)
Being a former artist, and studio owner, this often happens. It's like them spending money on booze, cars, etc. Priorities are all wrong.
Pregnancy & Parenting Anybody want to start a Satanic Parenting Group? Jul 12 2012
02:46 (UTC)
Nah. That stuff failed me. Raising my daughter fine, without a group. Sorry. I'm blunt and to the point.
Weight Loss 5'5" 185 and want to get to 145- who is with me? May 26 2012
10:03 (UTC)
5'7 158. At least 150
Weight Loss am I doomed?? May 21 2012
18:08 (UTC)
Hi there. Thanks so much for the reply. I do an hour of cardio mon-sat, then 30 every night. I will do 15-30 of weights following cardio. I consume around 1500-2000 calories a day. I just feel I'm missing something.
Pregnancy & Parenting 7 months prego and no weight gain! Feb 04 2012
02:16 (UTC)
Wow, go to your doc. Sounds odd.
Motivation 210 Pounds and don't need to Lose! Feb 04 2012
02:14 (UTC)
I would get to work! :D
Weight Loss Can you still change your body at 28? Feb 04 2012
02:11 (UTC)
Biology? Yet another excuse. Work it. Reach your goal. I don't push excuses. Motivation helps people reach their goals. Genetics can also play a factor. You can change your predisposition. It's up to you!!!!
Weight Loss Ladies who are 150 pounds, what is your jeans size? Feb 04 2012
02:08 (UTC)
I'm 5'7, 150 lbs, 36,27,40. I wear a 13. :)
Weight Loss Can you still change your body at 28? Feb 03 2012
21:34 (UTC)
Wow, have you made funeral arrangements already??? Life isn't numbers. No excuses, at any age.
Weight Loss your thoughts on lap-band.. Feb 03 2012
21:32 (UTC)
One more thing, my normal weight was 300 lbs. at 150 now. It was gradual, but it can be done.
Weight Loss your thoughts on lap-band.. Feb 03 2012
21:30 (UTC)
Against. I think it's the easy way out. Adapting your entire lifestyle leads to changes for life.
Fitness I want to lose my tummy! Feb 03 2012
10:10 (UTC)
Cardio cardio cardio. I corset a lot. Wear a binder to work out. 26 is my norm.
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