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Weight Loss how to adjust daily calorie goal? Sep 11 2015
15:22 (UTC)

A deficit of 700-1000 is pretty high. How much do you weigh, and how old are you?

The Lounge Go USA! Marriage Equality for everyone. Sep 04 2015
17:46 (UTC)
Original Post by gotborked:

srsly...and is jail even enough? i mean, since she's such a violent, hateful sorcerer, shouldn't we be Jeanne d'Arcing this broad? ...while we bake gay pizza with extra sausage in her flames?

Interesting. So you see her as a martyr, like Jeanne d'Arc?

The Lounge Go USA! Marriage Equality for everyone. Sep 04 2015
17:37 (UTC)
Original Post by coach_k:
 No one is stepping on her religious rights, she just needs to find a job where the lack of separation is not an issue.


A restaurant can choose to abide by a religion's dietary laws (and I can't sue them for refusing to serve me something that violates those laws), but a health inspector can't fail a restaurant for serving cheeseburgers because he keeps Kosher, no matter how distasteful he finds the combination of meat and dairy.


I'm glad that GoFundMe won't be available to her, but Santo is right - she'll get the money somehow.


One thing that interests me - some people (various articles or commenters on such articles) want to compare her to Rosa Parks, MLK, or Nelson Mandela. The NYTimes article that Santo linked to was the first time I saw the corollary made to George Wallace, standing in front of the U of Alabama, trying to prevent desegregation.  It made me think about how it isn't just about the method that a person uses to fight (with violence or without) for what they believe in, but what it is that they are fighting for.

The Lounge Rest in Peace, KathyGator. Sep 04 2015
15:28 (UTC)

Words fail me every time. I miss her.

The Lounge Go USA! Marriage Equality for everyone. Sep 04 2015
15:27 (UTC)
Original Post by santonacci:

Original Post by santonacci:

Well, as I noted before, this is not the last court challenge.  GOP candidates are vowing to protect the religious liberty of county clerks and judges, although it's not entirely clear how they personally will accomplish it.  Almost all of them are proposing constitutional amendments that have as much of a chance as repealing the ACA.

There are some clerks who are just quitting rather than give out a license to a same sex couple, so that will be a temporary resolution until they decide to sue.  In the meantime, a couple that is refused can (supposedly) get a court order, and if a clerk still refuses they can be held in contempt and even get jail time.

Which gets very tricky - Sure, they're not doing their job, but I don't like the idea of turning them into martyrs.

So, yeah, that happened....


If the pizza place in Indiana raised over three-quarters of a million dollars for saying that they wouldn't cater a gay wedding (nobody had asked them to), how much is this lady going to rake in?

Foods starbucks iced coffee Sep 03 2015
17:37 (UTC)

Thread is almost 2 months old. Hopefully she got her coffee.

The Lounge Removed. Sep 03 2015
17:36 (UTC)

I understand that you can't provide info about the situation that landed you in trouble with the authorities, but can you share what your neighbors are doing to you? Are they ignoring you, gossiping about you, leaving threatening messages, coming onto your property and refusing to leave, or throwing rocks at your windows?

Depending on what they are doing to you, your options range from "leave them alone" to "call the police".

The Lounge Removed. Sep 02 2015
18:34 (UTC)

I think I need more background to provide input.

The Lounge Removed. Sep 02 2015
18:15 (UTC)

i started to type mwah, but mistyped and did mwag - the first autocorrect i think I saw was meagan. But I erased the g really quickly (before I took a good look, so not 100% sure), put in an h, and got a different autocorrect. Went back to mwag, and got yet another.

I've never typed mwah or meagan in my phone before.


ETA: Did you know that if you accept the first autocorrect word (without typing anything) it'll create a sentence, and different people get different sentences, different times?  Mine right now says "The fact I can get it right away with a lot more fun if I was a great way for me and I don't think that it was not immediately available to all of them in my head and shoulders and a lot more fun if I was a great...." [it starts repeating after that]

Weight Loss my problem with the paleo diet Aug 31 2015
12:23 (UTC)

We also don't have the physical lifestyles of our ancestors. Spending an hour at the gym but 8 hours sitting at a desk just doesn't compare to having an active lifestyle.

Like you say, it's not clear which paleolithic people we are supposed to be eating like - different areas had different food sources. They ate whatever was available. Which brings me to...  If a paleolithic man were provided with a basket of oreos and twinkies, he would eat them. Because he would have eaten whatever was available and edible.

Paleo isn't "wrong" in that most of us would probably benefit from eating more "real food" and less overly processed crap. But trying to create half-baked rationales for avoiding certain foods that are perfectly healthy always seemed like a waste of time to me.


ETA: If you only are reading articles that are pro-paleo, you are going to miss the very common and widespread rolling-of-the-eyes critiques that many have offered, over the years that paleo has been tauted.

Fitness New fitness routine and diet confusion - HELP PLEASE! Aug 26 2015
12:49 (UTC)

You are reading articles that are written for sedentary people who are probably still trying to lose weight. They aren't meant for people with a history of eating disorders and overexercise.

Health & Support Why am I gaining weight on a diet of 400 calories? :( Aug 25 2015
15:43 (UTC)

This thread has been reported for moderation. Please get professional help for your eating disorder.

Posting Guidelines

Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management. Please help our moderators follow this vision and respect the following guidelines.

  • Promotion of starvation diets or habits that exhibit signs of an eating disorder ("pro-ana", "pro-mia", etc.) is prohibited.
Health & Support Exercising during eating disorder recovery? Aug 25 2015
13:35 (UTC)

I recommend working with a professional to recover - they will be able to answer questions that are specific to your health.

But generally, some reasons to cut out exercise include: If you are exercising, you will need to eat even more to get enough calories; and people with eating disorders often swap one disorder for another. Using exercise to make up for what you perceive to be unhealthy food just perpetuates the feeling that you don't deserve to eat more, which keeps you in your disorder.  Additionally, for some people, the strain the eating disorder has put on their body makes them much more at risk of health impacts, and exercise can exacerbate that.

Hence the recommendation to work with medical professionals trained in eating disorders.

Fitness Flat Stomach Aug 20 2015
20:24 (UTC)
Original Post by NicheClement:

Great article guys! Im trying to get rid of my belly fat also! Here's a article that may help....

Unless you wrote that article, you really should provide a citation. Even better, provide a link, rather than the entire text of the article.

The Lounge A Quick Puzzle to Test Your Problem Solving Aug 20 2015
19:02 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I thought it was a very obvious pattern.

I'm intrigued by this. You saw the numbers 2-4-8 and thought "oh, those numbers are increasing" rather than "those numbers are doubling"?

I get the point of the article - I certainly should have tested out a solution that I thought wouldn't work.  But when I see a sequence of numbers, my immediate thought is to find the formula that links them.

Health & Support Amenorrhea: Getting my period back after anorexia Aug 20 2015
13:47 (UTC)

I don't think there is an answer to your question. If you had a treatment team, it might be something they can help you figure out.

And like supergirl said, please don't spam the other forums with identical threads.

The Lounge Interview attire Aug 20 2015
13:41 (UTC)

Weird, I definitely was assuming that the answer would be (at most) dress slacks and a button down. NOT a suit.

But I agree with others - they might have another position in mind for him.  He also might be meeting a higher up, who would expect a suit?

 I like pav's suggestion that he clarify what is entailed in this second sit down, especially if he didn't expect a second sit down.

Fitness Flat Stomach Aug 20 2015
13:38 (UTC)

How is your personal experience any more meaningful than another person's?

New Members Nutrition Grade? Aug 19 2015
19:54 (UTC)
Original Post by debdouglas:

I'm having trouble understanding nutritional grades as well.

Please help me understand this one:


(Whole Foods MarketCarrots
1 med raw   Raw carrots have a c+?   Also, some of the grades show up one way in the listing of the search results, but change to something different if you click on the particular food.  Organic Tempeh - Soy by Lightlife Foods was a C in the listing and a B+ if I actually chose that food and looked at the detail.   This seems to be a very flawed system of grading.

I clicked on the link, and see a grade of A-

But you are absolutely right. The grades are a flawed system, and you have my permission to ignore them.

Health & Support Is this too much food for a sedentary 15 year old girl? Aug 19 2015
13:38 (UTC)

Perhaps it is relevant to add that you are trying to recover from anorexia.

I already have a treatment team so please do not tell me to seek professional help anymore.

So I'm guessing this meal plan is based on something they gave you.  Please don't ask people to second guess the advice you've received from professionals.  Also, don't lie to the people who are treating you about how much you are really eating.  If you are throwing out some of the food, they should know. If you have problems digesting some of the food, they should know.