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This group is all about marriage/divorce discussions. Everything from newly weds to newly divorced.

How relationships evolve over time, some of the typical problems married people encounter, how to keep a marriage vibrant, and so on.
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HUstrawberry Starting over...completely.
Getting my marriage annulled...

by hustrawberry in Introduce Yourself on Sep 22

I just got married on February 13th of this year. I figured that I'd still be in newlywed bliss right now but I never...

How to get your spouse on board?

by adg34 in Introduce Yourself on Sep 22

Hello! I am new to this forum, and diet and exercise in general. I've always stayed thin naturally until now. I've gained...

Has dieting and weight loss ruined your marriage?

by wsto222940518 in Introduce Yourself on Aug 28

Has dieting ever put a strain on your relationship or marriage? Has your partner dumped you because of an obsession with Calorie Counting or...

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