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Weight Loss IVE FINALLY LOST my first hundred... Apr 09 2012
16:43 (UTC)

Way to go!!!  I'm sorry your outside "support system" is unhappy with your achievement, because it is SO AWESOME!!!  Keep it up! :)

Motivation For every comment I'll do 5 minutes of cardio. Apr 09 2012
16:41 (UTC)

At this rate you could possibly still be in the gym until tomorrow morning! :)

Motivation motivation desperately needed Mar 22 2012
14:12 (UTC)
Original Post by baltimoreamt:

I strongly suggest you make some smaller goals not just the 190 number.

Make a tiny step goal in terms of healthy eating every week and a tiny step goal in terms of exercise every week.

So forget about 190 and think about starting lifting some weights or a couch to 5K program.

Forget about forcing your sister to dio this ior not to do this you are going to suceed and do this for you and your health. Small steps every day every choice make the best choice for you.


Gotta agree with baltimore here.  Attaining small goals for yourself (rather than focusing on the whole journey) will fuel the fire of success for you.

Some tips Jen, that helped me finally find my way (an I'm still on it but 50# down only 18 left to go):

1) Journal - on here, great or in a private journal at home.  Something you can review every month or shows you where your mind is, and how the changes you're making really is affecting you.  You'll be amazed, and it feels good to gain insight into your own thinking. :)

2) Evaluate ready, willing, & able constantly with your plans & goals.  Lets say you want to plan exercise for the week.  You schedule yourself for Mon, Wed, & Fri for an hour at 5pm.  Honestly troubleshoot what reasons you might have for missing that appt with yourself.  Are you ready to commit to that activity on those days?  Are you willing to do it? Is it an activity that you enjoy"? And are you able to do it?  You might have familiy or school commitments that might come up and impede your plan.  You must be ready, willing, & able to make any longlasting change to your lifestyle.

3) Get the full picture of your goal, you mentioned you want to be 190#.  There's your endpoint.  Now create small goals designed to get you there, and make sure they are reasonable and attainable.  I put sticky notes all over my bedroom mirror for example.  The first was marked with my starting weight, and I put an additional sticky note on for each 2# I would need to lose...all the way down to my goal weight.  OMG - talk about a sticky note mess...LOL  But when I lost 2#, I would take that weight sticky off & burn it.  I have a small metal container that I burn them in.  Girl - it feels good to have a "burn" day.  I make my way through 2# at a time.  Slowly but surely I can start seeing myself in the mirror.  Looks better than I remember too. :)

Good luck to you and there are so many people here on CC that is willing to help you through your journey if you are ready to go for it!  Lets do this thing.


Motivation honesty. Mar 22 2012
13:55 (UTC)
Original Post by ootek:

I set up my food and log it at the beginning of the day, including a few small treats.  One, it keeps me from forgetting, and two, since I can look forward to a couple of Hershey's Kisses for my mid-afternoon snack and after dinner, and know I can enjoy them guilt-free because they're already accounted for, I'm much less tempted to sneak unauthorized foods during the rest of the day.

I do the same thing, it really helps keep me on track as well.  There are some days where I'll even log in my planned activity before I actually do it.  This encourages me to complete that which I planned myself and it also feels much better completing it rather than deleting from my log at the end of the day because I didn't "follow through".  I try to #1) be accountable to myself then #2) be accountable to my buddies on CalorieCamp.  Good luck to you! :)

Motivation I'm sure it's been done to death, but... Mar 20 2012
21:16 (UTC)

Ditto!  Great posting :)

Motivation Thumbs up to CC! Mar 20 2012
15:25 (UTC)
Original Post by brackish_kitty:

Original Post by anginwi:

Congrats on your changes, and I know you'll inspire others to try too!


Thanks, Ang! I just want to share with you that I have 4 of my co-workers counting calories and 2 of my neighbors as well just because of the change that they've seen in me and my husband. It takes some effort, honesty and patience to do this but it does pay off big time. The feeling of being strong and healthy is far more rewarding!

WOW!!! That rocks!  You're a trend setter! :)

Motivation I'm sure it's been done to death, but... Mar 20 2012
14:05 (UTC)
Original Post by pip_squeek:

I too read this idea and thought it was fab! But I needed to adapt it to my own personality. So I went to the London bead shop in Covent Garden and chose beads to make a necklace! Each bead represents 1lb. So when I've reached my target weightloss I'll be able to wear my achievement with pride! It'll also be a constant visual reminder of how far I've come, and to never slip back. Well, a girl needs pretty jewellery, right?! Xx

I LOVE THIS!!!  I'm totally going to get some sweet beads. Wonderful, WONDERFUL!!! :)  Thanks!


Motivation Thumbs up to CC! Mar 20 2012
14:01 (UTC)

How wonderful to be recognized for what you have learned and how you've incorporated that into you & your family's lives.  I work closely with our medical center's RD, Diabetes educator, physicians & nurses to help inspire some of these lifestyle changes in our patients' lives.  The most powerful educator to patients facing a needed change, whether it be diet or activity changes, is a PATIENT.  You've been where the other patients are at...and you DID IT.  I'm thrilled that they asked you to speak, your influence on others vastly out-weighs that of your physician, RD, or nutritionist.  They need your help, to help others.  That is absolutely fantastic!!!  Congrats on your changes, and I know you'll inspire others to try too!


Weight Loss Shocking the body Mar 13 2012
18:52 (UTC)
Original Post by AjithGunawardana:

sorry to shatter your dreams. This shock you body idea is not about giving your body piza n soda. That should you put you back a bit and leave you having to work on some weight you should never have gained. The shock idea is about breaking a routine. Eat more healthy food one day less the next. The total calories for the 2 days remains unchanged. Change the type of exercise you do. Say you have been running 30 min a day for the last month. You will find your body does not have to work as hard to do that so skip, lift weights or something else in that 30 min.

And do consider you have lost 24 lbs in 4 weeks. Part would not have been fat loss. The sudden surprise you gave your body with exercise or diet could cause your body to lose water retention etc. Now it could be working it's way back to normal. Give yourself a month before panicking.

Couldn't have said it better myself.  On the nose. :)


Motivation 42.5 lbs down in two months! WOW! Mar 12 2012
15:30 (UTC)

Amazing story, you are truly an inspiration - and you have an AMAZING guardian angel.  Your family should be so proud of your new attitude on life.  Keep up the good work!



Weight Loss Starting over and need support, Mar 08 2012
15:24 (UTC)

I had to make small goals.  Yes I wanted to lose a big chunk by a certain time, but I divided that into small attainable goals.  I put sticky notes all over my mirror.  Each sticky note had a weight on 2 pound increments.  When I went past a weight on the sticky reward was to BURN IT.  I LOVE those days when I get to burn one.  I'm 49lbs down and still have a few stickys left to burn...but 2 lb increments are certainly acheivable and reasonable.   :)

"Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement." Brian Tracy

You go girl!  See you in Calorie Camp!


Foods What are some new things that you've tried? Feb 28 2012
15:09 (UTC)

Creativity starts coming out when you're looking to establish a good healthy lifestyle! :)  I LOVE this thread!

I try to stay fairly adventurous with my tastebuds, but I can see I've still got a way to go to keep up with this group! So many wonderful ideas that never even occured to me to try.

Recently I've tried the Unsweetened Almond Milk, and LOVE it.  I'm not going back to dairy.  1) It's much creamier than the skim milk I was drinking before & 2) 35 calories a cup??!!! Yeah...easy transition there.  It's great in my protein shakes.  I've also tried beets & beet greens & discovered that it IS possible to reach my potassium target for the day. LOL!  Very tasty!  I bought some collard greens this weekend to try as well & I'm looking forward to trying those...maybe this evening.  I've also tried the Nutella & wow...yum!  I like to mix half & half with peanut butter for that Reese's taste! :)


Motivation Accountability/Commitment Feb 27 2012
19:44 (UTC)

You couldn't have hit the nail more on the head!  :)

Weight Loss Diary of a Fluffy Woman :) Feb 01 2012
14:40 (UTC)

Food addicts unite! :)  You have a lot of support here!  Lifestyle change is hard enough...why add the pressure of trying to do it alone.  I hope you've found many people here to help you through some of the tough spots. 


Motivation So proud of myself Jan 30 2012
15:14 (UTC)

So awesome!  I'm working on my 2nd C25K program after letting it lapse over the holidays...need to get back into it.  Last summer I ran 2 5K runs...and I was flabbergasted that I was actually able to do it.  Seeing how you were able to get to the 10K is so inspiring to me.  Thank you for the post and we're ALL proud of you!!! You ROCK!

Motivation Mental state for loosing weight Jan 17 2012
16:33 (UTC)


Perhaps you're trying to change too much at once.  Too many goals can be overwhelming and can set you up to feel like you've failed.  Start smaaaallll.  Pick one thing you'd like to accomplish each day/week and add to it when you feel comfortable.

For example...Drink 8 glasses of h2o everyday.  Write this goal down, and keep track of it in your food log or however you'd like to track.  If that was easy...add another goal the next week.  Keep a food log. true to it.  When that becomes 2nd nature, figure out your target calories for a day and try to change one meal that would fit into your "plan".  Building on small goals is a great way to prove to yourself that you are accomplishing a lot...NOT FAILING. 

Use your resources...this site is full of them! :)  Calorie Camp is a fantastic place to start...lots of people riding the same boat as you.  Great job stepping forward and asking for help.


Weight Loss pre diabetic 100lbs to lose Jan 12 2012
15:31 (UTC)

First of all, let me commend you for coming forward and recognizing your need to make a lifestyle change.  That is a terribly difficult thing to admit.  I see many pre-diabetes patients day in and day out who feel that because they've not hit the "diabetes" mark yet...they're safe.  This is the BEST time to make a lifestyle change, before a disease can take hold of your body and start making a mess of things.  Good for you!!!

I think you mentioned that you've tried to lose before, getting in a healthy groove, and then just quit.  I bet you've learned a few things about how your body gains and loses weight by just looking at your past efforts.  Keep those in mind, because those were triumphs...anytime we learn and gain insight into the way we "work", is a triumph.

1) Find out what your calorie intake should be every day.  Your doc or a dietician would be the ideal people to direct you to an ideal range.

2) I agree with the members who have insisted on having a good breakfast. 

3) Keep your blood sugar and your metabolism working for you all day by eating every two hours or so.  You don't need to have a meal...but have something.  A piece of fruit, a carrot or two, if you need some protein...maybe some lean sliced turkey, or nuts.  Keep your stomach working.

4) Drink your H2o!!!  At the very helps fill you up.

5) Absolutely set SMALL goals.  Myself...I put sticky notes on the mirror I look at every morning with 2lb increments on it.  This is my countdown.  Every two lbs, I take one off and shred it (joyfully!!!).  When I have a relapse and just "quit" my healthy routine...I keep those stickies up there...reminding me how far I've come, and that through one sticky at a time...I can get there if I re-apply myself.  Then I re-engage.

6) Get and use a support system.  Calorie Count is full of memebers who are walking the same walk you are.  Some are just a few miles ahead, some are starting their walk again for the nth time.  Let your supporters know your goals and let them help encourage you to meet them.

Congrats again for having the insight to turn over a new healthy leaf for you and your family.


Motivation The New Year's Resolution Thread Jan 04 2012
14:13 (UTC)

My goal last year was to run my first 5K, and I ended up running 2 of them.  I would've never dreamed I'd ever be a "runner".  Always wanted to be, and finally I made it.  My new goals for 2012:

1) run at least 1 more 5K than last year

2) reach my goal weight

3) plan to exercise at least 15 mins everyday...a short walk is not much to ask

4) log, log, log....activities and food intake.  It's amazing to look back over the past year and SEE the things I was able to accomplish.

Games & Challenges ** November 2011 ** Weight Loss Challenge ** Sign-ups Always Welcome ** Nov 29 2011
14:20 (UTC)

Here's looking to next month!!!

Name: Angie
Age: 40
Height & frame: 5'6", medium
Highest weight & date:  206 Feb 2010
CC start wt and CC start date:  same as above
 Goal Weight (by November 29, 2011) 160

Start Weight in November 2011:170
Week 1; 08-Nov: 165
Week 2; 15-Nov: 164
Week 3; 22-Nov: 163
Week 4; 29-Nov: 163

Total monthly weight loss: 7

Average daily calories/deficit: I aim for 1200 cal intake & the same in deficit.
Add comments: A tough week with the Thanksgiving holiday, but I'm happy to say bye-bye to those 7 lbs!  Heading to the Bahamas for a week on the first - I hope I don't do TOO much damage! :)

Games & Challenges ** November 2011 ** Weight Loss Challenge ** Sign-ups Always Welcome ** Nov 22 2011
15:49 (UTC)


Name: Angie
Age: 40
Height & frame: 5'6", medium
Highest weight & date:  206 Feb 2010
CC start wt and CC start date:  same as above
 Goal Weight (by November 29, 2011) 160

Start Weight in November 2011:170
Week 1; 08-Nov: 165
Week 2; 15-Nov: 164
Week 3; 22-Nov: 163
Week 4; 29-Nov

Total monthly weight loss: 7

Average daily calories/deficit: I aim for 1200 cal intake & the same in deficit.
Add comments: Getting there, but not sure I'll make goal by the 29th.  Still, any loss feels great!

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