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The Lounge Do you wear tank tops in the summer? Apr 28 2015
19:23 (UTC)
Original Post by jarredwayne:

Yeah...you're going to have to post a pic of you in the bathing suit in order for me to make an honest assessment.  If you are under the age of 17, then please disregard. 

Original Post by Adi_:

Need Pics to verify Yummy or Yucky..

 Only one creep per thread, please. Perhaps you two can flip a coin to decide who gets this one?

The Lounge Do you wear tank tops in the summer? Apr 28 2015
18:44 (UTC)
Original Post by vegandaisydoll:

In my mind I see my arm as being very big ( 7 around the top ) and I see everyone else's arms and think " wow they're tinier then mine " when realistically the other person's bigger or about the same. Which I don't get, because how could I see someone who's bigger then me, as skinnier then me, that just doesn't make sense and I really don't want to compare myself or look at other people's bodies bc that's mean and not like me on the inside, for real, but I'm just like, hyper aware now ):

I think many of us have this - some degree of body dysmorphia. I generally see women who are my size as being somewhat smaller than me. It's not even based on size - a certain body type, clothing choices, even hair color could affect how we perceive someone else's size relative to our own.  So, if it makes you feel better (because obviously this isn't something that can simply be fixed with reason) you could assume that most women are seeing you as smaller than you really are. It might not be true for everyone, but why not assume it is?

Conversely, I think men are more likely to see themselves as smaller than another guy.  I've had to prove with pictures that a friend was both taller and broader than his coworker.

The Lounge Do you wear tank tops in the summer? Apr 28 2015
12:38 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Original Post by runoff55:

^nomo, some of those suits actually have a bit of buoyancy to them, makes it easier to float. She may have been using it to make snorkeling easier.

I have never seen anyone snorkeling in the Y pool. Although a few people wear webbed gloves and flns when they swim laps.

The girl I described above was jumping in, swimming about 4 yards and back, getting back out, and jumping in again, many times over - basically playing like the other kids. My guess was that she was either a very big 10 year old or a normal size 13 year old - somewhere in that range.

But if she'd had a mask and a snorkel, certainly that would have been another possible reason to wear the suit.

My thought was that she was practicing using her suit... or it was new and she was super excited about it and wanted to wear it everywhere, but her parents only let her wear it if she was actually going in the water. Who hasn't been there?

Much more likely, she was doing it to cover up. But we can hope.

Motivation Does lifting weights reduce FAT Apr 28 2015
12:13 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Caloric deficits reduce fat.  Lifting weights preserves muscle mass.

Plus, lifting weights burns calories, which, given a controlled diet, helps create a calorie deficit.

So indirectly, yes.

The Lounge Do you wear tank tops in the summer? Apr 27 2015
20:07 (UTC)
Original Post by vegandaisydoll:

I'm more worried about if the people with skinny arms are judging me & thinking " oh wow she shouldn't be wearing that ew! " 

And if they do...? What would happen?

The Lounge Do you wear tank tops in the summer? Apr 27 2015
19:40 (UTC)

I carry more weight than I'd like to on my arms, plus I have keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms, making them always look red and bumpy.

Hell yes, I wear tank tops in the summer.

Weight Loss 5 weeks no weight loss Apr 27 2015
18:20 (UTC)

Without knowing your stats (age, weight, height, gender, current intake, previous intake, activity level) it's really impossible to say what you might be doing wrong.

Foods Food Ratings- what the heck??? Apr 22 2015
14:17 (UTC)

Food grades have long been an issue - I don't pay any attention to them.

The Lounge Leaving kids in the car - just for a couple minutes Apr 20 2015
20:27 (UTC)
Original Post by floggingsully:

Original Post by runesplendor:

I quite like that quote.  There are aspects of parenting that suck poxy monkey balls, just like mining, but a jobs a job.  

Except parenting isn't a job.

It's an adventure?

The Lounge Leaving kids in the car - just for a couple minutes Apr 20 2015
19:18 (UTC)
Original Post by dmp63:

Yes there will be times you need to wake sleeping children. Calm screaming children. Carry tired children. Feed hungry children. Do without for the sake of your children.  Parenting is about putting the necessities of your children before your own necessities.

How did we get from waking a sleeping child to "do without for the sake of the child"?

By this logic, shouldn't I never wake a sleeping child, no matter how it affects my needs to buy food or go to work, because the child needs sleep? Except, of course, if I don't buy food or go to work, my child will go hungry.

The Lounge Leaving kids in the car - just for a couple minutes Apr 20 2015
17:00 (UTC)

I know my mom left us in the car once, and locked her keys in the car.  We were too young to have helped unlock it.

It was a volvo with those old stick locks - she was able to get some wire or string through the cracked window, lasso the lock button, and pull it up. Would never work on a modern car.

I can understand the desire to make a quick run in while the kid is sleeping/hanging in the car, but the what-ifs always persuade me otherwise.

Weight Loss losing weight to get healthy Apr 20 2015
11:59 (UTC)
Original Post by linden:

You may want to change your username. While I'm glad you're getting healthy after emotional turmoil, please take your abuse of (a subset) of women elsewhere.

Seriously. I support your efforts to get healthy, but your username is incredibly distasteful.

Calorie Count other activites Apr 17 2015
17:12 (UTC)

I think it's showing you what you burn the rest of the day (you burn calories all day long, not just from exercise).

Make sure that your activity level in your settings is appropriately set, and only log activities that go above and beyond your normal activity level.

Health & Support Already eaten a lot today Apr 17 2015
12:30 (UTC)
Original Post by talibantrucker:

i didnt in the end but later had 3 shortbread cookies so i suppose that almost qualifies.

it really doesn't

Weight Loss Using the site Apr 16 2015
12:49 (UTC)

Possibly - I don't use the app, so I don't know what's available through it, but I do believe the full website has more options/tools.

Fitness Muscle percentage Apr 16 2015
12:48 (UTC)

Your questions are unanswerable. People don't know their muscle percentage, and you don't either.

People providing additional meat to their answers are trying to give you context, to steer you away from the line of thinking that there might be a goal/ideal muscle percentage that you could be working towards.

The Lounge Some day we'll Chat together Apr 13 2015
17:54 (UTC)


Weight Gain Water Gain While Sick? Apr 13 2015
17:15 (UTC)

Yes, being sick can cause water retention.

And btw, the whole "starve a cold" idea isn't true.

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