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Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 22 2015
19:45 (UTC)

So I just noticed that when I reran my BMI today it said "moderately" overweight rather than "severely" overweight.  Funny how the little things make your day. :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 17 2015
21:05 (UTC)

Did I mention that pop is an issue for me?  OMG . . . I can't leave it alone this last week or so.  I have tried switching to Crystal Lite and I like a few of the flavors but every time I stop in the store I get that "what the heck" attitude.  It's very hard for me to give up that caffeine.  I don't drink coffee or tea so it's my crutch.

))^$$*()*&^%*()_*^%  STRUGGLE!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 11 2015
12:12 (UTC)

Woohoo tamji!  Way to go!! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 10 2015
13:56 (UTC)

Hi lachavachida!

Welcome to the group! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 08 2015
17:11 (UTC)

Well . . . the birthday weekend is officially over.  Funny, I don't FEEL any older. :)

I made chocolate chip cookies with the grand kids yesterday and had some.  I should have sent them ALL home with them instead of only some. :P  We went to Ciao Bella for dinner and I had pasta and braised veal.  I've been craving pasta so much lately but I didn't even make a dent in that monsterous plate!  I was too stuffed to even try the tirimisu . . . which is probably a good thing.  The pasta and beer was plenty!  I didn't step on the scale this morning to see what the damage was and probably won't until tomorrow. 

Today I'm going to work on paperwork and taxes, plan meals for the week and get to the grocery store so I have something other than chocolate chip cookies to eat! ha!  I have Monday off work as well I might do a little clothes shopping . . . or nothing at all.

I hope everyone is having a strong week so far.  We have to stick with it and refuse to give up what we MOST for what we want NOW.

We can do this!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 06 2015
15:13 (UTC)

Good theme!

And with "persistence" in mind, what is an obstacle you struggle to overcome?  Are you trying to drink more water?  Get your protein up?  Are you trying to kick caffeine or your daily donut?

For me it's sodium and carbs.  They are too high!  So this week, I'm going to focus on less salt and bready items.

My challenge to you all is to post a common struggle you have.  Work on it this week and post your results along with your weigh in next Friday.

We can persevere!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 05 2015
20:54 (UTC)

You 2 are awesome! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 05 2015
00:12 (UTC)

Hi Joe!

Welcome back!  I have an interest in cooking healthier too but I have a few obstacles with raw produce so I'm somewhat limited.  Hoping I'll be able to pick up some ideas from the group and maybe incorporate modified versions.

I'm excited to see how this group is growing!


Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 02 2015
23:22 (UTC)

I'm curious what every one does to help themselves stay on track.

One of my tricks is that I eat the same thing every work day for breakfast.  When I choose lunches, I have the same thing for 5 days and then change the following week.  But I always have roughly the same count for the day.  That way I pretty much know where I'm at for dinner and how much more I can have.  On the weekend, my husband likes to go out to dinner a lot.  So to compensate for that, I eat breakfast but don't have lunch.  That way, I can enjoy a nice dinner and drinks with him and not worry about what I'm doing to my count.

How do you plan your meals?  Daily?  Weekly?  What's your trick?

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 02 2015
22:30 (UTC)

Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to the group!  Looking forward to sharing the experience! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Feb 02 2015
12:00 (UTC)

I just had to share that I made my January goal this morning and am back in "one"derland!  199.8 on the scale today.  Woot woot! :)

Welcome to deerad and xizzi! 

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week!


Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 31 2015
03:11 (UTC)
Original Post by mhanna24:

Hi Angie! Im also pushing for a 1.5 loss this week. Would LOVE to see 154! Upped my water intake a lot, hoping that helps! Good luck on Friday! Im sure you'll have great results :)


Anticipation!  Looking forward to hearing how you did!  Watching for your post. :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 30 2015
21:31 (UTC)
Original Post by burton1490:

SW: 128

CW: 126.5

Goal for the next week is another lb if possible and to overeat on Super Bowl Sunday. 

I know a lot was water weight but it's good to see a drop. I also stuck to my half marathon training plan which is even better!

I forgot all about Super Bowl!  Thanks for the reminder so I can plan ahead.  Awesome loss and way to stick with your training! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 30 2015
21:28 (UTC)
Original Post by slimmer_healthier_me:

Original Post by slimmer_healthier_me:

This is great!

I re-started my health program in Dec 2014 at 232 lbs. I am presently at 220 - as of this morning.  

cw: 220

interim goal weight: 195 (before my physical exam at the end of April) 

gw: 140

Friday's weigh in: 219

This week's weight loss: 1 pound

Total weight loss: 13 pounds

 I have no clue how to use this quote thingy! haha

Great job slimmer!  Have you ever stacked up 13 pounds of butter at the grocery store?  I have! :)


Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 30 2015
20:57 (UTC)

Hi Tamji!

The more the merrier.  Love getting to know everyone!  Have a great start week! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 29 2015
22:39 (UTC)

mhanna . . . . hope you nail it tomorrow! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 29 2015
22:37 (UTC)

Hi Fat2fitt and Burton!

I have to say . . . it's kinda nice to see some shorties joining!  :)

I always think to myself . . . if I was 5'8" I wouldn't be here! haha

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 27 2015
23:27 (UTC)

Just wondered how everyone is doing this week.

I'm hanging in there so far.  Staying in my limits . . . even with a pan of Reeses bars staring me in the face every day. :)  Resisting the pop is harder.  Some days I win, some days I don't.  But if I end up having one I try and make sure it's within my calories.

I tore apart my closets looking for the aerobics dvd's from my last CC run but I couldn't find them.  I guess that means a trip to disc land to see what's new.  Good excuse to pick up some new music.

Trying really hard to get that 1 1/2 pounds off by Friday.

I hope everyone is meeting the goals you set for yourselves!

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 23 2015
00:06 (UTC)

Hi Slimmer!

Sounds like we are similar.  I started at 216.  Good idea to break it up into more manageable pieces.  Makes it more attainable.

Welcome to the group! :)

Weight Loss Friday 2015 accountability. Jan 22 2015
12:16 (UTC)

I'm struggling this week.  I'm catching a cold, sneezing, coughing . . . but it's not quite full blown.  Just enough to drain my motivation and make me want to stay curled up on the couch.  My husband is wrapping up the current rehab project so I won't see him much the next few weeks which makes it difficult to cook decent meals.  Cooking for one is hard!  So I'm not eating the right things at the right times.  I'll have my grand blessings over night tomorrow night (4 and 2 year old girls) so I hope some of my energy returns by then.  Hoping to be a pound or 2 down tomorrow but who knows how it will look after this funky week.  Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!

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