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The Lounge Decision 2012 - UPDATED WITH VOTE COUNTS Nov 07 2012
05:32 (UTC)

Well as I said before and I say again - I didn't think he'd win.

So when I saw the projections I was more than surprised and extremely excited.



The Lounge Election Countdown - Just 3 years til the primaries start! Nov 07 2012
05:29 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Well, it sure wasn't an early night!

I have no reason to think he didn't win fair and square.  I am surprised at the amount of support he received, but I probably shouldn't be.

There's still a lot of work to do.  I wish him success in righting the ship.

If only the people on Fox were as gracious as you in accepting the results.

The Lounge OBAMA Nov 07 2012
05:27 (UTC)
Original Post by theviewfromhere:

Original Post by MkayPBA17:

Yes i surely will move to Canada , but wait our economy has gotten us middle class so broke , i cant even afford a one way ticket out . Hah thank you Obama :)

give it up, kid.

 + 1

The Lounge NObama Nov 07 2012
04:56 (UTC)

tvfh.. this girl is so ill informed.


let her have it


ETA - why do Americans say they want to move to a MORE socialist country b/c of Obama?

Makes no sense to me

The Lounge OBAMA Nov 07 2012
04:55 (UTC)

Quick. Pack your bags!

let us know when you are actually in Canada. Or are you like ever other person who says they are going to move?

The Lounge Election Countdown - Just 3 years til the primaries start! Nov 07 2012
04:39 (UTC)



Republicans and their math.


Nice projections lys et al.

The Lounge Decision 2012 - UPDATED WITH VOTE COUNTS Nov 07 2012
04:32 (UTC)


Fitness abs for females Nov 07 2012
03:44 (UTC)

Doesn't matter what you eat.


Muscle doesn't grow unless you "work" it. So do core-intensive exercises/lifts.


You already have a low BF is seems like so that's not the issue.

The Lounge What are some things that you do that you can easily loose track of time? Nov 07 2012
03:41 (UTC)



Fitness Any good 10k training programs? Nov 06 2012
14:30 (UTC)

There are hundreds out there in the internet.

I'm sure runnersworld has at least a few.

The Lounge The new political buzz phrase is ... Nov 06 2012
12:44 (UTC)

If you haven't heard, the election is getting.. a little bit salty.


If you watched Conan last night you know what I'm talking about.

The Lounge Mini poll : Election of 2012 Nov 06 2012
04:18 (UTC)

?? Everyone has the right to vote or not vote.

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to do it.


What a bonehead comment.


Let's all bear arms since we have the right to do it!

The Lounge Mini poll : Election of 2012 Nov 06 2012
04:05 (UTC)



I'm allowed to dream, yeah?

Foods Is Olive Oil bad? Nov 06 2012
04:04 (UTC)

Boom roasted

Fitness Time Change effecting you? Nov 06 2012
02:53 (UTC)

Having light during early morning rows is grand.

Rowing in the dark is spooky.

Fitness Should I buy a kettlebell? Nov 05 2012
19:30 (UTC)

Oh brother.


It's a losing battle either way with this mom, it appears.


You keep hitting your kettlebells.

Fitness Should I buy a kettlebell? Nov 05 2012
19:08 (UTC)
Original Post by metabolicmom:

Oh Lord!!! I'll show you my scientific evidence if you show me yours! LMAO! Seriously, my scientific evidence is my body. As a past cardio queen, pink dumbbell princess..KB's helped strengthen me, re-shape me, AND increase my cardiovascular endurance ten-fold! It allows the body to move in more  'real-life' movements that dumbbells just cannot do. 

Umm.. I'm not the one saying kettlebells work "hundreds of muscles" at a time and that they are much better than dumbells.

I don't need to provide evidence for anything, I'm not the one making a case for a product and the magical properties of it.


Also, I highly doubt your cardio endurance is 10x better b/c of kettlebells. Seriously? Since when do endurance athletes get in great shape b/c of kettlebells?


And using your body as evidence of anything is as silly a supposition as there is.

The Lounge In General, Men are nicer than Women... Nov 05 2012
18:54 (UTC)
Original Post by lasposacadavere:

Okay, but what he did is definitely not acceptable.



What are you, the most sensitive woman in the world?

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