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Created by a food writer who, as of 2010, decided to make a chance and make changes to her comfort food and baking columns to redo A place to give your favorite old time "fattening" foods a "make-over"! Comfort foods and baked goods are usually high in calories and fat, this is the place to trade ideas on how to redo recipes to change those recipes!
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Recipes madeover into healthier versions 9 9
Links to recipes created out of more fattening popular recipes!
What favorite recipe would you like be "madeover" 3 1
Enter your favorite recipe and the Healthy Comfort Food and Baking test kitchen will try to do a "makeover" on yours!
Created healthy recipes? Share them here! 3 1
Put your "madeover" recipes here. Your recipe just might be picked to be published on with your name in the title! Take photos
Product reviews - kitchen products 0 0
Quick summaries and links to product reviews on my blog
What cooking products do you want tested? 1 3
Companies send me products all the time to test & review - what would you like for me to test?
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