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Motivation calling out to women 50+ Apr 20 2012
19:44 (UTC)

Hi - I am so grateful to have found this thread - always battled with weight but I used to be able to lose some of it - since hitting my 50's it is an uphill battle.  I'm 55 going on 56.  I exercise and eat in a more healthy way than I ever have done and yet I am hugely overweight.  I lose a pound or two and then it seems my body fights to put it back on.   I stay more or less the same but its heavy I am 5 ft 5 in and I weigh 228 lbs.   I will start over again today recording my calories and exercise - I found it gave me awareness and helped me make better choices.  I then weighed myself - got depressed and stopped the whole process - but here goes to starting over.  Think no more scale - just body measurements going forward.  

 I have joined an Aquarobics class for the last few months and it has helped greatly with a very bad knee and other aches and pains and I really enjoy the warm water but I am WIPED OUT after the classes for the rest of the day. Anyone with any advice here?

Really need a penpal to walk this walk with me?

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