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Motivation Skinnier by summertime. 15-20 pounds by June 1st?? BINGE BUSTERS. Mar 05 2012
03:14 (UTC)
Cool:) I wanna joiin this sounds great:)! CW-154.3 GW-135-140

I've joined a gym but also work full time, nights and days so I'll try go minimum 3times a week!! I'm a major night eater too:(
Weight Loss Please support me! Looking for support group. Mar 05 2012
03:00 (UTC)
Hey I wudn mind joining:)? I'm a 19 year old female, I'm 5"8 nd I'm 70kgs I want to loose a stone nd a half and also tone up:)
Weight Loss 50lbs......7 Months... Mar 05 2012
02:58 (UTC)
Awhhh that's so great!! Delighted for u!
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