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Hot Mama's 60+
Hot Mama's 60+    778 Members
Women only 60+ weight loss & exercize

300+ Club
300+ Club    32 Members
If you are or were 300+ lbs, join a private peer group who understand and share your weight loss journey.

Misfit Island
Misfit Island    16 Members
Submit an application, and you will be contacted within 7 to 10 business days.

30 Somethings
30 Somethings    134547 Members
A discussion group for members in their thirties.

50 Somethings
50 Somethings    57784 Members
A discussion group for members in their fifties.

Recently Created Group
BOTA Fitness Campers
BOTA Fitness Campers    6 Members
A group for members of the BOTA Fitness community to come and support each others nutrition!

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