Great River Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Great River Organic Milling
P.O. Box 185
Fountain City, Wisconsin 54629
United States
Phone (608) 687-9580
Added 2011-01-25 01:32:37
Our valley is one of the most beautiful in the world and one of the most natural. People here look for what is best and seek to improve it. That is what we have done with our products at Great River Organic. We have started with the best organic materials that we can find and enhanced them through our milling process.

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Find in this list:

  •     Flour - Bread, 100% Organic, Whole Wheat
  •     Flour - Bread, 100% Organic, Unbleached Wheat
  •     Flour - Pastry, 100% Organic, Whole Wheat
  •     Flour - 100% Organic, Stone-Ground Cornmeal
  •     Pancake Mix - Organic, Buckwheat Buttermilk
  •     Pancake Mix - Organic, Corn & Oat
  •     Pancake Mix - Organic, Five Grain
  •     Pancake Mix - Organic, Buttermilk
  •     Breakfast Cereal - 100% Organic, Whole Grain Hot
  •     Multi-Grain Cereal - 100% Organic, Whole Grain Hot
  •     Cereal - 100% Organic, Whole Grain Hot
  •     Flour - 100% Organic, Bread Blend, Seven Grain
  •     Oatmeal - 100% Organic, Bread Blend
  •     Rye - 100% Organic, Bread Flour Blend
  •     Sunflower Millet - 100% Organic
  •     Maple Syrup - Pure, Organic
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